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.:: madara | the return of mr. festival

Leo: ......

(Ugh... what on earth am I doing?)

(Wait, where am I!? I'm completely lost!)

(I didn't recognize the name of the station when I checked — I don't think I even know what part of Japan I'm at!?)

(I don't have any money left, and my phone died out a while ago too...)

(What should I do? Am I going to have to die here in this unknown land?)

(If I don't know where I am, I can't just walk back home...)

(Ugh. If I was gonna run away from home, I should've at least planned things a little better... although it's not like I was expecting something like this to happen.)

(My parents were getting really worried, so I tried to stop being a shut-in and head to school...)

(I put on my uniform and everything, but the moment I touched the front door, my legs started shaking and I couldn't move a muscle.)

(Dad was talking rough, but I knew he was just trying to motivate me...)

("Hurry up! Head outside!", he yelled. But I couldn't do it. I really couldn't.)

(And then Ruka-tan noticed the fuss while I was hesitating... she saw how pathetic I was, and started arguing with dad...)

(It was all my fault... my mind went completely blank and I just went "Fine! If you want me to leave, then that's what I'll do!" and ran out...)

(I just ran and ran...)

(I kept running until I was about to collapse, and before I knew it I ended up in the middle of nowhere! Wahahaha! ☆)

(Wait, this is really no time to be laughing! What should I do!? What can I do!?)

(Maybe I can just start singing and dancing randomly and get people to donate some money for my train fare?)

(But I don't see any people passing by at all...)

(Ruka-tan's probably worried, isn't she... Dad's gotta be fretting too, considering I just left and never came back.)

(I'm always causing problems for my family... Damn it, I really should just disappear for good.)

(God, please just erase me from everybody's memories.)

(It hurts. It's so pathetic and embarrassing... living hurts so much.)

Madara: Hahahahahaha! I'm back, Japan! My two week journey has ended and I have returned to my beautiful homeland!

Do your best, Japan! Don't lose, Japan! I love you, Japan.... ☆

Leo: ......!? Wha— huh? What?

Madara: Ooh!? I thought I recognized that voice! Leo-saaaaaan! ☆

What are you doing here? Did you come to see me? I'm as grateful as I can be! What a wonderful surprise!

Leo-saaaaaan! It's Mamaaaaaa... ☆

Leo: Mama.

Whoa, Mama! Mikejimama! It's me, it's Leo! You remember me!?

Madara: Hahaha! Don't be so foolish, you naughty boy you! How could I forget!? C'mere, c'mere! Give me a hug!

Ah, it really is you, Leo-san! It's been so long! You smell like Japan — I really have come back to my homeland! Hahahaha!

Oh, just speaking Japanese makes me bursting with jooooooy! Such fun! What a blast! It's a festival! Hahahahaha! ☆

Leo: .....

Madara: ... Leo-san? Sorry! Did I squeeze you too hard!? You've gone limp!

Actually, you look pretty rough! What happened? How are you doiiiiing?!

You're at your best when you're smiling, Leo-san! Smile, smile! Come on, Smile Japan~... ☆

Leo: Uh. This and that happened, and I got a little lost, I guess...

I'm glad I found somebody I know, though! The heavens haven't given up on me yet! Wahahaha! ☆

Madara: Don't be a fool!

Even if the gods gave up on you, I would never abandon you, Leo-saaaaan! No matter where you run off to, I'll find you and put you up on a mikoshi!

Wasshoi, wasshoi! Hahaha! It's Leo-san! It's Leo-saaaaaan....! ☆

Leo: Mmm. Thanks, Mikejimama. I feel way better now...

I wasn't alone after all! I'm glad I met you, bestie~! ☆

Madara: The same goes for me, bestie! Handshake~... ☆

And — come on, you were never actually alone! How have things been lately?

I've been overseas for a while so I don't really know what's been going on, but it looks like you haven't been going to school either, huh?

Arashi-san — who's in my track club — said something about being the acting leader of Knights, so... I've been wondering.

Leo: Er, yeah. Some stuff happened and I haven't been attending.

Madara: Huh, I see. Well, life's not all about school... But even so, you shouldn't be wandering around in a place like this. Isn't your family worried?

Give them a call — you can borrow my phone. I have the number memorized.

That's the kind of stuff I never forget, after all! ☆

... ah, there we go. Hello, this is Leo-san's friend, Mikejimaaaaa!

Hm, I hear a young girl... Wait, is this "Ruka-tan"?

Ah, it really is! Yes, yes, I'm your big brother's friend!

Leo: Hey! Wait a sec, Ruka-tan doesn't know I call her "Ruka-tan"! It's supposed to be a secret!

Around her, I always act as her cool and stylish big bro...!

Madara: Really? Sorry, sorry! And quiet down a bit — I'm in a middle of a call.

Yeah, Leo onii-chan is right here with me! You want to hear his voice? No worries, I'll get him right now! ... here you go! ♪

Leo: Huh? Uh, er...

H-hello? Ruka...? I'm sorry for worrying you.

Yeah, I'm fine. I'm eating.

Madara: Also, Leo-san, do you have time after this?

Leo: Huh? Well, I'm not going to school so... I guess you can say that.

Madara: I see! Excellent! In that case, I want you to come with me! Us meeting here must be fate, after all!

Leo: Wait, what? Hey, don't pull! Where do you plan on taking me, you kidnapper...!?

Madara: Hmm? "Where"? Egypt, of course!

Leo: Egypt!? Why!?

Madara: Well! I've got some business that's really been dragging out, you see. I've stopped by here to give a report on my progress, but I've got to depart again!

Hahaha! There's no rest for the popular!

And don't worry — ever since you've entrusted me with your passport back when we went to France together, I haven't messed with it at all!

We can go together, right!? We've got no problems here, riiight!?

Now then, let us be off! We'll cross the border into the country of mystery! Let's meet the pharaoh!

Leo: Wait, wait, this sudden progression of events is really hard to follow! I've been staying indoors for so long — I can't just head overseas...!

Madara: Hahaha! Let's go on a journey of self-discovery! I'm sure you'll start missing Japan after wandering around overseas!

Stretch out your wings with a country where nobody knows you!

That'll get you all refreshed, and then we can go home together! Done!

Now let's goooooo! Raise the sail and reel in the anchor! Our next festival's gonna take place at a pyramiiiiiid! ☆

We'll bring water to sandy lands of no vegetation with our song! Nothing is impossible! Hahahaha!

After Egypt is Antarctica, by the way! We gotta experience the vastness of the earth!

Let's be off! Full speed ahead! Rather than having your thoughts all in the muddle, we'll take a step onto the vast land! Together... ☆

And once we return, hopefully you'll be able to breathe here better! Let's keep that in mind and make a wish to the stars!

Time to depaaaart! Be quiet and follow Mama!

Leo: S-stop it! S-somebody help! I'm being kidnaaaaapped!?!

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