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.:: fate/grand order material iii - edmond dantès

King of the Cavern, Edmond Dantès

Class: Avenger
Sex: Male
Source: "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas
Place of Origin: France
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Height: 185cm
Weight: 75kg

Strength: B
Endurance: A
Agility: C
Mana: B
Luck: ?

Setting Creator: Sakurai Hikaru
Character Design: Komatsuzaki Rui
CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga

Class Skills:

Avenger A
As an avenger, the state of gathering the resentment and malice of people into oneself as a skill. While it makes it easier to be faced with hostility from their surroundings, those very negative feelings directly turn into the Avenger's strength.

Oblivion Correction B
While humans are creatures who forget many things, an avenger will never forget. The critical power of the attacks of Avengers, who strike from beyond oblivion, are strengthened.

Self-Recovery (magic) D
Until revenge has been carried out, that magic will continue to surge forever. Recovers a small amount of magical energy every turn.

Personal Skills:

Determination of Steel EX
Breaking out of the hell-on-earth that was the prison Château d'If, his mentality of steel and the actions he took to walk the life of revenge as a skill. Results include a superhuman-like mind and body that can completely isolate the feeling of pain and withstand extreme high-speed actions.
Being a complex skill, it also includes the effects of the skills "Bravery" and "Calm Composure".

Wisdom from Desperation A
The ability to preferentially bring forth good fortune during in a critical situation. This is due to all the knowledge and natural wisdom gifted to him by Abbe Faria. As the special characteristic of extra classes is the ability to "combine", it is possible to him to utilize a B-rank "Item Construction", a Caster class skill.

Golden Rule A
The King of the Cavern came into the possession of the hidden treasure Abbe Faria told him about in Château d'If. Having obtained unlimited riches and power, he will not be pressed for money.

Noble Phantasms:

Monte Cristo Mythology: King of the Cavern
Rank: C
Type: Anti-Unit
Range: -
Maximum Targets: 1 person

When manifested as a Servant, he is not the existence that was saved at the end of regret and reformation, but the "King of the Cavern" himself, who descended upon Paris with vengeful thoughts — the embodiment of revenge. Not applicable to any other Class, the body that has manifested as the Extra Class: Avenger is in the form of a Noble Phantasm that sublimated his way of life (One theory states that this may be related to the 14 relics he encountered during his lifetime). In addition to using fatal poisonous flames as the magical energy of grudge, he is immune to all poisons, and effects that result in mental interference will be reduced. It is also possible to conceal his stats and Class, displaying false information instead.
Upon his true name being declared, his accumulated grudge instantly scatters around him, and the enemy, falling into a state of suspecting everyone and everything, will start attacking their allies. (there's no true name declaration in f/go sorry)

Enfer Château d'If: Tyger Tyger, Burning Bright
Rank: A
Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-Army
Range: 1~20
Maximum Targets: 1~100 people

The mental strength of steel cultivated in the hellish Château d'If, converted into a Noble Phantasm. The King of the Cavern will escape even from abstract prisons such as time and space, not to mention flesh. Conducting extreme high-speed thinking that should be impossible for a human and forcibly projecting that on the body, he accomplishes extreme movements so quick that, subjectively, it is comparable to "stopping time".
In F/GO, it is carried out as multiple simultaneous attacks by "offshoots" due to high-speed movement. Black flames of malice formed by prana are released from the multiple offshoots and inflict damage upon the target.

Attendre et Espérer: Wait, and Hope
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Unit
Range: 1~10
Maximum Targets: 1 person

A single, brightly shining ray of hope that exists within the darkness that is overflowing with treachery, despair, and regret.
All human wisdom is contained in these words. That is.
Wait, and hope.
Who would've thought— a recovery Noble Phantasm. Not only can it fully heal a teammate who is on the verge of death, but it also temporarily increases the ranks of all their parameters. (not used in-game either too bad suckers)

The Individual

First person pronoun: ore
Second person pronoun: omae/kisama
Third person pronoun: yatsu/kare/kanojo


An avenger towards destiny and reality.

He is constantly detesting the irrationality and malice that is spread far and wide in the world. At first glance, it might seem that he hates everything in the world that isn't himself, but he is by no means a demon who would detest innocent people. The dictating reality full of immorality and treachery — that is what he hates, and what he will continue to deny.

He defines himself as an "eternal demon of revenge".
He is rough and full of violence that will hurt the entirety of all that approach him, but—

Motives/Attitude towards Master:

To the Master who fights to save humanity from incineration, he shows two images.
That is — the incarnation of "the self who is trifled with by unscrupulous fate and reality (Edmond Dantès)", and "one who is close to the self that has manifested as an image of hatred (King of the Cavern)". The latter would especially envision Abbe Faria, his benefactor, or the princess of a fallen country, Haydee, at first. But eventually, he would correctly recognize the profile of his fighting Master.

They are not Abbe Faria.

They are not Haydee.

Of course, they are not an incarnation of himself either.

The Master who walks together with him — be it past, present, or future, they are the only one. Nobody else.

In that case, the feelings he harbours there must be unique as well.


read prison tower event it was great

Image in History/Character:

The individual who is known as the world's most prominent avenger.
Commonly known as the "King of the Cavern" or the "Count of Monte Cristo".
A false charge due to an unscrupulous conspiracy got him imprisoned in the hellish Château d'If, but with his mentality of steel, he did not fall into despair. He eventually obtained the treasure of Monte Cristo island and descended upon Paris to drag the many influential people who reigned over France — that is, the people who had once deceived him — down to hell.

That severe way of life; the revenge drama, where he concealed his true identity; the feelings and attachment he had towards his lover Mercedes which were trampled on and snatched away; and his journey towards turning over a new leaf from his anguish and regret were acclaimed by people not just in France, but in the entire world, and he is remembered as "the most famous avenger in the world".

The story of the King of the Cavern is treated as a literary creation by Alexandre Dumas père, but the existence of "Abbe Faria", who guided Edmond when he was imprisoned in Château d'If, has been confirmed in modern times...

The Character in Fate/GO:

His true name is indeed Edmond Dantès, but he perceives himself as a separate person from the "Edmond Dantès" who was a seaman from Marseille.

The reason being that "Edmond Dantès" abandoned his evil nature at the end of his violent revenge drama in Paris, but when manifested as a servant, he continues to exist as an "image of a demon of revenge". "In that case, I am not Edmond," he says.

My name is the King of the Cavern (Monte Cristo).

Not knowing love nor compassion, by the means of only hatred and revenge, I have established myself as a brightly burning black flame of malice. Until I return everything to ash, all I am is a savage Avenger.

My favorite mistress (Haydee) is not in this world, so this body shall forever remain a demon of revenge—

Usual Weapon:

Magical projection attacks by the means of grudge.
The effects of black grudge are activated and damages the enemy.
It is generally poisonous, and originally should inflict damage over time and status effects along with direct damage.


Amakusa Shirou: Edmond highly regards his way of life. His greed to save the world is, beyond doubt, the manifestation of human nature!

Jeanne d'arc: Edmond distrusts her way of existence. She was practically betrayed by the world — there is no way she doesn't harbour the flames of revenge...

Nightingale: Even if, as a Heroic Spirit, he doesn't perceive her as anybody particular, the demon of revenge caught a glimpse of something dazzling in her hidden unwavering conviction and the existence of her soul that made its way into the image of that castle.

Angra Mainyu: As he is the one who can be called the original Avenger, Edmond respects him.

Jeanne d'arc (Alter)/ Jeanne Alter Santa Lily: He is quietly observing the future of the two who manifested as new Avengers.

JASL is a lancer edmond please

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