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.:: hokuto | improv

Hokuto: Hm? What is it, transfer student? Do you have business here in the drama club room?

After I packed my things and left, our homeroom teacher came in late and handed out some prints? So you came here to give them to me?

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Our homeroom teacher... Sagami-sensei is always careless in that respect. It's such a bother.

Yeah, he's acquainted with my parents, so I've known him since I was young. He's like a big brother of the family, you could say.

But I have a feeling he's getting more useless as the years go by. It might be necessary for my parents to give him a harsh scolding.

As class rep, it'd be troublesome for me if the homeroom teacher doesn't shape up.

Oh, sorry — I made you listen to my complaints. Anyway, thanks for the help, transfer student.

Right... I have a drama club meeting today, so I can't participate in Trickstar's lessons.

I contacted the others about it, but they might have forgotten, so... I'd like you to send them my regards as well.

Much obliged, transfer student.

Alright, we should end our conversation here.

The drama club room is dangerous — if you're finished with your business, you should hurry up and leave. It's going to be a pain if Captain finds you.

Ah... I'll leave the contents of Trickstar's lessons to you. Consult with Isara if there's anything you have trouble with.

And I'll always be available to call. So hurry and leave.

Don't misunderstand. You're not being annoying or anything — this place is just really dangerous... it's the nest of the drama club captain and one of the Three Oddballs, Hibiki Wataru.

... I hear footsteps. Go hide in the shadows of that stage equipment over there.

Hurry. Tch, there's no time. Here, I'll shove you in...


Sorry, I got so impatient I ended up losing my balance and making us fall over.

We have no choice... let's hide like this. If it's just the two of us, we'll be able to take cover here.

I'm sorry for being so close — I'll do my best not to touch you. Were you injured when you fell over?

No? I'm glad. If you got even a scratch, I wouldn't know what I'd do.

You're our — my important... hm?

Tomoya: Uwaaaahhh! Stay awaaayyy!!

Wataru: Why are you running, Tomoya-kun!? Stand up to your difficulties face-to-face! If you do not, you will not grow!

At the summit of the rugged mountain lies paradise... ☆ Amazing! ☆ As always, let us search for paradise together!

Even if it may be an impossible dream! Fuhahahahahaha!

Tomoya: D-don't come close to me while you're saying all these incomprehensible things, pervert! Help me, Hokuto-senpai~! I'm going to be tainted~!

Wataru: Please do not say such scandalous things! I am not tarnishing — I am decorating!

Decorating is what it means to be an idol. Sparkling is what it means to be in the drama club... ☆

You may have a complex about being "normal", Tomoya-kun! But that is a needless fear, as you have infinite qualities!

Having a plain face is exactly why make-up will work! You can become anything, and can go anywhere!

Now then, take my hand! Let us dance... ☆

Tomoya: S-stop! Stay away...!

What is that weird outfit you're holding!? Y-you're planning on shoving me into a dumb costume that will slice my personality into pieces again, aren't you!?

Wataru: Personality and heart will not break nor dirty! Treading, kneading, and dyeing them will turn them into art!

With an artisan's hands, clay work can triumph over jewelry! Allow me to teach you that, Tomoya-kun... ☆

Tomoya: I-I have absolutely no idea what you've been saying this entire time! Stooop! Stay away from meeeee!?

Hokuto: Leave him alone!

You can't just force people to do what you want! Get your hands off of Tomoya, Masked Pervert!

(... damnit. I ended up jumping out. But I can't just turn the other cheek and let my cute junior become a pervert's prey!)

(Thankfully, transfer student is still hiding... I'll grab Masked Pervert's attention somehow and get him away from this room.)

(And while that happens, I'll have transfer student secretly escape! Right, let's go with that plan! Like I'd lose — people grow stronger in order to protect others!)

... h-huh? Nobody's here?

Why? Tomoya and Captain were talking up until now...

Wataru: Fufufufufu! You completely fell it for, Hokuto-kun~☆

Hokuto: Whoa!? Why did you pop up from behind me, you pervert!? Stop surprising me!

Wataru: I love surprising people more than anything else, Hokuto-kun!

In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is the reason why I became an idol... ☆

Hokuto: Y-you're such an inconvenient creature!

Wataru: Such praise!

I am sure you were surprised — I was using vocal mimicry to play the roles of both Tomoya-kun and I! Improvisational theatre, in other words!

It was all to lure you out, Hokuto-kun! What did you think? Splendid acting, was it not?

I am always observing you closely, so my imitations of the two of you are perfect... ☆

Hokuto: Why did you do such an unnecessarily complicated thing!?

Wataru: Also, as it seems you were not aware, there is something I must reluctantly inform you.

The transfer student-san you were talking to just before was a fake — it was me in disguise! I see you did not notice!

Fufufu, to think you could whisper such sweet words! To me! I am happy to be adored by my juniors! Please give me more words of love... ☆

Hokuto: W-what did you say? That's impossible! That was definitely transfer student!

We overcame so many hardships together and formed a bond! There is no way I would've mistaken her! Tell me you're lying, Captain!

Wataru: Indeed, I am~! The one who is hiding in the shadows is the real transfer student-san, tada! ☆

Hokuto: Why! Why did you tell such a meaningless lie!?

Wataru: I said it before, did I not? I want to see surprised faces!

That's no good, Hokuto-kun. This drama club room is my headquarters! The interior of my heart! Everything is in the palm of my hand — every nook and cranny... ☆

It would be impossible for me to not notice somebody hiding in here, no matter where it may be. I have sharp ears as well, so I also heard your little secret talk!

I do not mind your flirting, but do bear in mind in time and place, yes?

Fuhahaha! So it was thanks to transfer student-san that Hokuto-kun has been becoming softer lately... ☆ I am grateful!

It is awfully rare to be able to see Hokuto-kun partaking in such disgraceful behaviour, so I am satisfied! But I want to see more and more.... ☆

Now, transfer student-san! Come out! I am surging with inspiration!

If I use you, it seems like I will be able to see even more of Hokuto's rare aspects... ☆

Hokuto: Leave her alone, don't drag her into this! If you're going to bother somebody, let it just be me, Captain!

Damnit! That's why I told her to hurry and leave — she was the one person I never wanted to act so unslightly in front of...!

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