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.:: reminiscence * the three magicians :: element | epilogue i

>> switch stage

Eichi: (.....)

(... huh? Did I fall asleep?)

(It looks like I was dreaming. It would be pleasant if it really was all a dream, but I can't make it one.)

(After all, I was the one who made that dream, where I spat out blood and trampled everybody to death, a reality.)

(I need to wake up.)

Touri: Oh, you're awake? A-are you okay...?

Transfer student said that you suddenly keeled over and fainted in the middle of working on something.

You shouldn't push yourself~! You're still tired from DDD, aren't you?

The ambulance is going to be here soon, okay?

I said that we should take you to the hospital by helicopter, but Yuzuru said that if we made too much of a fuss, the live show would get canceled and we'd cause a big inconvenience so—

Eichi: Touri.

Touri: W-wawah!? Why are you hugging me!? I mean, I'm happy but you can't! People are watching!

Eichi: Touri, why are you following me?

Chasing me to Yumenosaki Academy, clearing fine's harsh admission requirements... why are you here by my side?

You know, fine was suppose to be disbanded after its role was finished.

That's why I made the conditions for joining almost impossibly difficult. But even despite what, why?

You're not aiming for money or influence.

As the scion of the Himemiya family, you possessed those things from the moment you were born.

In fact, if you didn't choose to become an idol... I'm sure you would have stayed in a more much blessed position.

Touri: Umm...? I don't really get it. Are you still half asleep?

I'm by your side because I love you, Eichi-sama... ♪

Yuzuru: As I have said, young master, please regard him as "president" and not "Eichi-sama".

Touri: But Eichi-sama is Eichi-sama... Oh, whatever. It doesn't matter what I call him.

Fufufu, casually quitting the polite talk and speaking to him more frankly will raise my affection levels with him too, after all ♪

Yuzuru: That is only because your training never permanently leads to anything and your true colors always immediately peek through your good manners.

That would be rude, and I am only overlooking this because I have determined that it would be simply better for you to just not pretend from the start.

Eichi: Yuzuru... why are you here as well?

Actually, it's the same for Touri, but why are you wearing fine's uniform? Er, this is fine's uniform, right?

Yuzuru: It really does seem that you are still half asleep — please pull yourself together.

It looks as if you have not noticed yet, but you too are wearing fine's uniform, president-sama.

Eichi: Oh, you're right. But why? I don't remember changing.

Yuzuru: As intrusive as it may have been, I was the one who dressed you. I am quite familiar with the preparation of clothing.

Young master always leaves such things to me, after all.

Touri: W-when I think I can properly dress by myself, I will! I'm not a baby!

Yuzuru: Yes, yes. However, as president-sama's health does not seem to be in good condition, I suppose participating in the live show would be rather difficult, yes?

As it has been done in Flower Fes, shall we handle this with only the three of us?

Eichi: No, I feel good now that I've slept a lot.

It's possible that I'll be forcibly admitted if I was taken to the hospital again, however, so I would like you to send the ambulance away.

Touri: President, don't strain yourself, okay? I'm really worried!

There's still time before the performance starts, so you should keep resting until then. Transfer student~! Sorry but keep lending president your lap pillow, okay?

Eichi: Hm? Lap pillow? Why am I enjoying a situation that high school boys from all over the country see in their dreams?

Touri: The audience is already starting to pour in, so we can't just let you sleep in the seats.

And the ground's no good either because your body will get cold.

Giving president a lap pillow is such an honourable job — I really wanted be the one to do it. So make sure you do your very best, Slave No.2 ♪

Eichi: Oh, no, it's alright. I can get up now. I feel like I need to apologize about this, transfer student-chan.

And sorry, but can somebody explain to me what's going on right now? It looks like some merry developments have been taking place while I was asleep.

Ah, it feels like I'm still dreaming.

Wataru: Amazing! You have finally awoken, Eichi!? Did you have a pleasant awakening?

Good morning! I have been waiting for you in this lovable reality for quite some time~☆

Eichi: Wataru, come over here for a moment ♪

Wataru: Ah, the pain! Please don't pull at my ear!

Aha, do you want to see that trick where my ears grow large? As you wish! I have already learned that when I was three years old!

Eichi: ..... don't play dumb. Will you tell me what's going on?

The only person I told I was going to watch Switch's performance in the auditorium today was you.

So I don't even need to guess that you are the one responsible for this situation.

This live show, B1... the only one who should be participating is Switch.

But why is fine dressed in our unit outfits and acting like we are fully intending on making an appearance as well?

We are supposed to be taking a break because we are still exhausted from DDD...

And for the official stance of the student council, we do not technically acknowledge the existence of B1, being an unofficial match.

It cannot be helped if it is necessary, but taking part in this is absurd.


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