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.:: reminiscence * the three magicians :: element | ash returns to the sky ix

>> fine stage

Tsumugi: .....

Wataru: Aoba Tsumugi-kun, was it?

Among all the clowns I have seen up to this point, I must say that you are the greatest one I have encountered. You make me jealous — all I can say about this is Amazing! ♪

Tsumugi: I... I really thought... that if it was Eichi-kun, everybody would be happy.

Wataru: Happiness is neither something you can force people to be, nor something to be bestowed upon.

The only thing we can do is to assist people into becoming happy of their own accord.

Oh? The buzzer signaling the start of the performance is ringing... shall we begin? This is the terminal station of the dream you have all been aiming for, is it not?

Now then, let us put on our masks, join hands, and dance until dawn!

Let us shove away reality deep within our hearts for a moment and participate in this masquerade ball, cheerful and lighthearted!

Let us sing praise of this rose-coloured life!

If the main character makes such a brooding face, one such as myself would have no idea whether to laugh or cry either! Ahahahahaha... ☆

... ah, the curtains have rose, and the intro to fine's song will be beginning.

Do not just stand there — sing! Dance! Sprinkle the whole world with love and surprises!

Eichi: .....

Wataru: Oh? What is the matter? Hellooo~?

In accordance to the rules of Dreamfests that you have established yourself, the superior unit performs first, yes?

And in Yumenosaki Academy, fine is currently the peak.

So you shall go first... because we are merely individuals, and our evaluation and rank as a unit is at default.

Eichi: ... if we're talking about adhering to regulations, all units have to contain at least two people. Aren't you by yourself?

Even if we take no action, you will be disqualified due to violation of the rules... a loss by default.

Wataru: Nonsense! You have manufactured such a first class stage — it would be an absolute disappointment if I were to make an exit without even giving a performance!

I have called in a temporary helper, so we have no problems here ♪

Eichi: Don't tell me you're talking about the surviving Five Oddballs who are currently very conspicuously sitting in the audience right now.

... I've made a blunder. I should have banned helpers.

Wataru: No, no. It would be foul play if all the Oddballs performed together. You would stand no chance.

And it would also mean ruining this very scenario you have crafted so carefully ♪

This is a crude way of expressing it, but this is simply just a way of balancing the numbers — of meeting the requirements.

They are no more than a mere prop placed to avoid a loss by default, which would be a terribly uninteresting development.

Now then! Come up onto the stage, Hoku... Hockey Mask-kun!

What are you doing dawdling about? It is your turn, enigmatic man of mystery, Hockey Mask-kun!

Eichi: Hockey Mask...? Is today Friday the 13th by any chance?

Anyhow, finishing things with a default loss would have been simple — comfortable.

But if bloodshed cannot be avoided, I suppose there is no other way. With all the blood that has already been spilt, there is no place left to dirty, after all.

It looks like Nagisa-kun and company have finished their preparations...

Let's carry out our mission to the very end, Tsumugi. The story is finally meeting its emotional finale.

Tsumugi: But what will happen after that...? What should we do?

Eichi: That is something even I want to know.


(Ah, my voice is hoarse... and my body is so heavy, I can't make it move like I want it to.)

(And everybody else... we're not understanding each other — not even Tsumugi and I. We're not meshing at all.)

(How unsightly. I suppose we have already reached our limit long ago... I pushed them too hard. I exploited them too much.)

(So many things to reflect on, and yet all I can do now is dance according to plan.)

(But what about after this...?)

(Ah, I feel dizzy. The reason why somebody like me was able to make this far — the reason why I reached this happy ending...)

(Was because you were always just casually there to support me.)

Tsumugi: .....

Eichi: (But now we're this far apart. Please, Tsumugi, don't make that expression.)

(Ah... this really is a curse, Sakuma-senpai.)

(All the people who could have potentially become my dear, irreplaceable friends — and I simply walked on, trampling on and killing them with my own two feet.)

Hey, Tsumugi... Maybe I really should have gone to karaoke with you that day.

Like normal high schoolers, maybe we should have been satisfied with simply tasting just a small bit of happiness.

Tsumugi: ... we're in the middle of a performance. Isn't whispering strictly prohibited, Eichi-kun?

Please don't worry... I will fulfill my job properly.

Eichi: .....

Wataru: (Oh dear, the situation doesn't seem to look very good. The thrill would be lacking for me if they aren't even acting in desperation...)

(So I ended up rocking things up a tiny bit.)

(But were they so full of cracks that just a little attack like that would break them?)

(It might be cruel of me, but I will also be troubled if they don't keep acting at their fullest to the very end.)

(Because it is only up on the stage where I will be able to costar together with you all.)


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.:: tl notes/comments

if you don't know and you wanna see what happens immediately after this boy have i got just the thing for you

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