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>> underground archives

Natsume: HEY... what are you, EXACTLY?

Tsumugi: Wha— I'm not sure how to react to such a vague question!

I am Aoba Tsumugi, and it looks like I'm seen as something like fine's organizer~♪

Although in reality, nobody listens to a word I say!

I mediate between Eichi-kun and the other members of fine — I suppose you can say I have the rather difficult position as the middle management~♪

Natsume: Why are you smiling so FLIPPANTLY? Don't you feel ANYTHING?

I'm standing right before your EYES — and it is because of you stabbing me with a knife that I'm covered in blood NOW.

Tsumugi: Wait, did you get injured somewhere, Natsume-kun...? Let me see!

— oh, come on... Please stop it with the strange jokes. You're not hurt anywhere at all~♪

Natsume: Do you really think THAT...?

Tsumugi: ? Um, I'm not sure I understand what you mean...?

Natsume: fine trampled — you all trampled over us, over the Five ODDBALLS.

We didn't just lose some live SHOWS. There are people who had their lives RUINED.

I was carefully protected by my seniors in the Five ODDBALLS, and was kept far away from the UPHEAVAL...

I was treated like a CHILD, and because I was left behind outside the mosquito NET, I escaped with only minor INJURIES.

Everybody else went through terrible TIMES, and I won't let you say you forgot about it, FINE...

The work of art that Shuu-niisan carefully and preciously created was ruined due to a cowardly ACT.

Tsumugi: Ah, you mean that time when the audio stopped right in the middle of Valkyrie's live show?

It's because Shuu-kun's perfectly constructed performances will collapse if even just a cog wheel slips out of place.

I think you might be misunderstanding something, though? That wasn't fine's doing, so being called cowardly is a little...

Natsume: What, are you going to call that an "ACCIDENT"...?

Tsumugi: No, that wasn't an accident.

A member of the broadcasting committee who was a very zealous fine sympathizer had thought about doing something for fine, and did that himself.

We didn't order him to do that.

Of course, I'm sure Eichi-kun had casually inspired him in advance...

... with a method to destroy Valkyrie in one shot.

Natsume: And that's what's so disgusting about you ALL... you never dirty your own HANDS.

The people around you are ENTHRALLED, working on behalf of fine on their own VOLITION.

Tsumugi: Like magic, isn't it~? It's always so admirable — Eichi-kun is very good at that sort of thing.

Being the son of a distinguished family, I'm sure he has learned all about how to be a good emperor.

Natsume: So you KNEW...? Knowing and not doing anything to stop it is the same as committing that very CRIME!

Tsumugi: There was no reason to stop it. Even if humans won't lift up a single finger for other people, they will use everything in their power for themselves.

Everybody who worked on behalf of fine is satisfied.

Convinced that they are the main character, they chose the best option for themselves.

All they did was put in the effort to make their lives a little better, for the sake of their own happiness.

You can't deny something like that, and it's not even "evil".

They simply just wanted to give a happy ending to the story where they're the protagonist — in the book known as "their life".

They simply just wanted to be happy.

And in the story of Yumenosaki Academy, where Eichi-kun became the main character...

He is aiming for the greatest happiness of the greatest number, and it will result in the most amount of people reaching a happy ending.

That is what he decided, and that is why they are helping him. I am too, as poor in ability as I am.

Let me ask you this: if Eichi-kun didn't do anything, what do you think would have happened?

It's possible that, temporarily, everybody would have been content, given simple pleasure when suitable.

They would be pampered and treated like kings.

But due to the years and years of depravity, Yumenosaki Academy has evolved into a capital of corruption... and to the rest of the world, its reputation was the absolute worst.

"The idols of Yumenosaki Academy are failures". "Unprofitable. Useless. I'd rather take an amateur".

"... but he's so selfish and hard to manage". "He's not worth paying money for".

But despite that kind of reputation, because of years of collusion, the entertainment world has no choice but to take in most of Yumenosaki Academy's graduates.

And this will grow more and more, until it'll spread into every nook and cranny.

They'll all turn into cancer cells, rotting and killing the entertainment industry from the inside.

Am I thinking too deeply? There's no way that the situation is that serious? It's all a delusion?

No, it's clearly shown in the numbers. This is our current situation, ruthless and with no room for subjectivity.

It's fine when you're a student — people are still going easy on you. They'll still protect you.

But life will still go on even after you graduate. I organized and sorted out documents and such as a member of the library committee, so I'm aware of this.

Hey, Natsume-kun. Do you know what Yumenosaki Academy is called in the entertainment world?

Do you understand what it's thought of by the areas that surrounds us? By society?

Do the graduates of Yumenosaki Academy know about that fate of theirs? That every year, the state of affairs that they will meet are getting worse and worse?

Hell doesn't have a bottom.

We dreamt, and to give everybody dreams... we enrolled in Yumenosaki Academy — that's our public stance, at least.

To become idols. To make everybody smile happily.

But in reality, nothing could be done... and it was in the process of becoming simply impossible.

Even if it meant spilling blood, if nobody stood up and caused a revolution, all we could have done was wait for ruin.


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