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.:: reminiscence * the three magicians :: element | even in hell vii

>> secret room

Tsumugi: Hey, could it be that you're Sakasaki Natsume-kun!?

Natsume: Indeed. I am the magician of Yumenosaki Academy... Sakasaki Natsume. If you will pay the equivalent amount, I shall sweep away all your TROUBLES ♪

Tsumugi: I thought you were! Hey, don't you remember me?

Natsume: HM...?

Tsumugi: I guess you don't... we were both little, after all.

I was wondering if I got the wrong person, but "Sakasaki Natsume" is a rather unique name.

Natsume: WAIT. Sorry, but I'm not sure what you're talking ABOUT...?

Did you not come here because you heard about the rumours and wanted me to give you advice for your WORRIES...?

Tsumugi: Oh, I've heard the rumours. You do some kind of fortune telling, right?

But what I'm interested in is not that, but your name!

Natsume-kun... I can call you that, right? I'm older than you, after all. Natsume-kun, your mother is a fortune teller as well, correct?

Natsume: Y-yes. My mommy is the world's best fortune TELLER...

Tsumugi: I knew it! I suppose this is what they mean by "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" — like parent, like child~?

Truth be told, I'm also the type of person to be concerned about things like charms and fortunes!

Just like how you're a fortune teller like your mother, my parents also like "that kind" of stuff...

Long ago, they were deceived by some suspicious new religious cult.

Then my mother consulted with someone, and they helped her out~! That was your mother, Natsume-kun ♪

Natsume: AH... Mommy hates swindlers, after ALL.

They're not just business RIVALS — she has thwarted a large amount of religious groups and other people who are simply just fake psychics and FRAUDS.

Really, I can't even count all the times she's done something like THAT... so I don't remember each and every person she has SAVED.

We rescue people as a BUSINESS, as it would be a nuisance for people to assume that they are loved or got special TREATMENT.

It is MISGUIDED, like falling in love with a counselor you're dependent ON.

I have started helping out with mommy's work only RECENTLY.

So sorry, but it's a little troubling to be given thanks for the things mommy DID. Of course, it doesn't displease me EITHER.

Tsumugi: Oh, but I really did want show my gratitude. Thank you very much~!

Natsume: Thank mommy, OKAY? Although she's gotten pretty famous, UNFORTUNATELY...

So even I'm only able to see her once in a WHILE.

Tsumugi: I see... It must be lonely, being unable to see your mother.

Poor thing! Please think of me as your mother and let me spoil you! Shall I give you a hug? ♪

Natsume: Er, you've gotten rather annoying NOW...

What do you even want!? Get a hold of yourself and then TALK! You're such a mess, I don't know what you want to SAY!

Tsumugi: Oh, I'm sorry... I got a little excited. Er, Natsume-kun, I might be mistaken, but...

Did you dress up as a girl when you were little?

Natsume: ... why do you know about my dark PAST?

MM. True, I was made to pretend that I was a girl for the sake of convenience during mommy's WORK — a PERFORMANCE. What about IT?

Tsumugi: Ah, so you really are "Natsume-chan"... ♪

Natsume: What? Don't tell me you fell in love with my adorable self at first sight when we were younger and that was your first LOVE?

Tsumugi: Ahaha, it would've been quite romantic if that was the case.

Natsume-cha... Natsume-kun, did you attend an idol training school for a period of time?

Natsume: HM...?

Tsumugi: Ah, it was a dance class in name, though.

My parents managed something like that, although now it's shut down and not around anymore.

Natsume: Ah, I remember NOW. When I was five, I took those kinds of lessons for a couple of WEEKS.

Now that you mention it, it did feel like an idol training school, I THINK...?

Tsumugi: Ahaha. It'd be a phony training school that was lacking in all aspects if you compare it to Yumenosaki, though.

It was like a little cram school in town.

Natsume: HMM, I was traveling around the entire country due to the circumstances of my parents' jobs back THEN.

I don't remember every little DETAIL, as I was made to take many different types of lessons to DEATH.

I believe... it was the one managed by those no-good owners, RIGHT?

It's true that they consulted with my parents about something BOTHERSOME.

But they couldn't pay the client FEE... so as compensation, they made the monthly tuition fee of the school they were managing free of CHARGE.

They were already fulfilling the request, so they thought about just stopping partway THROUGH...

But they decided that it would be a good way to kill TIME, so I was forced to ATTEND. That was such a PAIN.

Tsumugi: Ahaha, my condolences... But you really did have talent, Natsume-kun~

You really stood out as an idol — and were a big topic of conversation.

The story of the beautiful but unidentified genius girl who suddenly appeared one day was passed down for a long time.

Even during lessons, we used footage of "Natsume-chan" as examples ♪

Natsume: Don't "pass down" the old shame of my PAST.


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