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>> library

Eichi: ... in any case, I came to the library because I was told to help out with work.

But what kind of work are you even doing? I don't think I'd be able to lend my assistance with anything that requires heavy lifting.

Tsumugi: Oh! You're still recovering Eichi-kun, so there's no way I'd make you push yourself like that.

I'm inspecting the library's stock right now — making sure that the books are in the correct order just as the list says.

But young people don't read a lot of books these days. Considering that there are seldom any people who actually go and borrow from the library, there's not much point in checking.

Eichi: "Young people"... You're still young too, Tsumugi.

Tsumugi: Ahaha. The changing of generations have been quick lately — now that I'm a second year, when I look at those sparkling first years...

I don't know, I just end up feeling old.

Anyhow, the library committee is on a rather tight budget, so we can't really order in any new books.

That makes it easy on me, though — it also means that the stock list hasn't been updated recently, so I won't have to deal with that.

To be honest, if there are any books I want, even I'd buy them on my own.

Eichi: I rather like reading myself, since it's a vicarious experience through another person's life.

It's a way for one to shamelessly express what they have stored in their brain — their treasure box.

Even the great Walt Disney endorsed reading.

Tsumugi: Ahaha. Well, these days there are games and a lot of other different kinds of entertainment.

I'm a big fan of fantasy novels~ Make-believe stories with swords and magic... It's a little childish, right?

Eichi: What's wrong with that? Everybody has their own preferences.

All humans live within their own episodic memories — there's no difference between fiction and non-fiction.

That's why the victors will always be the ones who control the story.

Being the "author" and "main character" of a story will be able to satisfy their own ego. Perhaps I shall leave the writing to "him" and become a main character myself.

Tsumugi: Fufu. Everybody is the main character of their own life.

Eichi: Indeed, that's the main point. That way of thinking is the key when invoking human nature.

Whoops, I ended up talking too much...

It looks like I'm still a novice as well. I don't have confidence in my own thoughts, so I seek the understanding and acknowledgment of others, even if a slip of the tongue can prove fatal.

Tsumugi: Please stop talking about such incomprehensible things and help out with tasks that won't strain you.

With the library being so wide, I don't think I'll be able to finish inspecting everything by myself.

I mean, I've been heading here to work every day after school lately... and I still can't see the end.

Eichi: You really are clumsy, Tsumugi. Being so fussy, you never cut corners and always take so much time doing things.

Here, I shall give you some advice and make things more efficient for you.

So this is the stock list? Let me see. ...... this is a little strange.

Tsumugi: Huh? Where? Wait, you already finished looking through that huge list?

Eichi: I've learned how to speed read. It might be a little hard to see with this list, but there are books and documents of specific fields that are completely lost.

A little unnatural, I think.

Tsumugi: What kind of books?

Ah, the whereabouts of these kinds of documents have been unknown ever since I became part of the library committee.

Perhaps some of the students who graduated borrowed and never brought them back?

Eichi: I suppose that's possible... Tsumugi, do you have a floor plan of the library?

Tsumugi: I do~ It's necessary for inspection, so I have a detailed one that even shows which bookshelves are where.

I mean, it'd be inconvenient if one didn't exist, so I made it when I was a first year.

Eichi: You really do diligently work on things that take so long to do and yet aren't even really that useful without a single complaint.

That disposition of yours is one that others can easily take advantage of, so please be more careful.

Hm... Ah, just like I thought. If I align this to the map of the school grounds in my head, there's one spot here that's quite unnatural.

Didn't you think this was odd when you were making this floor plan, Tsumugi?

I suppose it stopped being recorded, and everybody forgot about it.

After countless renovations in this school, the bookshelves around here were all moved, and... hmm, so that's how it is.

Near the principal's office, most likely... Now that I think about it, there's an empty, unused reference room over there at the moment. So maybe underground over there somewhere?

Tsumugi: Um... what are you talking about, Eichi-kun?

Eichi: Tsumugi, I think I found where those missing books are being kept.

In Yumenosaki Academy, there exists a most likely long forgotten "secret underground archive".


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