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.:: reminiscence * the three magicians :: element | even in hell iv

>> library

Eichi: Hm. Anyhow, with Sakuma Rei, well-known and famous among the third years and alumni, as the head...

We have Hibiki Wataru and Shinkai Kanata, who hold strong influence among the second years, in other departments, and their surroundings in general. And we have Itsuki Shuu, held in high regard among the teachers and the entertainment world.

This makes four people. I'd like one more person — do we have any energetic first years? We're rather lacking in that department.

If we have somebody to represent the first years, the puzzle will be complete.

Tsumugi: Hmm... Well, the first years have only just entered the academy, so I'm not too sure.

But considering those who were the topic of discussion when they enrolled, how about Hidaka Hokuto-kun?

Eichi: Ah, the thoroughbred of the entertainment world... I can't make a decisive conclusion on him at the moment — he might simply just be benefiting from the influence of his parents.

On that note, I suppose we should put Akehoshi Subaru-kun on hold as well.

Tsumugi: Huh, Akehoshi? By Akehoshi, you mean that Akehoshi?

So he had a son... Wasn't he the biggest super star amongst our school's graduates?

Eichi: He was also the biggest stigma too, however. Well, I suppose we should put the first year situation on reserve for now...

I'm sure you must have a lot of first year acquaintances — I hope you can ask about what they think.

About who among their classmates do they love, and who they hate...

If we investigate that, we'll find their center point, and they will be the last of the Five Oddballs.

Tsumugi: Of course, I'll go ask around. Personally, I'm curious about one named "Sakasaki".

He's a topic of discussion with the first years, or at least his name gets mentioned quite a lot.

Eichi: Huh, Sakasaki...? Not Sakaki? What a strange name.

Tsumugi: Apologize to all the Sakasakis in this country.

It seems like he's the son of a very famous fortune teller who appears on TV and other media a lot, and it looks like he's even inherited some of his parents' work — he has many clients.

Apparently, the students who have heard this rumour constantly consult with him about their worries.

I'm not sure how excellent he is as an idol, however.

At the very least, his advice is always spot-on, and everybody relies on him.

Also, it's been said that a lot of his predictions come true, and that he's psychic or something.

Eichi: That's so shady I could cry. Mmm... I'm not exactly interested in the field of occultism.

... oh, whoops. We got really deep into this conversation. I came here to help you out and yet I feel like I ended up just getting in the way. I'm sorry ♪

Tsumugi: Oh, I was working while we were talking! So it's no problem at all~♪

Eichi: You really are excellent as well. It's not anything that would stick out, but you're a jack-of-all-trades — you can do anything flawlessly.

This expression may be inappropriate to say, but you'd be useful as a pawn.

Tsumugi: Ahaha. You can do most things in this world as long as you take the time to plug away at it diligently.

Anybody can do something like this, not just me.

Eichi: Mm, that's true. For humans, there are less differences between individuals than one may think.

Anyhow, library committee members do more work than just managing the library, right?

Like the creation of prints such as pamphlets that are to be distributed out during a live show within the school.

Tsumugi: That's right~ I make posters to stick up on the bulletin boards, and hand out free newspaper advertisements too...

I also go meet up and cooperate with external traders and companies, and publish things like photo collections.

Lately, I've been managing online-related things together with the broadcasting committee as well — things that don't have to do with printing.

Administrating the school SNS, acting like a banker at the school currency market to make sure the correct amount is being loaned...

Committees are groups that exist to perform certain job functions, unlike clubs that are just a gathering of hobbies.

The library committee, the broadcasting committee, and even the student council are like this.

We can learn the skills that will be advantageous for us when we find work dealing with the entertainment business.

Not all graduates of Yumenosaki Academy can become idols, after all.

But even so, there are many who choose to make use of the connections they've made during their time as a student, and pick careers that relate to the entertainment world.

At least you'd be treated favourably that way — when you're job hunting.

Of course, there are classes you can take to learn those very skills as well.

But being in a committee will allow you to master and obtain even more advanced and professional skills and knowledge.

Although it looks like these days, nobody has any motivation at all, like acting earnestly would seem uncool or something...

People who actually seriously work in committees are in the minority, unfortunately.

I mean, it's not like you have to work, or diligently study and learn different skills...

You'll receive a warm welcome when you're looking for a job just by having been in a committee in itself.

Eichi: They're all idiots. There is a lot of power and influence in committees — enough to give me the shivers.

Committees have their hands in the media, banks... even politics, but they're not taking advantage of that at all.

Like corrupt nobles on the night before a revolution.

Carelessly eating, sleeping, and playing around without even a vague understanding of the value of what they possess.

Tsumugi: It can't be helped — most of the time, people go for the simplest option available.

Nobody would put in effort if they'd be able to live a happy life without needing to work for it.

Eichi: On that note, you're quite impressive, Tsumugi. You're working diligently without being swept up by that.

Tsumugi: I'm just clumsy. If, by shouldering all the hardships, others will be able to spend their time leisurely...

If that means they'll be able to smile, then that will make me happy — honoured, even.

Eichi: That's what they call happiness in slavery, Tsumugi.

I suppose that saint-like way of life of yours should be respected, so I won't deny it.

... but I cannot ignore the reason why the owner of such a precious, virtuous soul is making that kind of sacrifice — the reason why he's made to bear that burden.

I will shoot an arrow of revolution into those idiots who are idling about while toasting with the blood of slaves.

Tsumugi: Eichi-kun, you always say so many complicated things...

I'm fine with the way things are right now, really... I'm sure the adults and higher ups will think about the difficult things for us.

We're still high schoolers. Let's make merry and have a fun time — let's enjoy our youth ♪

Eichi: This is my youth.


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