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.:: reminiscence * the three magicians :: element | even in hell iii

>> library

Tsumugi: Eichi-kun, you're grinning...

Did something good happen? Like — you made up with your childhood friend? With Keito-kun?

Wow, I'm so glad! ♪

Eichi: We didn't exactly "make up", but we had a conversation for the first time in a while and settled a few things. You really do have to meet up with each other face to face...

As it's said that everything will look suspicious if you look at them with a doubtful mindset.

Anyhow, it looks like the student council is picking up all the famous people in this school right now and supporting them... rallying them up.

Even I was told to lend a hand — "become a member of the student council", they said.

Well, seizing power would be nothing but convenient for me, so...

I'm thinking about accepting that request and take up the title of some member of the student council.

Tsumugi: Does our student council really have that much authority? It just recently got revived, so I'm not so sure what to say...

But right now, a nice way of saying it would be calling them choremen, or subordinates, right?

Eichi: Student councils are basically like that anyway. But they are representatives of the students — appointed fairly by election, with their positions secured by even the faculty.

Among students, they are the ones with the most influence, and the most important thing is how they use that — that's how it always is.

Being "subordinates" might make them sound bad, but they hold the very foundation of how the students will live.

They can even revise school regulations — as far as I can see from the student council elections, everybody is apathetic to politics.

If it goes well, any kind of evil law could be passed. This is tremendous power.

It's comparable to holding the switch that can fire an atomic bomb in your hand while everybody else is solely armed with swords and spears.

Tsumugi: ... your family doesn't have any nuclear weapons in their possession, do they, Eichi-kun?

Eichi: We have fighter aircrafts, at least. It's my mother's hobby.

She believes that she's the reincarnation of Marie Antoinette — letting her handle our fortune is like giving a bomb to a child.

Well, let's leave it at that. It seems like Hasumi-kun isn't getting along with our current student council present.

He's trying to get him replaced, and recommends me to be his replacement.

Tsumugi: Huh? Who is our president right now, anyway?

Eichi: Sakuma Rei... -senpai. On paper, at least. Weren't you friends with him? Did you not know?

Tsumugi: Mm, I suppose we get along, I think? He seems to be interested in me for some reason, at least...

I'm more scared of him than anything, considering he's the biggest celebrity in the school.

Eichi: Mm hm. And with him as the head, we want to pick up, let's see... five people who are famous within this school.

We're going to gather them up and call them the "Five Oddballs".

Tsumugi: Huh, that sounds like a good idea. Right now, it's like everybody in this school is acting however they please...

It's rather chaotic... full of disorder, you could say.

It's like having people to represent us — having the people who are to be focused on labeled clearly. It sounds refreshing.

"Five Oddballs", huh... it sounds kind of inhuman, though. Not something I'd like.

Eichi: (Indeed, I was aiming for that as well. Naming imagery is quite important.)

(When the assessment of the great, respected "Five Oddballs" get reversed... if they end up getting called "monsters", it will be my victory.)

Tsumugi: But Rei-kun... ah, he might be older than me, but he told me to call him using "-kun".

He's such a big genius, but he's surprisingly frank.

Eichi: I think it's arrogance from somebody of power. But that part of him is also the reason why he's loved by everybody, I suppose...

Anyhow, what is it about Sakuma-san?

Tsumugi: Ah, right. I'm just thinking how difficult it'd be to find other famous people who'd be equal to somebody like him.

Five people, right? Rei-kun's just so amazing, others would be overshadowed... I don't think there's anybody else in the third years.

Eichi: The year when our current third years entered the school was quite the bad harvest, I believe. But in exchange, the second years were a record-breaking bumper crop, right?

Like Hibiki-kun ♪

Tsumugi: Ah, Hibiki Wataru-kun... I heard that his results in his entrance exam were the highest in Yumenosaki's history.

Others who'd stick out would be... Shinkai Kanata-kun and Itsuki Shuu-kun, I'm sure.

Eichi: Ah, Shinkai-kun. He was rumoured to have outperformed even Hibiki-kun in several fields.

To be even better than Hibiki-kun — he must be the peak of humanity.

Tsumugi: Eichi-kun, you really do regard Hibiki-kun awfully highly, huh?

Eichi: I'm a big fan of his. Anyway, Itsuki-kun is amazing too.

Once the idol unit Valkyrie was formed, they had already made several appearances on TV, and are rated greatly in the entertainment world.

Tsumugi: From the eyes of entertain world and the teachers, Shuu-kun must be one of the very best among the second years.

He's a little strange when you talk to him, but other than that he's a normally good-natured person.

Eichi: You've interacted with Itsuki-kun?

Tsumugi: We're in the same club. Although recently, it... the handicrafts club has becoming very much like a hangout for Valkyrie.

I don't really have a place to belong there, which is why I'm always doing library committee work here.


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.:: tl notes/comments

tsumugi talking about five oddballs sounding inhuman — originally, he is talking about how five oddballs (gokijin) sounds like cockroach (gokiburi). eichi's line after that also references to it, with "monsters" being "gokidomo" (a crude way of saying cockroach, you could say)