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.:: reminiscence * the three magicians :: element | even in hell i

>> classroom 2-A

Eichi: [cough, cough]

Good morning.

Tsumugi: Ah, Eichi-kun! Good morning to you too~... although it's already noon.

Eichi: Oh, you're right. "Good day", then ♪

Tsumugi: Good day~♪ So you were able to come to school today? I'm glad.

You've been taking a lot of breaks these days so I've been worried! Is your health alright now?

Eichi: Not exactly. But I persuaded my family doctor and, while it's limited, I got the permission to attend. I love this school, after all.

Look, I can stay here until this Eichi-kun Gauge reaches zero ♪

Tsumugi: What is that questionable-looking scale...?

Eichi: Whenever I do any kind of strenuous activity, this Eichi-kun Gauge drops.

When it hits zero, it transmits radio waves to people like my family doctor and driver and I'll be forcibly extracted from school.

Tsumugi: It's almost like some kind of game... Wait, were you serious?

It must be tough being the scion of a big financial conglomerate~ I don't really understand it.

Eichi: They're simply being overprotective, and just don't want anything befalling their precious heir... It's not love, or even concern.

Tsumugi: I think it's a splendid show of affection~

My family is very laissez faire, so even if I died in my house I'd probably just be told "Tsumugi, move. I'm cleaning and you're in the way".

Eichi: Ahaha, your jokes are always so amusing, Tsumugi ♪

Being able to have a peaceful, frivolous conversation with anybody is a talent in itself.

Tsumugi: You just casually called me "frivolous"!?

Eichi: I'm praising you. It seems like you have a lot of friends too — it's enviable.

Having poor health means I'm unable to attend school a lot, so I find it difficult to broaden my social circle. I'm pretty sure the bulk of my classmates don't even remember my face.

Tsumugi: Oh, please don't look so lonely! Smile, smile~! I'm your friend, Eichi-kun! Handshake~♪

Eichi: Handshake~♪

Thank you, Tsumugi. You always call out to me so openheartedly, and treat me like a friend.

I'm grateful. Thanks to you, I can spend time in this classroom peacefully.

Tsumugi: Ahaha. I have quite a lot of acquaintances in this school — both classmates and students from other years as well.

I'll introduce you to them! Let's all be good friends ♪

Eichi: Mm. Your personal connections will be useful.

Tsumugi: Hm? You just said something scary, didn't you?

Eichi: That's just your imagination. More importantly, is Ke... Hasumi-kun in class?

Tsumugi: Oh, do you have business with Keito-kun? He's revived the student council, which had been an existence only on paperwork for a long, long time...

So it sounds like he's quite busy. It must be a lot of trouble, since he's also a member of the library committee as well.

Why must he bear all these hardships himself?

Eichi: It's some kind of sickness. He's the son of a Buddhist temple, and the practice of Buddhism is like masochism.

Tsumugi: You sound rather bitter... do you two not get along? I heard that you were childhood friends.

And yet I've never seen the two of you speak in this classroom.

Eichi: It's regrettable that one thinks we have to get along just because we're childhood friends — this isn't some manga or game.

It's simply an undesirable but inseparable relationship. I have no idea what he's thinking about these days.

Tsumugi: Fufu. Anyhow, I believe Keito-kun is usually in the student council room during lunch break and after classes.

Seeing as the student council has just been revived, he must be swamped with paperwork.

Eichi: Hm. It'll be a pain, but I suppose I'll head over there, then.

Tsumugi: If it's not too important, I can pass along a message to him for you!

Considering how weak your body is, I don't want to have you walk too much. Besides, we can contact him with our phones.

Eichi: Unfortunately, I don't have his contact info. And it's rather important business, so I'd prefer to talk to him face to face.

But I'm thankful for your consideration, Tsumugi ♪

Truth be told, my grandfather is probably going to pass away soon — for generations, we have always had Hasumi-kun's temple take care of the funeral...

So I want to consult with him about that.

Tsumugi: Huh, your grandpa? That's, er, my condolences...?

Eichi: Fufu, the members of my family being short-lived is hereditary... so I'm used to news about death.

My grandfather and great-grandfather have lived rather long lives, however. Perhaps they were demons or something?

Anyhow, my grandfather is quite the big shot, so it's going to get pretty rowdy for me for the moment.

... what a pain. I've finally been able to get healthy enough to return to school, and yet it seems like I'll have to be absent again.

(But since that "thorn in my side" is finally going to kick the bucket... it looks like I'll have more opportunities to move around freely.)

(It's not the best... but it's the second best timing.)

(It seems like you've read the atmosphere in the very end, grandfather. Please, rest in peace.)

(I wish you happiness in the next world. ... I have no intention of dying yet.)


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.:: tl notes/comments

the title of these chapters is part of a japanese proverb — 地獄の沙汰も金次第 or "even in (the affairs of) hell does money make a difference/depends on money" which basically means as long as you have money you can do anything. even in hell!