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.:: reminiscence * the three magicians :: element | prologue

>> switch stage

Tsumugi: ♪~♪~♪

... excuse me, Anzu-chan. Can you dim the lights? It's a little too bright right now.

Thank you! Alright, it looks like it's in perfect condition. If there's anything you don't understand about the lighting or the audio, let me know.

Fufu. You may be a producer, but being able to do backstage work as well will be an advantage for you, right?

But I'm still sorry for having you do all these chores.

This live show is B1... an unofficial, unauthorized match, so we can't rely on the student council or the broadcasting committee.

Well, I suppose we could always outsource.

But Switch has just been formed very recently, and all our experience we have with lives are extracurricular — we don't have a lot of school currency.

We could've also made a prior investment, passing through some documents to the student council and procure funds that way as well.

But that would feel like we'll be making a loan, and I'm afraid of the aftermath of being in Eichi-kun's debt.

Eichi: I wouldn't have minded helping you at all... we're friends, aren't we? Tsumugi ♪

Tsumugi: Whoa, you surprised me! You were here, Eichi-kun!? You're like a phantom!

Please stop making appearances out of nowhere! I have a weak heart so I'd die from shock!

Eichi: I think it's your mind that's weak, not your heart...

You're a senior, so I think you should be a little more proud. You have the right and ability to act so, after all.

Tsumugi: Ahaha, it's just in my nature. I respect you, Eichi-kun, for always being so majestic and dignified. That's the student council president for you ♪

Natsume: Senpai, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop wasting your BREATH. You can never get rid of your amateurish WAYS — could it just be that you have no talent for being an IDOL?

Tsumugi: I-I'm sorry, Natsume-kun... Don't be mad. You're a good boy.

Natsume: I'm not MAD. Just IRRITATED.

Sora: HaHa~♪ True! Teacher's colour was more "lonely" than "mad", y'know?

Tsumugi: Oh! So you were jealous because I was having such a nice time chatting with Eichi-kun?

I'm sorry! I love you like my own child, Natsume-kun~♪

Natsume: ...... (hits Tsumugi with a mic stand)

Tsumugi: Ow!? Why did you hit me!? Smacking me with a mic stand — it's like we're in a rock band!

Natsume-kun is so advanced, always adopting new techniques like this~♪

Natsume: Die.

Tsumugi: I've been cursed at so frankly!? And you didn't pronounce the ending strangely, so that means those are your true feelings!

Why do you hate me so much!? I don't understand young people!

Sora: HiHi~♪ You two are always so chummy!

Natsume: Sora, ignore that dolt and focus on our PERFORMANCE.

You're the one who has the least EXPERIENCE... you're a first year after ALL — if you don't pay attention, you'll get HURT.

Sora: Yes! I understand! Sora's concentration is always at MAX! ♪

Natsume: Right. I'm not so worried about you that I'd have to say IT. You're a GEM, a very miracle that was mined because of DESTINY.

I have great EXPECTATIONS — that isn't a LIE.

Sora: FuFu~♪ Thank you very much! Sora will do his super duper best!

Tsumugi: Uuu... even if it's just one millionth of it, I'd like some of that kindness you're giving to Sora-kun.

You're worried about Sora-kun hurting himself, and yet you smacked and injured me!?

Natsume: ... anyway, student council president, do you have any business with US?

Tsumugi: Complete ignorance!? Isn't this awful, Eichi-kun!? My junior is bullying me!

It's so enviable watching you being respected by those younger than you. Do you have any tips?

Eichi: Fufu. From how I see it, you're quite adored — much more than I've been.

Anyhow, I didn't mean to get in the way of your rehearsal. If I'm being a bother, I can leave.

I too can read the atmosphere when necessary, after all.

Tsumugi: No, you're not a hindrance at all! You came here to cheer us on, didn't you?

Thank you! Please fully witness our magic today ♪

Eichi: Magic, hm? How interesting. It looks like what you have is different than Wataru's.

You're all wrapped in mystery... although I can't say I like having uncertain elements that I can't really calculate exist.

Natsume: So WHAT? Will you crush US, Your Majesty The Emperor?

Eichi: Considering you don't respect me one bit, I'd prefer it if you don't call me by that transparent honorary title.

Besides, I lost in DDD the other day and was chased off my throne. I don't have the right to bear the name of "Emperor".

Natsume: AHAHA. From how I see it, that was a "strategic RETREAT". Although a loss is a LOSS, I'm sure you also obtained a lot of THINGS.... Tenshouin Eichi?

Eichi: Fufu. Behaving so haughtily like that — do you want me to contradict myself and say "speak more politely to your seniors"?

How cute. You're working hard but you're still young ♪

Natsume: You look like you're taking it easy, old MAN ♪

Tsumugi: H-hey, let's keep the sparks from flying, okay? We should all get along ♪

Eichi: Mmm... it looks like it isn't time for harvest yet. You're still an unripe fruit.

Perhaps I've gotten a little ahead of myself and I should still be waiting, just like I did for Trickstar.

Tsumugi: Eichi-kun, Eichi-kun. Why don't you stop saying all these incomprehensible things and help out Anzu-chan with her work?

It looks like she's in a little bind.

Eichi: You sure want to work me hard, Tsumugi... Your wish is my command. In consideration of our friendship, I shall do as you say.

Is there something you're stuck on, transfer student-chan? Let me see.

Fufu. I'm more used to this than you thought, you say?

Well, even I had an era where I mostly did chores and other behind-the-scenes work...

Naturally, I wasn't an "Emperor" from the moment of my birth.


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.:: tl notes/comments

when natsume calls eichi an "old man" he uses the word lǎotóur (ロートル), which is mandarin for. old man. in japanese it can be considered an insult but can be used as a lighthearted joke among friends. the in-game "definition" uses 老害 (rougai) which is basically like. old people who keep trying to control things over the younger generation. i'm sure you all know what i'm talking about