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.:: tsumugi | episode one

>> library

Tsumugi: Err, umm...?

(Uuu... why is this academy's library so dark? It's difficult to see.)

(Recently, my eyesight has been getting bad again too... perhaps I should get glasses with a stronger prescription?)

(But it gets nauseating when I switch prescriptions... I wear these all the time, so I don't want to change things so easily.)

(I'm already misfortunate, but I feel like my luck is dropping even further.)

(Maybe I should consult with Natsume-kun and have him pick out something?)

(I'm sure he'd be able to choose a good pair of glasses with a design that would bring good fortune, or one that's in a lucky colour.)

(I feel bad for relying on Natsume-kun to pick things out for me all the time, but I'm so bad at doing it myself.)

(I'll be at ease if he'll be the one to choose something for me.)

(After this, I'll probably be going to the game studies club room... I can invite Natsume-kun and Sora-kun too, and we can all go shopping together.)

(We have such nice weather today — it's a perfect day for that~♪)

(Those two are always staying inside and playing their games...)

(It's not healthy. You should go out and move your body while bathing in the sun's rays, at least once in a while.)

(Right, I'm worried about everybody's health! It's definitely not because it'd be lonely to go out shopping all by myself!)

(Now that that's decided, I should hurry up and finished the task that Natsume-kun ordered... I mean, asked me to do.)

(Umm, so all I need to do is to gather up these field guides written on this note?)

(Uuu... I can't decipher this writing — I can't find the books I need to find at all.)

(But if I don't get them all, Natsume-kun will be mad at me...)

(Oh, that's a field guide for plants. But it's pretty up high on the shelf... maybe I can reach it if I stand on my tiptoes?)

(There's a stool here, but I feel like I'll lose my balance and fall if I used that...)

Here we... go... hmm? Nnnggh? I can barely just not reach it!

... Hyaaun!?

Y-y-you scared me! Wait, what? You just touched my back, didn't you?

That's sexual harassment! Kids these days are always like this...!

I'm tired of this! I don't understand how young people think! What is a girl doing touching the body of somebody of the opposite sex so casually!?

Yamato nadeshikos are ruined! I'm scared! I'm scared of young people...!

What? I shouldn't be making such a fuss in the library, you say? That's right!? Uuu, I've been scolded by somebody younger than me...!

Ah, you brought that stool over for me...? I can use this if I'd like? Err, thank you for your kindness?

W-what are you plotting!?

There is no way a cute girl like you would be so kind to a ground beetle like me without asking for anything in return! I-is this a badger game!?

I-I'm scared! Young people scare me! I hate this, I hate this! I can't believe in anything anymore...!

Huh, I really need to stop making a racket?

It's as you say... I apologize for getting so upset. There's somebody I'm not really good at dealing with who spends a lot of time in the library, so I'm very nervous.

Yes... Student council's Keito-kun. For some reason, he always goes and lectures me whenever he sees me.

I hate iiit! I hate being persistently stripped of my humanity in complete detail...!

[sniff]! Uuu, I'm sorry for being so emotionally unstable. I think I have some kind of anxiety disorder...

But my horoscope ranking today is dead last, and I feel like something bad is going to happen so I've been really nervous!

Don't you understand? Girls like horoscopes and the like, right?

Not exactly? Uuu, I've always spent my time at boys' schools so I don't know anything about girls!

I feel uneasy! It's scary when there's something I don't understand! I-I have to look it up...! Umm, where are the books about female biology?

Yes, what is it? Ah... right, I was looking for some books.

Let's secure that plant field guide first. Err, I can use that stool, yes?

Here we go~♪

Ah... you're keeping the stool stable for me? Thank you very much, umm...?

You're Anzu-chan? It's nice to meet you~♪

Right, I was wondering why there was a girl here in this school... So you're the rumoured "transfer student-chan".

Fufu. Natsume-kun... um, a junior from my unit told me. That a transfer student came to his class.

I'm glad~ I was wondering what kind of weirdo you would be since Natsume-kun said you were an "interesting person".

But from what I can see, you look quite normal.

Although I'm sure being "normal" here in Yumenosaki Academy will mean facing a lot of hardships...

There are a lot of colorful characters here, and just looking at them will make you dizzy.

Ah, I'm a little late in saying this, but I belong in the same unit as Natsume-kun... Switch. My name is Aoba Tsumugi.

I'm in 3-B, and I'm also in the handicrafts club.

So I'm pretty decent at sewing. I like doing monotonous work, going on and on without having to think...

Although I don't have the imagination or sense like Shuu-kun, another member of the handcrafts club, does.

Hmm. So you're looking for sewing textbooks, Anzu-chan?

Wow, you're making costumes? You are a producer, so I suppose that's the kind of work you'd do, huh?

Oh right — I have some recomendations for you... so why don't I pick out some books for you while we're at it? I think there's one that's easy to understand around here...

Ah, there it is. Here you go...♪

Oh no, there's no need for thanks. Anybody can do something like this.

I was just hoping this would be a good way of thanking you for bringing over that stool for me.

Um, you look a little troubled — would you like me to give you some sewing tips?

All the students here in Yumenosaki are overflowing with brilliance...

But that's exactly why there are times where they won't understand the feelings of beginners or normal human beings.

I'm an average person who's not very talented... so I understand where normal people would stumble and trip on.

If you'd like, allow me to give you some advice.

Helping out our juniors when they're in trouble is naturally the role of us seniors, after all.


.:: tl notes/comments

yamato nadeshiko

badger game is a scheme usually performed on men which puts them in a compromising position and thus makes him susceptible to blackmail