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.:: shoe's timeline of important enstars events

gacha stories are presumed to be happening during their respective events unless stated otherwise; significant gacha stories will be mentioned separately


: start of the school year, yuzuru + anzu transfers in, main scenario begins
:: flower fes happens sometime before act iv (kingdom)
:: eichi returns, trickstar wins DDD

: sakurafes

: prologue/epilogue of magician's assemble (not specified to have happened exactly around this time since we only know it's in spring but it's a guess)

: fine circus

: school festival
:: butler cafe + band ensemble

: ballet


: duel, hero show gacha

: supernova

: nishiki

: tanabata/milky way
:: valkyrie officially makes a come back

: summer camp

: summer lesson

: a midsummers night's dream

: pirates

: beach match

: quarrel fes

: sports fes parts 1/2

: leo presumably returns around this period... some time (during summer vacation (?), after midsummer night's dream)


: judgement
:: robin hood gacha

: scroll of the elements

: pair lesson

: dark night halloween

: school trip


: starry night fes

: street live

: hatsumoude gacha (new years)

: phantom thieves

: opera

: choco fes

: baby bird


: repayment fes

(third years graduate, spring break)

: mall live
:: strawberry picking

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