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.:: scout! wasteland gunman | WANTED!!! vii

Eichi: Fufu. Now then, I'm going to put in the money... I just need to put the coins in this gap here, right?

Oh, what a strange screen. It's displaying my face for some reason? Ah... is that camera over there filming us?

Kaoru: Yep. It takes a photo of us, and after the game ends, it looks like we can take home something like a purikura with our mugshot printed on it.

Apparently, they process it to make it look like bounty posters for criminals, like in those western movies.

Eichi: Ah, I've seen that in a movie before... those "WANTED!!" ones, right?

"DEAD OR ALIVE"... their fate doesn't matter — whoever suppresses the outlaw of the wastelands will be rewarded prize money ♪

Kaoru: Also, it looks like you can shoot anybody else who isn't your teammate, and you get a huge sum of money if you defeat them.

In the end, whoever has the most amount of prize money will be the winner.

Eichi: I see. So everybody who isn't your partner is your enemy. That's right — this is the principle of the wastelands... of the outlaws.

This kind of battle is my specialty... Allow me to submerge everybody in a sea of blood ♪

Kaoru: I think I'll pass on swimming in that kind of ocean~ Oh, it's going to take our photos now. Make your best expression and... peace ♪

Eichi: Yaaay, peace... ☆

Fufu. I got a nice photo taken — I like it. Maybe I should make this my funeral picture? Putting the "fun" in funeral... ♪

Izumi: There's a limit to how imprudent you can be.

Ugh, I detest my habit of making a perfect pose whenever I get my photo taken! It looks like I'm the only one trying to show off, so I look all out of place — how embarrassing!

Hey, can we have a retake?

Eichi: No way. Besides, is it the time to be getting fussy over photos? The game has started. If you let your guard down, you'll die an instant death...

Ahh, we're standing in the lawless wastelands, bound by the rules of blood and iron ♪

Izumi: You're in awfully high spirits, not that I have a problem with that...

Huh, so we're basically in a western. All we have to do is to shoot and kill all these outlaws that are attacking us, right?

Shuu: Which one of these is Tenshouin? I'll crush him first.

Izumi: Huh. It looks like we're all in different parts of the map, far away from everybody else. If you're aiming for him, we'll have to move.

First of all, we should defeat these enemy characters that are in the way and strength our weapons, I guess?

Eichi: Hm, so you can train up your weapons as well? I wonder if there are any nuclear weapons.

Kaoru: No, I'm pretty sure nukes are way too high-tech for westerns — although while the setting first takes place in something like the wild west...

It looks like we gradually end up in places like the deep sea and space.

Chiaki: The setting is so erratic, I can't even understand it — but that's what makes it fun! Ooh, I see someone like an enemy coming our way. Do we have to fight them?

Do we have a command to "talk it out"?

Eichi: I don't think we have the room for negotiations, Chiaki. In an era of peace, your kindness is a virtue, but this is a wasteland ruled by violence.

Gun them all down — you have my permission.

Chiaki: Huh, I feel like an underling in some kind of gang... I suppose I have no other choice. The enemies are programs that aren't actually alive.

Is stopping them with our own hands justice in this situation?

Take this! Ryuusei Shot... ☆

Eichi: Ooh, I don't understand the point of needlessly yelling like that, but you look very good in that pose. It's quite gallant ♪

Chiaki: Fufun. There are a lot of cases where heroes fight with guns these days — I copy them a lot, so I'm used to it!

Don't let your guard down, Tenshouin! Enemies are still pouring in!

Eichi: Fufu, I think I'll be moving to support for the moment. I'll be observing and learning from your actions, so I'd like you to wait a few minutes.

Rather than bearing the full brunt of everything, the general formulates strategies back at headquarters, after all.

For the time being, become a meat shield and stave off the enemy's attacks, private ♪

Chiaki: I'm not sure when we built up this hierarchical relationship, but you fight too! Even if it's just for this moment, are we not partners who fight side-by-side!?

Kaoru: Ahaha, that team over there look like they're having a blast. What should we do, Tenkousei-chan?

Girls don't really like these kinds of dangerous games, do they?

Izumi: Hmph. Idols are always causing trouble for her — and now she can shamelessly kill them.

I think it'd be a great stress reliever, so feel free to shoot. Of course, I'm not planning on quietly letting myself get killed without a fight.

Hey, Itsuki? You're way too out in the front.

Shuu: Where is Tenshouin? If I don't dispose of him first, I will not be able to play in peace.

Sena, I cannot bear to see somebody as beautiful as you get wounded — stay behind me.

Izumi: I appreciate the compliment, but this is a game. It's not like I'm going to get hurt in real life...

If you move too loudly, Mademoiselle's going to fall onto the floor, you know?

I mean, she's all clean and pretty... wouldn't it be more of a problem if she gets hurt?

Shuu: ... Sena. I have no other choice but to be here because my cute Mademoiselle is being taken hostage, but it's a surprise to see you here among all the high spirits and mirth.

I thought you were a more colder person.

Izumi: I'm just here on a whim. I don't have any work today, so I had the free time. Besides, I've been hearing rumours recently that Ou-sama has been spotted around here...

I suppose I thought it would've been nice if I saw him.

Shuu: Ou-sama? Ah, Tsukinaga. How is he doing? Well, not that I care at all!

Every time we talk, our differences in our sense of values irritates me!

Izumi: Well, you were something like Yumenosaki's top two artists, after all. Despising each other despite being similar...

From how I saw it, watching the two of you tirelessly having heated debates day by day made me think that the two of you got along.

Shuu: That fact that you thought we were friends — no, the fact that you think we're similar is regrettable.

... has Tsukinaga not contacted you either? You should catch what's important to you.

Izumi: Mmm. It's not like we're family or friends or anything like that, okay?

When I said I was hoping to see him, it's just so I could look right at his face and complain at him, and tell him not to worry his real family.

It looks like he's off wandering about without even contacting his little sister.

But whatever, this conversation is over. Concentrate — you're on the verge of death, getting shot at like that.

Shuu: Oh. This is rather difficult... I'm focusing too much on the footage and neglecting my hands.

The advancement of technology is incredible. ... if you stay indoors, the era will leave you behind.

Perhaps that is why Tsukinaga went outside — well, I suppose that would be giving you a favourable interpretation of it, at least.

Izumi: .....


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.:: tl notes/comments

"putting the "fun" in "funeral": first of all, i'm very sorry

secondly, eichi's making another dumb pun here — he's originally going 遺影でいえ〜い (iei de ie~i), where 遺影 (iei) is a portrait to commemorate the deceased (i tl'd it just before as funeral picture to put it simply) and いえ〜い is him just going. yay. i saw the opportunity and went with it. i'm sorry again

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