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.:: scout! wasteland gunman | WANTED!!! vi

Eichi: Thanks for waiting~♪

Sorry, I ran into some trouble with the currency exchange. You can't use cards or cheques in arcades, huh?

Kaoru: Ahaha. It'd be super funny if you were joking, but if you really meant that, I'm going to be concerned. I can lend you some change if you need it, as long as you pay me back eventually.

Eichi: Oh, it's alright. I wrote a thousand yen cheque for Tenkousei-chan who came with me, and I got some coins in exchange.

A legitimate transaction, right? I'll make sure to carry cash with me from now on as well.

Anyhow, how should this game be played? Can you give me a lecture?

Kaoru: Mm, there's written instructions over there, but sure, I'll give you a rough description.

This time, we'll be playing an interactive gun shooting game — it's a common type.

Basically, you use this gun-shaped controller to shoot and defeat the enemies that come and attack you.

Here, look at this. Pretty authentic, right?

Eichi: Wow, it's really heavy.

The way the trigger feels when you pull it is rather realistic too... What's this skull button here, near the grip?

Kaoru: Mm, it looks like you use it for bombs or something.

Eichi: Bombs? Explosives? How dangerous... although I suppose it's an effective armament to exterminate a large number of enemies.

Kaoru: Ah, you don't understand game terminology, do you? It means that if you press that button, you can use attacks that don't involve "shooting the gun".

Also, you have infinite ammo, but you can only use the bombs a certain amount of times.

Eichi: You can shoot infinitely? That's amazing. If this can be implemented in real life, the entire concept of war could change completely.

Kaoru: Well, this is a game after all... What's peculiar is that you play while dual wielding.

It looks like there's differences in power and rapid-fire depending on the guns in your left and right hands.

Eichi: Dual wielding, hm? While it'd look good for appearances, I can't say it's very preferable tactically.

It'd be difficult to aim, not to mention that you won't be able to reload. But if that is what the rules are, I suppose I'll just have to adapt.

Actually, wouldn't it be physically impossible for Itsuki-kun to dual wield, considering he's holding Mademoiselle in one hand?

Shuu: Why is it naturally assumed that I will be playing as well? I'm reluctant.

Kaoru: Ah, participate if you can — it looks like this game is played in pairs, so if one doesn't join in, somebody else will be left out and they won't be able to play.

I want to be in a team with Tenkousei-chan, so Itsuki-kun should pair up with Tenshouin-kun, okay? ♪

Shuu: I refuse. I'd rather point the gun at my temple and shoot than be comrades with him. Of course, I'll turn Tenshouin into swiss cheese first.

Eichi: Like it's been said, it's only a game — let's be reasonable here.

But I suppose that would be difficult... I'm no Hitler — I'm not sure I'd like having to play while fearing the possibility of getting shot by one of my comrades at any time.

Kaoru: Oh, I think it'll be fine now. Sena-kun and Morisawa-kun are coming over, so we can regroup and figure out teams. Guys, over here ♪

Chiaki: Hey! ☆ What's this, some game where you shoot things? Can we join in too?

Kaoru: Of course. The both of you look pretty excited, hm?

Chiaki: Fufun, we've gotten fired up! That was a great match ☆

But the crowd was getting so large, it looked like it was starting to become an inconvenience to the establishment — not to mention that somebody started taking photos, so Sena got into an argument with them...

We had to withdraw before it became actual trouble.

Izumi: Look, can you believe that somebody would take pictures without permission? Do they know how valuable photos of me are?

The customers here have no manners!

Chiaki: We're in the same boat regarding manners here — it wasn't good of us to hog the machines for the entire time.

The timing was just right, so we gave our spots to the people next in line.

Kaoru: Huh... you worked hard. Well, if the two of you have more than enough energy left, make sure to take an active part in this, 'kay?

Now that we have six people here, we can split into pairs.

Izumi: Do we compete with the highest score here? I want to settle things with Morisawa — in the end, we tied back in that dance game!

Being in a draw with him would be an eternal shame for me...!

Chiaki: Fuhaha, you sure are competitive, Sena! I think a draw is just fine — it's the most peaceful conclusion!

Kaoru: Anyway, let's get into teams, put our money in, and start the game before somebody else takes our place.

Uh, so how should we pair up?

Itsuki-kun's fine as long as he's not with Tenshouin-kun, right? And Sena-kun wants to settle things with Morisawa-kun... In that case, hmm...

Eichi: I can pair up with Chiaki. He's the one who resents me the least, and the hazard of getting an own goal scored on us seems low.

Then we can have Hakaze-kun and Tenkousei-chan, and Sena-kun and Itsuki-kun?

Kaoru: And the student council president takes control. I have no objections or complaints — is everybody else alright with that?

You're my teammate, Tenkousei-chan, so come over by my side~♪


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