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.:: scout! wasteland gunman | WANTED!!! v

Shuu: "Non, non. I told you, Kaoru-kun — you need to aim for the corner of the prize box."

Kaoru: I see, so when your opponent won't yield with a fair-and-square approach, you should attack their weak point instead? Okay~! I don't dislike that at all ♪

Shuu: "Rather than grabbing the prize, you should unbalance it and make it fall."

"It's not very elegant so Shuu-kun detests that sort of method, but it's better than going through great pains just to have it all be in vain, yes?"

Non! That is no good — you pushed the button 0.4 seconds too late!

Kaoru: Man... Sorry, but can you stop complaining from the sidelines? I'm trying to concentrate here.

Shuu: "Go, go! You can do it, Kaoru-kun ♪ Ah, so close! But Shuu-kun is offering to do it in your place."

Kaoru: Hmm... Well, my goal here is intensive training with this crane game, not because I want a stuffed toy. I think I'm going to keep at it on my own just a little longer.

Shuu: "Fufu, I wasn't expecting Kaoru-kun to be one of those people who gets surprisingly passionate when it comes to these kinds of games."

"You have to keep calm — float like a butterfly, sting like a bee ♪"

Eichi: Hey, it looks like you're getting fired up over here. What are you doing? Is that a crane game?

Kaoru: Yep, I'm in the middle of some practice right now. Itsuki-kun's surprisingly good at this, actually. He's been teaching me all sorts of tips and tricks.

Shuu: Hmph. There is a brat who is completely besotted with these kinds of games. I have learned the basics.

Games may involve paying money to obtain pleasure, but I believe it's a waste of time.

However, rather than pointlessly wasting money, I believe it's better to have something tangible remaining for you in the end.

If I think of it as rescuing stuffed toys from being aimlessly trifled within the enclosures of the crane game, it becomes much more significant.

Hakaze, if you do not need that stuffed toy you got, hand it over to me.

"Fufu. If you give it to Mika-chan as a little present, I'm sure he'll be overjoyed ♪"

Eichi: ... you're unexpectedly enjoying yourself in the arcade, Itsuki-kun. I'm surprised ♪

Shuu: Don't talk to me so freely — and don't misunderstand...

I am only accompanying all of you because I have no choice. You're the one who said "If you don't come with us, I'll blow Mademoiselle up ♪" — I question your sanity.

To hold my adorable Mademoiselle as a hostage! There are some things you can do and some things you just can't!

Fall into hell and boil in a pool of blood!

Eichi: Hakaze-kun, Hakaze-kun, let me have a go next. I feel like I can do it easily.

Kaoru: I don't know, it's actually pretty hard. Give me a second — this stuffed toy fell where the crane can't reach it...

I'll get an staff member to put it back where it should be.

Shuu: Listen! Don't ignore me!

You should at least quietly let me shower you with my complaints! Of course, even if you cry and prostrate yourself before me begging for forgiveness, I will definitely not grant it!

Eichi: In that case, just listening will be pointless. If you detest me so badly, why don't you challenge me instead of just howling like a dog with its tail between its legs?

I'd like you to skewer me with your voice on the stage, not abusive words in an arcade ♪

Kaoru: Ahaha, don't strain the atmosphere too much, okay? I'm not really fond of that.

More importantly, Tenshouin-kun. Didn't you say you wanted to play the shooting game?

It looks like the people who've been hogging it are finally gone, so it's now or never.

It sounds like it's a new release from a famous company, though, so I don't think I have the experience to introduce you to it.

Eichi: But I'm sure you'd still be more familiar with it than me, so I would appreciate the guidance. ... now that I think about it, where's Chiaki and company?

Kaoru: Ah, those two? They're getting along on that dance game over there.

It looks like they haven't been able to stop after they started competing with their scores or something — they've got a huge, bustling crowd watching them too.

Eichi: Hmm, even in the smallest sense of the word, for professional idols to be playing a dancing game... You're right, they look like they're quite fired up.

Izumi: Ugh... Morisawa! Even though it's just Morisawa! Your movements are way too extreme — it's so distracting, how annoying!

Why aren't you getting tired even when you're unnecessarily moving your entire body like that!?

Chiaki: I should be saying the same for you, Sena! You're complaining so much, but you're not even out of breath! You have amazing lung capacity! It's wonderful! I respect you... ☆

Izumi: Be quiet! That part of you is really irritating! Are you making fun of me!?

I mean, praising your opponent and all?

That's cocky of you! Whoa—!?

Chiaki: Ooh, this is a difficult stage! How exciting, Sena! Fuhahahaha ☆

Heroes grow stronger when they're stuck in a predicament! I'll clear this with a burning heart! ♪

Eichi: Ahaha. For the main forces of Ryuuseitai and Knights, Yumenosaki Academy's historical veterans, to clash in an arcade in the outskirts.

What a waste — this is a one-on-one fight that can bring in a lot of money.

Kaoru: It looks like they're really concentrating, so why don't we head to our game of destination first? With the big crowd, I doubt we can even get close to them anyway...

I'm sure they'll meet up with us later once they notice.

Come on, Tenkousei-chan. I'll hold your hand so you won't bump into anybody and fall over ♪

Huh, where is she? Ahh, she's hiding behind Itsuki-kun again!

Tenshouin-kuuun... why is Tenkousei-chan avoiding me so much?

Eichi: Ahaha, poor thing. From what I can tell, she might be nervous around Itsuki-kun, Sena-kun, Keito, and I...

But for you, I have a feeling that she runs away from you with a reason other than "fear".

Kaoru: Hm? What does that mean? Give me a hint, I really don't get it!

Eichi: You're really acting interested as a member of the opposite sex... perhaps? I myself am ignorant when it comes to the subtleties of the human heart, so I'm afraid I can't say for certain.

Although I don't think there's anything to be disappointed about.

However, it's pointless to just empty bullets outside the firing range.

You too should stop lingering around the safe zone.

Shooting blanks would only just intimidate. You need to make an impression with live ammunition to the heart.

You're a boy, aren't you, Hakaze-kun? Even if it means staining your body with blood, you'll have to step into the battlefield with there's something you really want ♪


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.:: tl notes/comments

when shuu tells eichi to go boil in a pool of blood, he literally says boil in 血の池地獄 (chi no ike jigoku, or blood pond hell). it's an actual place

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