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.:: scout! wasteland gunman | WANTED!!! iv

Eichi: Well, I don't intend to do everything my parents tell me to do forever.

I'm simply just taking advantage of the situation I'm being swept into — I'll gather information, form a strategy, and take my parents' interests.

When I become of age, and the dawn where I become the Tenshouin family head arrives... Without needing to hesitate because of others, I'll muster up all my strength and use absolutely everything I can to grant my dream.

I'll raise idols to the heights of culture.

At the moment, this is just the prelude — preparing the groundwork, you could say.

It looks like Keito understands this situation I'm facing right now, which is why he's rolling up his sleeves and taking care of the student council work himself.

I don't like being worried about. I wonder how long that childhood friend of mine is intending on pretending to be my guardian...

I wonder if he still thinks of me as a weak little young master.

But I digress. One of my goals today is to check up on a part of the actual situation of the gaming industry, observing as well as experiencing things for myself.

My other goal is to shoot a firearm.

Fufu. You know what means, right? A gun. "Bang!", you know?

I've thought about heading to a shooting range overseas for the real thing, but moving around from place to place would be too troublesome.

I could also play a survival game with air guns, but I'm scared of some kind of freak accident happening, and I'm concerned about the issue of my stamina as well...

So I made a compromise and chose to try out the arcade.

I've looked it up just in case so I have some knowledge of it, but there's some kind of extreme interactive game here where you can go "bang bang" with a gun, right?

I wanted to try that out.

It might just be a virtual experience, but it seems like games these days are rather well made.

If it's intended to be realistic, I'm sure it should give me a feeling exceedingly similar to the real thing.

Mm, remember the circumstances I mentioned earlier? I've been entrusted with the job of a gravure preface of a magazine, PVs, and the like.

That's why I want to learn the proper etiquette of handling a gun, as hasty as my preparations are.

Hm? No, I'm not involving myself in the weapons industry, I think.

Although it's possible that I still lack the insight to be able to see through all the darkness that the Tenshouins harbor, and just haven't realized it yet.

It's all for some movie advertisement... an interlocking plan to increase the sales of air guns and other such toys.

My parents probably casually requested me of this, thinking that they can use their relatives for cheap.

To be perfectly honest, it's extremely bothersome, but it's still experience.

There is no disadvantage of acquiring the knowledge of different skills, and going through new incentives also encourages my own growth.

And fortunately, I have my classmates here with me as well.

They are idols with blooming talents that belong in different units — all exhibiting their various charms, they deserve to be admired.

If I observe their actions and unravel the cause and effect of their appeal... if I can take it all in, I can leap to even greater heights.

Even if I devour and use them as nutrients, I won't let it be for nothing.

Of course, playing around in an arcade together with my classmates like normal high schoolers is so enjoyable in itself, I could jump for joy.

And mysteriously enough, the idols tend to shine even greater than expected when you're here.

That's also why I called you over here, although I have to apologize for making you sound like live bait.

Those characteristics of yours... I want understand them — I want to figure them out, and learn from them. Of course, you should also watch and observe how I do things as well.

To be frank, I want us to learn from one another.

You and I are alike — I think we can be great archenemies for each other. What do you think?


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