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.:: farewell! the quarrel festival of memories | imperial decree of the tyrant ii

>> garden terrace

Wataru: Amazing! Now then, there is nothing to be afraid of~! Surrender yourself to me, yes~?

You are a baby who had just been born — relinquish all your common sense and reason and entrust all your senses to me~♪

Please look at this five yen coin. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy... ♪

Take a moment to remember when you were a baby, peacefully dozing off in your mother's arms! No, when you were a fetus! There we go, that's the way... ♪

Souma: I-I am... I am a baby.... goo goo ga ga... ♪

Wataru: Very good~! Keep it up... Amazing... ♪

Eichi: ... what are you even up to, Wataru?

Touri and Yuzuru are currently preparing for our tea party, so I'd like you to end this prank of yours before they finish.

Your behaviour is occasionally a bad influence on those kids, after all.

Wataru: Oh dear, please do not interfere, Eichi. I am at a very important part, so I would like you to wait a moment. I have to concentrate until he is completely hypnotised... ♪

Eichi: Hypnotism? You really are versatile — I feel like you can even perform actual magic.

Wataru: Hypnotism is a genuine and respected form of medicine, and being multi-talented is my selling point, after all!

This is just one of my special skills of which I have many — as many as I have worldly desires... although I seldom use any of them, to be quite honest.

With the students of Yumenosaki Academy, who all have perfectly established egos — no, who all have strong personalities, my meddling tends to fall short.

However, this child seems to be quite earnest, or just simple, perhaps~? ♪

He is strangely easy to hypnotize. Such interesting material, don't you think? At this rate, perhaps I shall pull out the memories of his past life... ♪

Eichi: Don't play around with humans like they're your toys — especially since he's one from another unit. If something happened, that's when things won't end in just simple bloodshed.

Wataru: It is just his punishment for unsheathing his sword and coming to attack you. I will not touch deep into the heart — I do not have that right.

Not I, or anybody else... ♪

Eichi: Well, I suppose it's alright, but keep it in moderation. I can tell why he came to attack me even without the use of hypnotism.

Although I won't say that getting some confirmation would be a waste of time.

Wataru: Fufufu! As if everything is on the palm of your hand — that is how Your Majesty the Emperor should be... ☆

Eichi: I just don't want to waste any time or energy — I have neither, after all.

Wataru: There is no need to be so humble. Humans cannot live 200 years — you should fully enjoy this short, ephemeral dream to your heart's content.

Anyhow, he is fully hypnotized. I'm sure he will now answer questions you may have.

Of course, his misunderstandings and lies will be in the mix, so what he will say may not be entirely correct.

Eichi: That's how hypnotism works, I suppose — I've read it in a book before. ... err, Kanzaki-kun, was it? I would like to confirm just one thing.

Did you attack me on your own volition? Or were you ordered to by Keito?

Souma: I...

The tyrant who tormented Hasumi-dono... I had to defeat Tenshouin Eichi.

I will simply not acknowledge Akatsuki's disbandment. I... I will protect Akatsuki.

Eichi: Hm. That's roughly what I expected — he was simply acting rashly on his own accord...

How boring. I would've liked it if Keito really was aiming for me.

Souma: Hasumi-dono is a fair and just man — he would not wish for bloodshed. Everything was my own doing.

Also, I wanted to try actually cutting someone with my sword a little... ♪

Eichi: I'll ignore that second half. Hmm, it's alright now, Wataru. Can you undo his hypnotism?

We can't hold a conversation like this, and I'm sure he'll keeping attacking if we don't convince him otherwise.

Wataru: It was quite enjoyable, but I suppose I will have to comply. You shall go back to your right mind with an un, deux, trois... there! ☆

Souma: ... wha, what was I!? Y-you! What did you do to me...!?

Eichi: Please calm down. Your impulsiveness is enviable, but you should be more open-minded.

Do you think Keito would be pleased with you attacking and trying to assassinate me?

Collect yourself, and let us talk a bit. With your abilities, even if you come at me 100 times, Wataru or Yuzuru will stop you. And when all of fine is together, nobody in this world can hurt us.

Wataru: Be at peace, Your Majesty the Emperor! I have taken the responsibility to restrain this rebel perfectly — not even H*kita Tenkou would be able to escape!

Aah, I would like to try mastering this trick as well... ☆

Eichi: What on earth are you even aiming for, learning all these skills that aren't even necessary for idols...?

Well, there's nothing wrong with that. You're you when you're free. Go celebrate life fully — I'm envious of you.

Now then. Kanzaki-kun, the preparation for tea is almost done. While we drink, let's relax and talk to one another.

If you have an understanding of my goal, you might end up being my friend as well.

Souma: Ngh, your kindness is underlied with self-interest! Speak frankly!

Why does Akatsuki have to disband!? I will not stop going after you until you give me a reasonable explanation...!

Eichi: How old-fashioned and rough...

It's true that Akatsuki is Yumenosaki Academy's No.2, right after fine. Disbanding you would not do any good for me or anyone else.

You may have suffered defeat by Trickstar and others once or twice...

But generally, you always produce great results, and have a lot of fans. Being No.2 is not just for show — you've earned that right.

But that's what I can't understand.

Why is Akatsuki content with just being No.2?

I'll even say this — why won't Keito ever challenge me? Why does Akatsuki always avoid a confrontation with fine? You have both the right and the ability to do so.

The day when I can have a bloody quarrel with Keito, fighting with all our might... that was what I was looking forward to. Always — ever since I was a small child.

If Keito still thinks I'm a "weak young master who can't do anything"... If he's holding back and feels concern for me...

I won't forgive him, even in death.

That's what this matter is all about — I want to be friends on an equal basis with Keito.


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.:: tl notes/comments

hikita tenkou is a japanese illusionist as well as, a lot of other things, actually — she was the apprentice to the first hikita tenkou, and took up his stage name, so wataru could be talking about either of them, i think

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