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.:: farewell! the quarrel festival of memories | imperial decree of the tyrant i

>> hallway

Wataru: Amazing! I have no other expression for this — ahh, amazing... ☆

Touri: You're being loud, Long Hair... Sure, I guess it's okay to be excited, but can you stop blindly releasing pigeons everywhere? They're getting feathers on my outfit and it's really annoying!

Wataru: Oh my, how rude of me. It seems like you are in a cranky mood, Himegimi... you are ruining your beauty with that grimace — come now, laugh out loud! ♪

Let us celebrate the triumphant return of our fine! What a beautiful life! La vie en rose... fuhahahahaha! ☆

Touri: Yuzuruuu~! Do something about him! Has his head gone all weird because of the heat or something? Why is he so energetic anyway? We just finished a live show!

And don't call me Himegimi!

Sure, I'm more lovelier than your average run-of-the-mill princess, but I have a good feeling you're just making fun of me!

Wataru: Not at all, our fine's beautiful Himegimi!

One day you will support fine as His Majesty the Emperor's successor, but at the moment you are an adorable angelic chick who has yet to sprout all your feathers... ☆

Touri: Your way of saying everything in excruciating detail is really annoying! Can't you quit it with your drama club talk?

Do you talk like during normal conversations too? At least cut your hair! Jeez, I feel all stuffy just looking at you~!

Yuzuru: Now there, young master. Hibiki-sama gets more energetic the more one pays attention to him, so I believe ignoring him is your wisest choice ♪

Wataru: Oh, what a sorrowful thing to say!

It is indeed an adequate approach! But even if you ignore me, I will forever meddle in your affairs by every means possible until you finally associate with me... ☆

Yuzuru: What an inconvenient person. My apologies — may you have a word with him, president-sama?

Even someone like myself feels slightly dazed now... oh?

Eichi: .....

Yuzuru: President-sama? Your complexion is unfavourable — performing consecutive live shows really must have been bad for your health.

If you indeed feel dizzy, I suggest you should should take a temporary rest.

We may be in the middle of summer vacation, but I wonder if the infirmary is open...

I shall make the arrangements immediately — allow me to go ahead and prepare a bed and everything else ♪

Eichi: No, that won't be necessary. I'm sorry, just watching everybody get along so wonderfully made me happy...

I can't help but stifle a little laugh, fufufu ♪

[cough cough]

Yuzuru: You are coughing, not laughing, president-sama.

Please do not push yourself so hard. You are the symbol of us fine... no, the symbol of all of Yumenosaki Academy.

I hesitate to speak as if I am scolding you as it is not my place, but it would be troubling to have you become hospitalized again.

Please take care of yourself, president-sama.

Eichi: No, there's no need to hold back — you're the one who's acting a little like a stranger here. Aren't we comrades in the same unit? Speak your mind.

I'm quite unwilling to be treated as something fragile — it makes me lonely.... I'm sorry for worrying you. I just felt a little lightheaded, that's all.

Despite this, my health has actually be rather good lately. I'm sure it's because of how fulfilling my life — my youth has been.

I was steeling myself throughout our performance, but the fatigue got to me after it ended and I felt a wave of dizziness.

... but I'm well, and we will continue to have a live show tomorrow too. fine's activities were put on hiatus during my hospitalization...

So let's go catch up on all of that, together.

This is my selfishness, and it pains me to have all of you go along with me.

In fact, I'm the one who'd like all of you to be careful to not push yourselves too hard and fall ill.

Each one of you are my precious angels that I have chosen... irreplaceable suns that should shine in the center of the world.

Touri: Even you're starting to talk like you're in a play, president... It's Long Hair's bad influence, isn't it? You two get along way too well!

Spoil me too~! Pat me on the head! ♪

Eichi: Of course — there, there. Now then, we've talked quite a bit and gotten a little distracted, haven't we? Why don't we head to the garden terrace to take a break while we have a meeting for our next live?

Wataru: Eichi... do you not think you are living a little too recklessly?

Even if it is said that flowers are beautiful the moment they scatter, I am afraid I cannot be impressed with you living for the moment like this.

Rather than fireworks that are only brilliant for just a moment, I would like you to feel the worth of a diamond that shines eternally!

Eichi: It's already the season for fireworks, hmm...?

All we've done during this summer break was work — I'm sorry for depriving you all of your spare time. I really would like to go to a summer festival with everyone...

But I have no time. I don't know how long I'm going to be alive for... I want to treasure every minute I have and stand on the stage — I want to fully enjoy my youth.

"You should rest because you're frail"? I'll use my authority as the Emperor to reject such cajolery.

Touri: Wow~! It's so rare to see president say something selfish! ♪

Eichi: Fufu, I won't say this to anybody other than you three. I mean, I used to be a much more selfish young master than Touri in the past... oh?

Souma: .....

Tyrant! Student council president, Tenshouin Eichi...!

In place of Hasumi-dono — no, in place of the heavens, I shall defeat you! Fate will catch up with you no matter what! The heavens, the earth, you, and I all know what you have done!

I know of your tyranny and your arrogance! Hasumi-dono might have stopped me, but I cannot overlook your oppression any longer!

My enemy is fiine! And I, Kanzaki Souma, shall cut up any enemies of us Akatsuki into ribbons!

This is divine punishment...!

Yuzuru: President-sama, please stand back. He seems to be a ruffian — I shall deal with him.

Eichi: Mm, I had a feeling this was how it would turn out. Fufufu, aren't you glad, Keito? You have a friend who would get angry like this for your sake... ♪

Wataru: ... What on earth are you scheming this time, Your Majesty the Emperor?

Eichi: There aren't any schemes here — everything is pre-established harmony. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I followed Trickstar's example...

... and advanced the hands of the clock ever so slightly.

Ah, how enjoyable. My heart is dancing — if someone measured my heartbeat right now, I'd get readmitted ♪


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.:: tl notes/comments

"pre-established harmony" is something you see occasionally when eichi/keito is talking — it's some philosophical thing in english, but in japanese it also has a meaning of "going with the flow/situation, while foreseeing the eventual outcome", to put it simply

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