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.:: flag of honour - the flower festival of glory | epilogue ii

Wataru: But I digress. Shuu, I am doing a stage play soon...

But due to the shortage of manpower, I do not believe that the script and costume preparations will be ready in time. Of course, I could make do with what I have on hand at the moment.

But if you feel like it, can you give me your usual line-up? I would like to perform one of your works again ♪

Shuu: Hmph. You can become the main character of any story, and yet you can only dance exactly to the scripts of what other people have written — you're the same as always.

Well, I suppose I could finish up something if I feel like it... to pass the time.

Wataru: I am delighted — I will be looking forward to it from the bottom of my heart. ... oh dear, a certain loud person has come to chase me down, so I shall be going now!

Keito: Wait, Hibiki! I'll shoot you if you don't stop! You're such a— don't just make a completely unplanned performance by yourself!

Because of that, I had to go run around dealing with the aftermath, explaining it to everybody involved!

Wataru: What is wrong with what? It pumped everybody up, did it not?

I simply provided a little surprise! It is awfully boring to have everything go as planned. The stage requires wonder and excitement!

Delight, thrill, and mystery! That is what showtime is! Amazing... ☆

Keito: I'm just telling you to not do anything without permission! Where did you even get that balloon from!?

I thought that you'd maybe turned over a new leaf, but I suppose I was wrong!

Hibikiii! You really are a problem child! I'm going to lecture you so sit down right here! I'll beat and correct that twisted personality of yours myself!

Shuu: .....

Keito: — Itsuki. What are you doing here?

Shuu: It's none of your business, you third-rate writer. It seems like you're fond of worthless farces as always.

... we are leaving, Kagehira. I have seen something unpleasant and it has put me in a bad mood.

Mika: Uh, 'kay...

Ah, you over there! You're that nice fella who gave me directions! ♪

Souma: Ooh, the one from earlier! Did you make it to your destination safely?

Mika: Yep, thanks to you. I saw your performance~! It was brilliant! Fantastic! ♪

Souma: Thank you. But I am still merely an unripe fruit.

What lies ahead is more training. ... Kiryuu-donoo~! Did you not say you wanted to speak with him?

Kurou: Ah, it's fine. I just wanted to know how Itsuki was doin', and now he's right here.

... Itsuki, you're lookin' pale. Are ya eating properly? You ain't really in top shape, so you gotta be careful.

Shuu: Y-your concern is unnecessary. How long are you going to act like a caretaker, Kiryuu?

But more importantly... What are you carrying in your arms? A doll? Très bien, how lovely!

That is quite the beauty... I see your aristocratic hobbies have finally awakened!

Kurou: Wait a sec, don't group me together with you. I ain't have any interest in walkin' around with a doll in my arms.

Touri: zzz... zzz.... ♪

Kurou: He fell asleep — Fushimi's busy cleanin' up, so I'm carryin' him around instead.

He's still a little brat... Looks like he got so excited, he ended up usin' all his energy.

Touri: Ehehe... zzz... Eichi-samaaa... ♪

Kurou: Haha. Considerin' he was running around wavin' a taser back in Dragon King Competition, I was wonderin' what kinda rascal he was, but...

He looks like an angel when he's asleep — only second to my lil' sis in terms of cuteness.

Anyway, Kanzaki... I don't think danna will be able to catch Hibiki by himself, so we should help him out too.

Jeez, and I'm all worn out after the live show too.

Souma: Understood! I, Kanzaki Souma, shall be heading out with you, Kiryuu-dono! ... please excuse me, Kagehira-dono. Let us meet again in school ♪

Mika: Yeah, see ya later~! Great work on your live! ♪

Ehehe. Let's go too, Mentor ♪

Shuu: Hmph, alright. I cannot handle this fuss any longer...

I haven't even done anything in particular, and yet I'm still awfully tired. Let us hurry home — Mademoiselle must be lonely.

Mika: Look, Mentor, look! Our way home is covered in flower petals too — it's so pretty, and now I feel super pumped up for some reason! Woohoo, now this is a man's hanamichi~! ♪

Shuu: I have no idea what that means — don't just talk with your senses, Kagehira. And you will get in the way of the people cleaning up, so stop jumping around.

Oh, how troublesome. Do I always have to spell everything out for you?

Yuzuru: ... fufu. Flower Fes has ended, but the atmosphere is still as lively as ever.

From now on out... I am sure this kind of silly but precious ruckus will continue to unfold in Yumenosaki Academy.

It seems I have transferred into quite the strange school. I am worried if I will be able to keep up ♪

Although... No matter what, I will always simply be young master's servant, staying in the shadows.

Young master is always be the one bearing the full brunt of everything, so I suppose you could say I have a comfortable position, however.

Is it not the same for you? Nestling close to the brilliance that are idols, secretly supporting them... that is your role.

We are quite similar, producer-san ♪

... although I hope saying something like that will not be an inconvenience to you.

Anyhow, we are both inexperienced newcomers... and they say that even a chance meeting is due to fate. I would be happy to establish an amicable relationship between the two of us.

I hope to be in your good favour from here on out... I shall be in your care, transfer student-san ♪


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