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.:: flag of honour - the flower festival of glory | epilogue i

Yuzuru: ~..... ♪

Cleaning, cleaning... hm hm hmmm~♪

Ah, how satisfying... ♪

Oh my, "the other transfer student"-san... would be rather tedious to say every time.

In that case, allow me to call you "transfer student"-san like everybody else.

As I am a transfer student myself, it feels rather bizarre, but calling you by your name so suddenly would be rude of me.

Ah, as you can see... I am cleaning. It is the same for you, yes? Thank you for your hard work ♪

Yes, everybody's efforts provided excellent results, and Flower Fes closed its curtains after a great success.

... but flower petals have been scattered throughout town as a result.

It seems like there is a lack of staff, and clean-up was becoming quite difficult...

I could not simply just stand here and watch, so I am helping with tidying everything up as well. Cleaning is one of my big specialties, after all.

I had wondered if I was being too intrusive, but someone from my class was wailing "Uwaaaaan! Clean-up ain't ever gonna eeeeend~!"...

So I wished to help.

We will be learning, desks side-by-side, for the rest of this year. There is no harm in having a classmate's gratitude.

I am enjoying myself, so please, do not be concerned.

As an idol, doing these chores — if even only for a moment — may not be a very good thing in terms of my position, but I like cleaning.

This is to calm myself after the elation and tension of the stage... So allow me to do this, "producer"-san ♪

Mika: Yukkuun! You have a sec?

Yuzuru: "Yukkun"? I am assuming that would be me. Being called by a nickname is rather embarrassing... ♪

Mika: Oh! I, uh — I can barely remember names so I just called ya somethin' at random... I'm sorry, I haven't been able to remember my classmates' names yet.

Anyway, Mentor... someone who's like family to me ain't feelin' very good.

I wanna take him back home, so is it okay to let you handle this place for a lil' bit?

Yuzuru: Oh dear, that must be terrible. I understand.

I suppose this is somewhat of an abuse of my power, but... shall I call a driver to take that person to the hospital?

Mika: Oh, there's no need for that. Mentor's bad with crowds, so he always gets dead tired when he heads to town like this.

Since Made-nee ain't here, it looks like his exhaustion is even worse than usual.

Yuzuru: Hm, I do not quite understand... but please hurry and go. You may leave this place to me.

Attend to your family, Kagehira-sama. Please take care... ♪

Mika: Thanks a bunch, Yukkun! I ain't gonna forget my debt to ya! I'll pay ya back one day! ♪

Alright, Mentor — let's go home, 'kay? Can ya walk? Should I lend a shoulder or my back?

Shuu: ... there is no need for your concern. I have not fallen so low that I need to lean against somebody like you.

Nngh. I was empathizing with Wataru so much when I was watching his performance, I felt like all those countless gazes were focusing on me...

Ugh, I feel dizzy.

Mika: Ahaha, that was an amazing performance! I got tired just watchin' it~♪

Let's stand on the stage together one day too, 'kay? I got a lotta money from part-time jobs, and I'm puttin' it in our war funds ♪

Wataru: Excuuuse me, has somebody mentioned my name? I apologize for keeping you waiting! I am Hibiki Wataru... ☆

Shuu: ... Wataru. Don't speak so loudly... it's hurting my head.

Wataru: Oh my, Shuu! I thought there was a hint of nostalgia in the air — was that you?

How unusual for you to be in town! Have you stopped being reclusive?

Shuu: Hmph. You're being "unusual" too — I was watching...

It seems like you are getting along nicely with the members of fine. Were you not disinterested in other people?

Wataru: Fufufu. Everybody tends to say that, and it is quite upsetting.

It is just because all of you had become more and more distant...

Those who could recognize me as "human" — my lovable neighbours I was able to have an interest in, have nearly all disappeared. It is simply that.

Shuu: Hmph. It's not elegant to put the blame on other people — you yourself had become distant as well.

Although I am not in the position to say this, and I suppose it wasn't what you wished for.

Wataru: Fufufu, that hurts to hear. Constantly continuing to change is what it means to live.

— no... those who can survive in this delightful world are only the ones who are able to change. That is how it has always been.

Are you able to understand that, my old friend?

Also, the blue bird of happiness may be closer than you think — there is no need to search for it in a hurry.

Take a look at reality and what surrounds you more often.


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