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.:: flag of honour - the flower festival of glory | angel iii

Yuzuru: (Young master... you have grown strong. Yuzuru is so very happy.)

(The fact that I cannot monopolize that song and smile for myself is somewhat... disappointing.)

(However, locking up a brilliant treasure within a warehouse without showing it off would be a loss for the world.)

(Please watch... Master, Mistress. Young master has been able to become a splendid person.)

Wataru: Oh my, Butler-san? Do not look like this has nothing to do with you — you are an idol, not a spectator.

Let us fulfill our roles... together ♪

Yuzuru: Of course, Hibiki-sama — it goes without saying.

I feel like I am slightly late in asking this... but is it acceptable for me to sing and dance?

Wataru: Naturally. You are also a part of fine, after all.

Your level of competence is perfectly worthy of making an appearance on the stage. Nonetheless, I could not feel any passion from you, and that is a slight pity.

Fufufu. How about we play a simple game, Butler-san? I would like you to enjoy yourself a bit and bring out some motivation from you... ☆

In Flower Fes... as a testament to their admiration for the idols, the audience will throw flowers, like bouquets at a wedding.

We shall divide the stage into east and west — your half and my half... our own separate territory. Let us have contest to see who can obtain the most flowers.

If you win, I shall grant you a single wish~♪

... no. Perhaps saying it this way would have more of an effect?

If you win, I shall raise that Himegimi into a superhuman like myself... ☆

Yuzuru: Raising young master is my mission. I will not take part in this challenge of yours — this is no meaning in a contest between members of the same unit.

You are acting too whimsical, Hibiki-sama.

Wataru: Fufufu. Personally, I have more interest in you than Himegimi, to be perfectly honest. That child is pure, and his actions are transparent.

However, you are wearing a mask.

Yuzuru: .....

Wataru: I am the same — that is why I understand. Hiding will just make me want to see what it is! It makes me want to tear off that mask and look at your true face!

That is where the truth of humans — where love and surprises lie... ☆

Yuzuru: What I am hiding is not anything considerable. I am young master's loyal butler, a simple attendant whose selfless devotion is a duty.

Under my mask is a clean slate.

If you are dissatisfied... you may scribble whatever features you may like to your heart's content. I will not mind.

That is my true face.

... I am sure that what you are searching for is indeed that trivial.

Fufu, we should not be chatting so idly... Having young master do all the singing pains me, so I shall concentrate on the performance as well.

This is a job, so I will not be accompanying you with your game.

Wataru: What a shame. You are surprisingly stubborn!

I suppose I do not mind what decision you make, but I intend on going forward with my contest while performing.

If you ever feel like joining, please do.

Ahh, I am always getting worked up even though there is nothing to compete against! A one-man show, ahahahaha ☆

Yuzuru: .....

(Fufu. What a strange person — but his ability is the real thing. In just a single moment, the entire audience is charmed by Hibiki-sama's actions and song.)

(He is grabbing hold of their hearts.)

(Countless bouquets are being thrown to his side.)

(This is marvelous... I am simply acting as his foil, at this rate. — well, I suppose something like that is suitable for me.)

(This was no contest from the very start... Hibiki-sama.)

(However... this is slightly frustrating.)

(Be it a game or entertainment, losing so one-sidedly is disgraceful. I have to make this a decent match.)

(That is proper etiquette... no, that is a butler's style.)

(Ah, this will not do... I feel like I am starting to enjoy myself ♪)


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.:: tl notes/comments

yuzuru says that under his mask is のっぺらぼう (nopperabou) — it can mean both "featureless" or simply just "flat, without any bumps/dents", and is also the name of a faceless youkai

wataru's one-man show line is a pun that's difficult to translate directly — "getting fired up without a reason" (to put it simply) is 独り相撲 (hitori sumou), or one-man sumo, which is why he then goes "no, this is a one-man show!!" unfortunately, it sounds a little disjointed in english