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.:: flag of honour - the flower festival of glory | angel ii

Touri: Hey, stop it! Eeek, we're going up higher and higher!?

Let me down, I'm scared! It's like some kind of new attraction from an amusement park — why am I being made to go through thiiis!?

Wataru: Rest assured, Himegimi! I would be getting my priorities wrong if the audience loses sight of you! I shall be maintaining our altitude — if we simply jump off at this height, all we would get is a mere sprain!

In the end, this is purely acting... ☆

If I have to say my true desire, I would like to carry onward and go for a rare sightseeing flight to the surface of the moon!

However, sound does not resound in space! In order for our song to reach others, we will have to remain within the atmosphere!

Touri: What does that mean!? What does any of this even meeeaan!?

Wataru: Fufufu. You are still immature. Your singing ability gets a passing grade, if just barely... So for this performance, I shall have you focus only on singing.

Your dance skill, and everything else, is not yet at the level where you can perform on the stage.

It was my last resort — it would unnatural to have you stand around doing nothing up on the stage just because you can't dance, yes?

That is why I have gotten you up on a swing like this.

Naturally, in a situation like this, dancing would be much too dangerous. For the sake of our performance, I can say that it "cannot be helped".

If you would like to inform all who has their eyes on you that somebody who belongs in fine, the highest peak of Yumenosaki Academy...

... is but a novice who cannot even do their dance steps satisfactorily... then by all means, be my guest!

I am not a demon, so if you will throw away your pride and cry and beg, I will pardon you — this Hibiki Wataru shall personally escort you back to the ground ♪

However. Were you not someone who could not stand being on the ground in the first place? Where all you could do is look up from the foot of the stage?

You entered Yumenosaki Academy to stand next to Eichi, yes?

At the moment, you are but a chick that has only just broken through its eggshell!

Until you grow stronger... until your feathers have all grown in, you should only chirp for food within a safe nest!

Sing, even if it will make you cough up blood! Whatever karma this may be, I shall protect you as your foster parent until Eichi comes back!

I shall give you food — love... ☆

Touri: .....

So basically, you're dismissing me? I'm not worthy of fine...?

Wataru: No — I am simply saying that you lack everything...

... however, you can still produce a play no matter how low of a budget you may have — as long as there are still people! Our stage is giving off the greatest brilliance, is it not?

While we boast about callowness and whatnot as part of our performance, let us begin our show... ☆

Touri: Whoa, he jumped off!? Wait a sec, weren't you operating this balloon!?

With this, nobody's controlling it! Won't the winds carry me off to America or something!?

Wataru: Do not worry! It is possible for the balloon to operate automatically, to an extent. I can also remote control it from the ground!

I have many tricks up my sleeve — this is modern magic... ☆

And I have landed! Hello, guests gathered here — I am Hibiki Wataru! How do you fare? Are you blooming like beautiful flowers?

As I am sure you can all tell, we are doing well! I'm "fine", thank you... ☆

Touri: (H-he's impossible... Why is he completely alright after jumping down from this kind of height!? Normally, you'd break some bones or something!)

(He's — Eichi-sama's archenemy...)

(But now he's his partner, closer to him than anybody else. To stand by Eichi-sama's side, I'd have to be around the same level as him, at the very least.)

(In that case, I'll have do my best too. I'll overcome this degree of difficulty with a big smile.)

(I'm not scared at all! Because — even if it's just little by little — I'm getting closer to Eichi-sama!)

(You're watching us somewhere, right, Eichi-sama? So I can't cry! I can't be frightened!)

(I'll puff out my chest and laugh out loud! This is the scenery I've always wanted to see, after all!)

(The temperature's low when you're high up, to the point of freezing... so bleak that even flowers won't bloom!)

(But that's why I came here! So Eichi-sama, who has a weak body, won't catch a cold!)

(I won't run away no matter what! I'll snuggle up close to Eichi-sama — that's my pride!)

You ignorant people! Listen to my song...!


(Hey, can you hear me? Is my song reaching you?)

(Eichi-sama! I came to see you...!)


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