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.:: flag of honour - the flower festival of glory | angel i

Touri: Wow, everybody's really getting pumped up~! ♪

For a pair of glasses, he's not that bad at all!

I expect nothing less from Eichi-sama's childhood friend and right-hand man! I'll acknowledge his prowess!

But everyone's paying attention to Akatsuki, and that makes me mad!

They're gonna march through town, and yet we have to stay up on this stage!

I wanna parade around too! I want those snobs to bow their heads while I wave at them and let them know how great I am!

Even Eichi-sama said that he'll escape his hospital room and visit even if he has to ride a fire engine...

So I'm sure he's watching somewhere! We gotta do our best too ♪

Yuzuru: "Fufu. You're fired up, aren't you? I'm cheering you on, Touri ♪"

Touri: ... huh? What are you even doing, slave? Are you imitating Eichi-sama?

Yuzuru: I am not a slave — and I could see that you were feeling lonely, young master.

I have prepared a life-sized panel of Tenshouin's Eichi-sama... student council president-sama. I shall place this over here.

It is almost as if president-sama is watching over you, young master. Does it not reassure you? ♪

Touri: Ngh... I don't like it. It feels like it's one of those portraits of deceased people, you know...?

But I guess it's okay. It kinda does feel like Eichi-sama himself is watching us, and I feel myself focusing whether I like it or not.

Eichi-sama~! I'm gonna do my best, okay? I went through super special hard intensive training from hell for this very day, so I'll show you the results! ♪

Yuzuru: "Fufu. I look forward to it, cute Touri ♪"

Touri: Stop that! Imitating his voice is completely unnecessary. You don't even sound like him at all~! Eichi-sama's way more elegant!

He's a hundred times more cool and noble than you... he's my idol!

Yuzuru: "You've become an idol too, Touri. Give love, and be grateful to the guests who have gathered to see you — not just me."

"Charm people with your angelic song and dance."

"I'm sure their smiles and applause will be the very essence of hyakka ryouran."

"It's a precious, holy flower garden that only certain chosen idols are allowed to witness."

"Do you understand, Touri? I'm sure you do — cute, adorable, my one and only Touri...!"

Touri: Gyah!? Stop hugging me! Eichi-sama doesn't partake in skinship so light-heartedly!

He's more transcendental, and sacred like a God! Jeez, you don't understand at all, Yuzuru!

Wataru: Amazing! The two of you seem like you are having a splendidly enjoyable time! Allow me to join you... ☆

Touri: Unyaa!? That was Long Hair's voice just now, right!?

Where did that come from? He didn't even show up for rehearsal, like he went missing or something...

Where are you and what are you doing!? You're the one who made me go through lessons that made me feel like I was going to die!

Yuzuru: Young master, please look up.

Touri: Up? Uh...?

Wataru: Now then, my audience everywhere! A floral story of love and surprises is about to begin... ☆

Make your song resound loud and clear, everybody! Let this vivid shower of blossoms soar and reach even heaven! ♪

Amazing! My apologies for keeping you waiting! It is I, your Hibiki Wataru... ☆

Touri: U-uh... what the heck is he doing!? Ugh, the sun's so bright — I can't see! That's a balloon, right? What's he even doing on that thing!?

I have no idea what's going on, but he's got some nerve, looking down on me despite being a pervert!

Get down here! We're gonna do our performance right now, right? Together, on this stage!

Wataru: Fufufu, it is indeed excellent to see you so full of energy! It looks like you have more than enough stamina — perhaps I should have put you through slightly harsher training! ♪

Anyhow. Butler-san... exactly how we arranged it, please ♪

Yuzuru: Certainly. Young master, please do not move.

Touri: Huh, what? What do you mean, Yuzuru? Why are you carrying me?

Yuzuru: Please sit here, young master. Hold onto this rope, and do not let go.

Of course, if by any chance you fall... I will catch you without a single scratch, even if it will kill me.

It would look bad for appearances, so we did not install a safety line... it is quite dangerous.

Touri: Okay...? What is this — it's something like a swing! Wha— am I supposed to ride this?

Wait a second, give me an explanation here! What's going on!? I'm scared!

Yuzuru: Please do not struggle so much, young master. It is a full house — you cannot let the public see yourself acting so unsightly.

... Hibiki-sama~ The preparations are complete ♪

Wataru: Amazing! I admire how efficiently you handle things, Butler-san! Now then, we shall be heading up~! ♪

Touri: W-waah!? I'm rising!? Is this swing attached to the balloon?

Wataru: Oh my, please do not thrash around. If you sway too much, we shall lose balance and the balloon will crash into a building nearby and fall.

Although I suppose that is quite exciting in its own way ☆

Attention please! This flight will soon plunge into Heaven!

Come now, Himegimi. Does not being at such a high place give you an excellent view? This is the scenery that Eichi always sees... ☆

Fufufu! We cannot allow the "right hand one" to have all the good moments! Us fine should raise the curtains to a splendid stage as well!

God, the Buddha, angels, devils — please watch us with a smile! That goes for all the lovable people in this world as well, of course...!

It is the start of a delightful showtime! Ahahahahaha ☆


| <- || part one || -> |

.:: tl notes/comments

touri says that eichi would go riding a 梯子車 (literally "ladder car"), which is... well, they're basically fire trucks — the ones with the big ladders on the back, so i'm assuming he plans on climbing out the window and???? jesus christ

the TENSHOUIN PANEL is something from the manga 4komas so i guess this makes it canon, thanks. yuzuru said he "prepared" them, but does this mean he created them, or did he get them from somebody else............. what a mystery

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