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.:: flag of honour - the flower festival of glory | brood parasite iv

Wataru: Fufufu. It seems like this child is still developing... There is something in him that shines, but it doesn't seem like it can be put to use immediately.

As raw material, he will do. In fact, I would even like to say that he is an unexpected lucky find.

He should be slowly brewed for least a year... a couple more, if possible.

Let's carefully look after him, and raise him. Currently, he seems rather useless with only cuteness to his name.

Touri: Wha— what did you say...? Someone like you has no right to evaluate me!

How sad — somebody of such humble origins will have no idea how to assess a work of art!

Wataru: Oh my, and I was actually praising you quite a bit... I can make the distinction between what is authentic and what is not.

I have visited museums together with Shuu, and thus have developed quite the sense for aesthetics.

Even after plenty of lessons, the fact that you are shooting back at me with so much energy puts a merit in your assessment.

Ahh, how adorable! Eichi must have been like this when he was young as well... Theeere, there there ♪

Touri: G-get your hands off my head! Yuzuruuu! He pisses me off! Go get him!

Wataru: Hm, Yuzuru-san... was your name, yes? I wonder if "Butler-san" will be alright with you? It suits you.

I must apologize — I do not wish to remember the names of other people very much~♪

Yuzuru: I do not mind. What somebody would call me is of no concern to me at all when they are going to die very soon.

Wataru: Please reel in your thirst for blood~! You will delight me otherwise. Butler-san, you have no problems in particular.

Considering everything, you get a passing grade... no — a perfect one ♪

Yuzuru: ... I am deeply flattered by your compliment.

Wataru: Oh dear, I cannot have you become so satisfied with this just yet! You still lack experience, and training... no, passion.

If I were to grade you on just that, this boy would be one hundred times better.

Touri: W-what do you mean by "boy"!? I'm a high schooler!

Wataru: I am not familiar with your name, after all. You were called Himemiya, were you not? ... then I shall go with "Himegimi" ♪

Oh Himegimi, it seems like you are a big fan of Eichi, are you not?

Touri: H-how did you know that? But yeah, I am! I love him! You got a problem with that?

Wataru: Of course not. You have burnt the image of the person you admired into your retinas and brain... You have imitated him, yes? Over and over again.

It is apparent in every single action you make.

How enviable, Eichi... Ahh, you have become an idol, haven't you... ♪

Touri: Huh, what's up with you? Why're you mumbling all to yourself? That's creepy!

Wataru: I am told that often. Anyhow, I have understood enough. At this rate... well, I'm sure Flower Fes will all work out.

You still need a little more intensive training, however.

If I recall, Eichi should be able to see the stage from the window of his hospital room...

If he witnesses our spectacular performance, I am sure that will cheer Eichi up as well ♪

Touri: Huh? Eichi-sama...? Will cheer up? Then I'll do my best! ♪

I want him to hurry and get discharged from the hospital — no, I want to see him! ♪

Wataru: Very well. Then reach the level I desire you to be by the day Flower Fes begins. Train and train and train, with the intention of death.

Hard work betrays none — the only ones who betray people are people themselves.

Let us believe in hard work! Let us praise! Let us love one another!

Burn your life force away for the sake of brilliant future! Only beyond there lies the new world you have seen in your dreams — lies Amazing... ☆

Touri: I-I have no idea what you're saying! Yuzuruuu~! What's with this guy? He's scaring me!

Yuzuru: I wonder... I cannot clearly evaluate him either.

I do not detect any particular malice. In fact, there are many places where I even agree with him.

He may be eccentric, but it seems like even he has his own brand of logic.

Touri: H-huh? What? What does that mean, say it in a way that's easy to understand!

Yuzuru: He seems like a simple pervert at first glance, but I believe he may just be transcendental and difficult to understand, perhaps...?

Anyhow, it was gotten quite late — would it be alright for us to head home for today?

Rushing things will not produce results... and I would get scolded by Master if I bring young master home too late.

Wataru: How leisurely of you... would be my true thoughts, but I do not mind. You should listen to what your parents say.

Fufufu. I have briefly written down certain lessons that you would be able to do even in your own house.

Until the day of Flower Fes arrives, please go through these written instructions exactly, without fail.

Yuzuru: Oh my, since when did you... hmm. Hm? Well, I suppose this is realistic plan, if only just barely.

Touri: Hey, don't just go talking by yourselves! Why're you guys chatting alone while leaving me behind!?

Keito: Huh. So I take it that fine will be making an appearance in Flower Fes, then?

There's still some paperwork to be done, if that's the case... If it's possible, I'd like to go through the conditions together in detail.

Yuzuru: Ah, allow me. I will keep in contact, vice president-sama ♪

Keito: I appreciate it. Report to me if Hibiki looks like he's up to no good.

Anyway, I should be going too. There's still a lot of miscellaneous work piled up for me to do, so I'll have to deal with it at home.

Touri: Ah! You were here, Glasses? Hey, save me before I go insane!

Keito: Your true personality is showing, Himemiya. You were feigning innocence and all until now too...

You can leave all the business relating with the student council to me — what you should be doing is focusing on your lessons.

I look forward in seeing what kind of performance the reborn fine has in store ♪

Touri: Wha—... d-don't you think this situation's going ahead pretty thoughtlessly!?

Hey, wait a second! Will fine really be alright at this rate!?


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