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.:: flag of honour - the flower festival of glory | brood parasite iii

Keito: Excuse me, is it alright if I enter?

Yuzuru: Oh my, vice president-sama. Thank you for your hard work so late into the night ♪

Keito: Ah, Fushimi. Thanks for the welcome. ... what's with the long face? That's not like you — is there something wrong?

You can consult with me if you wish.

Yuzuru: [sigh] if you insist... I am very sorry, but would it be alright for you to give a few words of reprimand to Hibiki-sama?

He is treating young master much too crudely.

Keito: To Hibiki? I heard about it earlier, but he's actually properly participating in lessons, huh...

I was sure the Five Oddballs were outlaws who only did what they wanted to do.

Wataru: Fufufu! I was just doing this out of simple curiosity, but I am starting to enjoy myself more and more... ☆

Come now! Is that all you've got? This surely isn't your limit — show me more of what you can do!

You are my comrade, are you not? If this is the extent of your prowess, I won't even hand you a minor role!

Get fired up! Break through the limits of your physical body with a One, Two, Amazing! Here we go... One, Two, Amazing

Touri: Umyaaaiyaaaaaahhh!? Owowowow — ow ow ow! It hurts, it hurts I said!

STOP! Just stop it! I-I'll tell Papa and Mama on you! You won't get away with this!

Ow ow ow ow! H-human bodies aren't supposed to bend like this, you know!?

Wataru: Oh? This world may be bound by such meddlesome laws of physics, but within that range lies no impossibilities for humans!

The very human body is space itself! You can do anything as long as you have love!

Love — in other words, amore! Which is then converted into Amazing!

Do you not understand? Of course you do! Indeed, everything is due to the power of love! Ahahahahaha... ☆

Keito: Stop that, Hibiki. Himemiya's frothing at the mouth.

Don't get carried away. You need to treat your juniors more kindly.

There's no need to spoil them, but nurturing the next generation is investment towards the future.

Anyhow, this is intolerable. I'll have you know that all those first years you drove out of the drama club came to the student council to complain about you.

... if you keep being so unreasonable, I'll have the club abolished.

Wataru: Oh my. "Drove out", you say? How scandalous! Everybody was just simply unable to follow me and thus drifted away!

Defying gravity, into the unreachable stars of the night sky... ☆

Ah, how heartbreaking! Torn away from my beloved children — I am bleeding from my entire body!

Honestly, you should be sympathizing with me! What a tragedy... ☆

Hm? Oh, look who's here! If it isn't the "right hand one"! ♪

Good evening! You are equipped with such stylish glasses as always!

I have a collection of masks myself~ Let us show them off to each other some time later ♪

Keito: I refuse. I don't intend on making friends with you, a problem child who disturbed the order of Yumenosaki.

... it's not like I care, but is the "right hand one" in reference to me?

Wataru: Oh my, is it not to your liking? Then why don't I put some love into it and call you "Migi" instead? ♪

Keito: Don't call me like something from Paras*te. ... Talking to you is tiring.

Wataru: Ahaha~! But even so, you still faithfully keep up with me, so I quite like you.

Keito: Is that so? I absolutely despise you.

Touri: ... huh...? W-wha—? Did I pass out!?

Yuzuru: Young master~! Are you alright!? Can you say my name!? Have many fingers am I holding up? Ahhh, young master, how could this happen...!

Touri: Guh, stop that! Stop hugging me, Yuzuru! At least not in front of all these people — you're ruining my reputation!

Yuzuru: Ahh, you poor thing! It is alright now! Yuzuru is right by your side! Do not worry anymore, young master...! Squeeze squeeze~... ☆

Touri: Unya! I said quit hugging me! Ow ow ow! You're really strong so you seriously need to stop!!

Yuzuru: What is the meaning of this, Hibiki-sama? If you said this was necessary, I would have persevered and simply supervise quietly!

But this is abuse! Young master is an important person who will support the future of Himemiya! Whatever your response may be, I cannot overlook this!

I will not leave even a drop of blood nor ounce of flesh in this world! This Fushimi Yuzuru will clean you up completely...!

Wataru: Oh my, how scary. Playing with you would seem rather enjoyable as well... Do not worry — I was simply evaluating this child a little ♪

He was drenched in pride, shame, and unnecessary ostentation — I could not grasp his true image with that around.

I simply ripped off all obstructions. Being in extreme situations is when you truly see the truth of humans ☆


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.:: tl notes/comments

yeah that's a parasyte reference. does eichi know about this, keito

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