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.:: flag of honour - the flower festival of glory | refuge iii

Wataru: Amazing! Welcome to my kingdom... ☆

My apologies — I am just a little busy at the moment! I am ashamed of not being able to provide the proper hospitality for such rare guests!

Aah, what a disgrace of an entertainer! This is the greatest blunder of Hibiki Wataru's life!

I mustn't keep my guests waiting! It may be rather rude of me, but allow me to prepare tea with my right hand and flowers with my left!

Bringing some chairs in with my right foot and dance some steps with my left! Busy, busy! ♪

Now then, feel free to relax and unwind~☆

I can also utilize my hair and provide a rug, if you wish! Putting the ventriloquism Shuu has taught me in good use, hm hm hmmm~♪

Let me perform some songs that are pleasing to the ear as well! Amazing... ☆

Well! This is the bare minimum of what I can do, but here is your "hospitality"~♪

If there is anything you do not find pleasant, please do inform me! I will do everything I can to deal with it! Ahahaha... ☆

Fufufu, I have done what I needed to do! In the case — Tomoya-kun, Tomoya-kun! Come on out, there is nothing to be afraid of~!

There is no need to shut yourself away in this closet! In the world outside lies radiance... no, lies Amazing!

You can leave your introspection in the dark for when it is night!

Aha! I understand perfectly! We are playing The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats, yes? Amazing!

Tomoya-kun, Tomoya-kun! Come out! This is your mother~... ☆

Tomoya-kuuun? At least give me a simple answer! Show me some kind of reaction!

I don't like being ignored! Please don't be so scared of me! Let us talk, Tomoya-kuuun ☆

Oh dear, what shall I ever do? It seems that Hokuto-kun is rather busy with something, so I am lacking cast members for my next play!

Club members seem to be quitting one after another! I wonder why?

But! Therefore! You are the only one I can rely on, Tomoya-kun! Please come out so you can help meee~!

I will not bite! So open up the doors to the closet as well as your heart~!

You lack the talent for theatre — much more than I have thought!

However, in that case, all you need to do now is start training! And for that sake, I shall put you through super special hard intensive training from hell... ☆

Time is ticking away, although I suppose I can fulfill every role myself!

But a one-man show is just too lonesome! So I need you, Tomoya-kun! My, this is almost like a proposal! ♪

Come ooout! If you don't put an end to this, I will have to do this by force!

If you don't listen to my wishes while I'm still asking kindly, there is no telling what I could do after that... ☆

Yuzuru: Err, excuse me... If you are busy, shall we leave this for another day?

Wataru: Ah, how rude of me! I am very sorry — I have heard everything from "the right hand" in advance!

I shall deal with Tomoya-kun later, so allow me to tend to you two in the meantime ♪

Yuzuru: Hm, by "the right hand", you mean...? If I have to make a guess, is it possible that you are talking about vice president-sama?

Wataru: Indeed, indeed! He calls himself "Eichi's right hand"!

Even though Eichi is left-handed — how interesting! Ahh, interpreting those sentiments surrounding this matter gives me such a fuzzy feeling... ☆

But anyhow! I welcome you again to my kingdom!

The two of you must be the newcomers who will be joining the new fine, yes? Have you come here today to exchange greetings?

Yuzuru: Yes. At any rate, we are but novices who do not know a thing... We would like you, our great senior, to teach us.

With Hibiki-sama's assistance, we want to become proud members of fine.

I look forward to your guidance and support from now on ♪

... oh dear. I disregarded my master and simply exchanged greetings by myself. What is the matter, young master? You have been silent the entire time.

Please say hello to Hibiki-sama too ♪

Touri: ... huh? Wha— but... He's... Hibiki?

Yuzuru: Indeed. From the conversation we just held, he seems to be quite the eccentric person... but he and the portrait photo of him that I have found during my research before are one and the same.

He is fine's Hibiki Wataru-sama ♪

Touri: W-what? But I know this guy! I thought I heard his name before somewhere, and — I really did seen him before!

Wataru: Oh my, have I become famous? Have we met before, dear young master~? ♪

Touri: No, no, no way! You're the enemy! You're fine's — you're Eichi-sama's enemy!

You fought with him! I watched that live show myself!

Yuzuru: Ah... I see, now that you mention it. I have seen that live show as well.

He gives off a considerably different impression in the present, so my memory did not immediately make the match.

Wataru: Hmmm, could it because of this mask? I completely get into my role on the stage, after all!

When I meet people off the stage, I am often told "you're way different than I thought you were!" and get met with rather surprised reactions~♪

Touri: T-that's not that I meant at all! You were Eichi-sama's archenemy!

W-w-why!? Why are you in fine now!?

Wataru: Well, there were some circumstances... Nonetheless, I am not interested in fine, but in Eichi!

I do not have much of a desire to participate in activities as a member of fine.

I am very busy preparing for my next performance... I will leave our activities as a unit to the two of you — please, do whatever you like!

I generally do not interfere, after all ♪

Now then — Tomoya-kun, Tomoya-kun! Come on out! Closing your eyes and covering your ears means nothing!

The earth will still continue to fiercely rotate and orbit!

To change the situation — to influence it, you will have to interact with reality with your own hands, feet, and voice!

Now then! Defy gravity and come with me to a singularity of enjoyment... ☆


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.:: tl notes/comments

[absolutely shameless plugin voice] the live show touri is talking about is featured in the first part of daydream

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