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.:: bounce! mall live of blooming hearts and flowers epilogue ii

Eichi: Now then... you said something about a shop with delicious bread? It'd be nice to have something to drink too — Ritsu-kun looks completely exhausted.

Ritsu: You're just trying to make me feel indebted to you so you can make me pay you back twofold later, aren't you? That's so nasty, Ecchan...

I'm more in the mood for ice cream than any drink... ♪

Eichi: A cheeky request that's just like you, Ritsu-kun. But ice cream would be nice too — it's a little hot even with the air conditioning on, so I feel like I could make short work of one ♪

Tsukasa: Hm, ice cream? Eating something so sweet and delicious would make your heart feel at ease.

But we need to take care to not eat too much.

Ritsu: So are you going to be the only one opting out, Suuchan?

Tsukasa: No, I have burnt the calories back during our live, so it is not a problem. Allow me to go with you ♪

Mitsuru: Ooh, so you want me to guide you guys to a place with good ice cream?

Uh, you see that sighboard that says "ice cream" on it? That ice cream parlor over there is pretty good! ☆

Right now, it looks like if you order a double scoop they'll make it a triple! Yay, we're in luck!

I'll be having chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry! What do you guys want?

Hajime: H-hmm... it's hard to pick with so many choices. Everybody else can go ahead — I still need some time to decide.

Tsukasa: Cookies and cream and...

There is a cheese cake flavour too, I see...

The classic vanilla is also something not to dismiss... ah, rum raisin too...!

Eichi: Fufu, so even you have a childish side to you, Tsukasa-kun ♪

Tsukasa: Eeek!? U-um, I apologise that you had to see me act so undignified!

Eichi: What's wrong with that? This isn't some social function, so there's no need to make yourself look good.

Children should eat what they want to eat without any reservations ♪

Tsukasa: B-but... huh? If I don't hurry and order I will be holding up the line?

I-I apologize. Please give me a moment ♪

..... thank you very much ♪ Ah... it looks like it will melt soon, so I shall have a taste first.


Marvelous... ☆ Such a velvety and smooth texture in my mouth! This rich vanilla is almost like gelato... ♪

I am deeply moved. Tenma-kun, thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful store. I appreciate it immensely ♪

Mitsuru: I'm glad you're happy with it! Do you wanna try mine, Tsukasa-chan?

Tsukasa: Is that alright with you? In that case, please have a taste of mine as well.

Mitsuru: Yep, delicious! ☆ Come on over here too, Tomo-chan, Hajime-chan! Everything tastes even better if you eat it together with everybody~! ♪

Eichi: Fufu, what a charming sight. Anzu-chan, would you like to try my ice cream too?

The time I spent here was simply delightful. Thank you for coming along with me, everyone. For the time being, it looks like I can end this without a moment of boredom... ♪


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thank you for reading!

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