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.:: bounce! mall live of blooming hearts and flowers epilogue i

Mitsuru: ♪~♪~

Tomoya: I know you're happy and all that you won that stuffed animal, but make sure you watch where you're walking. Jeez, don't go complaining to me if you crash into somebody.

Mitsuru: You don't understand my excitement at all, Tomo-chan! Hmph!

Don't ruin my happiness of finally being able to get my 'venge!

Tomoya: Revenge, not 'venge. You might be a high schooler, but I see you get middle school-level questions wrong sometimes and I get kinda uneasy...

But whatever, at least I get what you're trying to say.

Mitsuru: With a stuffed animal this big, I can even use it as a body pillow! We're gonna be sleeping together from now on, kyahho~i! ☆

Tomoya: Yeah yeah, good for you. He made me wait almost an entire hour, but seeing him smile so innocently like that just makes me want to let it go.

I guess I'm pretty soft on him too, huh...

Hajime: Mitsuru-kun's smile has the power to make everybody happy, after all ♪ ... phew. I've gotten a little sweaty from wandering around everywhere...

Eichi: Why don't we head into a store and take a breather? You all have been moving about without a break ever since the live show — you have limits to your stamina no matter how young you may be.

It seems like Mashiro-kun is quite familiar with the building, so can you guide us around?

Tomoya: Wha— me!? U-uhh, I'm not quite sure if there are any shops that might tickle your fancy, president...

There are a lot of shops that have pretty moderate prices...

Eichi: It's not like I have a preference for high class products, so I don't mind at all. In fact, I have an interest in plebeian stores — I've always wanted to try things like stand-up-eating soba shops.

Tsukasa: What a coincidence, onii-sama... ♪ I have always thought about trying something like that as well.

Mitsuru: Kake soba's okay, but bread's great too! I'll show you to my favourite store, ehen! ♪

Tomoya: Come on, Mitsuru, don't decide on your own. I'm sorry that he rushed off...

Eichi: Fufu, don't be so timid. I wouldn't mind at all if you treated me casually like your friend over there.

Tomoya: U-uh, no, that'd be way too much for me, I think...

Hajime: I understand how you feel, Tomoya-kun. I was in awe of him in the beginning too — back when I called him "President".

Eichi: And now he lovingly calls me "Eichi onii-chan" — can you call me that right now, Hajime-kun?

Hajime: Of course, Eichi onii-chan... ♪

Eichi: Ah... such destructive power no matter how many times I hear it. I'm starting to feel dizzy ♪

Hajime: W-what!? That's terrible! If you felt unwell, please say so, Eichi onii-chan!

Uu, I'm sorry for making you accompany us everywhere — I had no idea!

Eichi: There's no need for you to apologize, Hajime-kun. I was the one who insisted on coming with you all.

The fun I had here was like a dream. When was the last time my heart pounded with so much excitement like this?

If I just stayed at home, I'm sure I would've spent the entire time doing nothing. It's just like when I was staying in my hospital bed — the tasteless hospital food, the unchanging scenery...

But if I am able to exchange those days for being able to wander around the shopping mall with everybody, I have no regrets. I'm able to live on with just these memories.

Fufu. I'm just joking, Anzu-chan. Please don't look so upset, like you're going to tear up at any moment — a producer is the light that shines upon all idols.

If you look downcast, everybody else will too.

Mm, it might be difficult to have a smile on your face all the time, but I'd like you to keep that in mind...

If you're going to keep helping everybody as their producer from here on out.


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