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.:: bounce! mall live of blooming hearts and flowers x

Hajime: .....

Eichi: Are you not coming with us, Hajime-kun? If you're waiting for somebody, we'll wait too.

Hajime: Ah, yes. Tetora-kun and Takamine-kun haven't arrived yet, so I'm wondering where they'd might be.

Tomoya: Oh, those two? They had some work with Ryuuseitai stuff or something, so they left earlier.

Mitsuru: We can't complain if it's work! But aww, that's too bad...

Tomoya: They seemed disappointed too, but let's check our breaks next time and make up for it later.

Eichi: I'd love it if you could invite me that time as well.

Tomoya: Huh!? Y-yessir. I, uh, don't know your contact info so I'll... tell Hajime.

Eichi: Fufu, I'm looking forward to it. Now then, now that we've decided our plans for next time too, let's hurry and head out to shop ♪

Tsukasa: Please wait a moment, onii-sama.

Hm. How about that shop, onii-sama? I do not know myself, but the pamphlet here describes this place as a rather famous brand.

Eichi: No, I've worn those kinds of terribly stiff clothes all the time when participating in social functions. I'd like to try and wear something more casual this time around, if possible.

Tomoya: Further into the first floor, then. The clothes I'm wearing right now were bought from the men's clothing store over there.

Oh, but if you want something more stylish, I can lead you another shop if you want.

Eichi: I don't mind this shop — can you show me around?

Tomoya: Of course! Please follow me... ♪

Tsukasa: Marvelous...! Absolutely wonderful, onii-sama...!

Eichi: Ahaha, your eyes are all sparkling — how cute. What do you think, Hajime-kun? Do these clothes suit me?

Hajime: Y-yes. You even look good in casual clothing... Being able to wear anything stylishly — you really are an adult... ♪

Eichi: You'll be an adult soon enough as well, Hajime-kun. Ah, but I'd like you to stay the way you are now, to be honest.

Anyway, I'm fond of this outfit. I'll go and purchase this right now.

Hajime: Wha— that was fast!? I've seen it in movies before, but this is the first time in real life that I've seen somebody try on clothes and buy them while they're still wearing them...!

Eichi: I've never experienced anybody putting in all their effort into thinking and picking out clothes for me like this before.

It'll be such a precious memory to me — returning it would be a waste.

Now then, since we're done picking out my outfit, shall we head to the amusement corner?

I'll have to keep my enjoyment to a moderation so my heart rate doesn't increase too much... ♪


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