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.:: bounce! mall live of blooming hearts and flowers ix

Mitsuru: Hajime-chan! As promised, I'm gonna show you around the shopping mall~!

Hajime: W-whoa, Mitsuru-kun! I'm going to fall if you keep pulling at my arm like that!

Eichi: Fufu, you look like you're having fun. Is it alright if I join as well?

Hajime: Wha—!? Eichi onii-chan...?

Ritsu: I'm here too, Haakun.

Hajime: Hyan!? P-please don't breathe down my neck! If you want to start a conversation, please do it more normally...!

Ritsu: Why not? It's my reward for helping out with the sales.

Hajime: Huh? If Eichi onii-chan and Ritsu onii-chan assisted with the merchandise, then you would've been a big help for Anzu onee-chan...

Now I feel a little bad, since we were the ones should have helped her instead...

Um, if there is anything I can do for you, please tell me!

Hmm, I'm good at brewing tea so... — ah, but we aren't at school.

Besides, Eichi onii-chan is much better than me at making tea anyway, so it wouldn't be much of a thank you... Uuu, what should I do?

Eichi: Why don't you accompany me with my shopping, then?

Arriving here is good and all, but I have no idea which floor has what.

Hajime: Umm, I'm not very familiar with this place either...

Ah, but I've promised that I'll walk around the shopping mall with everybody, so why don't you join us, Eichi onii-chan?

Eichi: I think I'll take you up on your offer. Do you have any objections, Ritsu-kun?

Ritsu: Nngh... as long as you're not loud... There's no sunlight so I'm not exhausted or anything, but I haven't gotten any shut-eye so I'm sleepy... [yawn] ♪

Mitsuru: If loud places are no good, I guess we can't go to the amusement corner...

It's so noisy, you won't even notice if somebody tries to talk to you! Although since everybody's so focused on their games, there really wouldn't be anybody who'd start a conversation in the first place...

Eichi: There's no way we could leave Ritsu-kun behind, and I'd like to do some shopping too...

Mitsuru: Don't worry about it! I can go to the amusement corner any time, so I'll go with you and your shopping too! ☆

Eichi: You're a good boy, Tenma-kun, but I don't want to be an adult who deprives a child of his fun.

Let's drop by the amusement corner while we're shopping.

Ritsu-kun can rest on the bench during that time. That way, we'll have no problems.

Mitsuru: President~ you're so nice! Ah, but now you'd be "ex"-president, I guess...?

Whatever! Either way, I think I love you now~! ♪

Tomoya: .....

Heeey, Mitsuru? Mitsuruuu~? Any luck over there, Suou?

Tsukasa: No, he is not here. I do not see Hajime-kun around either, so perhaps they went somewhere on their own... oh?

T-Tenshouin onii-sama!?

Eichi: Hello, Tsukasa-kun. I watched your live show — it was lively and full of energy. Even my heart felt rejuvenated ♪

Tsukasa: A-ah, it is an honour! Just your words alone fill me with deep emotion!

Ritsu: Suuchan, I'm here too. What a heartless youngest child, rushing straight over to Ecchan.

As punishment for ignoring your onii-chan like that, hold this box. I'm tired of carrying it around everywhere, so I'll forcing it onto you... ♪

Tsukasa: R-Ritsu-senpai, you had been walking together with onii-sama while holding such a dirty object!? Jesus Christ! I cannot believe this...!

Eichi: Tsukasa-kun, can you quiet down a little? Everybody is paying attention to us because they think something has happened.

Tsukasa: I-I apologize. To ruin onii-sama's mood like that — I feel like crawling into a hole. I am a disgrace of the Suou family!

Eichi: Oh, it'll feel like I did something wrong if you feel down to that extent. Raise your head — I'm not mad. Children are best when they're smiling.

Tsukasa: T-thank you very much ♪ Um, if it is not to your inconvenience, would you like to look around the shopping mall together with us?

Eichi: We were actually in the middle of talking about that. I'd appreciate it if you could help pick out some clothes for me too.

Tsukasa: W-wow, picking out onii-sama's clothes!? To be able to take part in such an important mission — I would be absolutely delighted to!

Let's go, onii-sama... ♪


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