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.:: bounce! mall live of blooming hearts and flowers viii

Tsukasa & Hajime: "♪~♪~"

Tsukasa: (Hm... these are quite difficult steps, and yet Hajime-kun is performing them safely.)

(And it is not like he is trying to push himself to match with my pace either.)

(He is strongly following my voice and stepping with a dazzling smile, charming the audience.)

(This is Hajime-kun's skill. When we were together during Mystery Stage, I had thought that he was a formidable opponent who I could not let my guard down around...)

(And it seems like my intuition was completely right.)

(Shino Hajime-kun. You may be the one who will become my rival.)

(Fufu, having some friendly competition makes me unexpectedly happy.)

(Oh dear, I was so entranced with his voice that I was close to neglecting my own part!)

Tsukasa & Hajime: "♪~♪~"

Hajime: (Uuu, Suou-kun really is amazing. If I stop paying attention for even a slight moment, I'll get dragged along...)

(It's like I'm running and running, trying to catch up to him — we'll pull apart, but I'll still keep chasing him, until finally I can see his back...)

(If I stand still, I'll lose sight of him in a blink of an eye, only my song left behind.)

Tsukasa: "♪~♪~"

Hajime: (Ah... he took me into consideration and made it easier for me to enter? Ehehe, he's so kind.)

(I still have a lot to work on compared to Suou-kun, but I will do my very best. I'll show everybody the spirit of rabbits~♪)

Ritsu: Ugh... Ecchan, I can't see very well since you're in the way. Either switch places with me or crouch down.

Eichi: That's an impossible order, Ritsu-kun. If I crouch, I won't be able to see Hajime-kun's lovely form.

If I knew this was happening, I should've brought a video camera with me.

I can shoot a video with my phone too, so maybe I should film with that?

Ritsu: Are you Haakun's dad or something?

I think I can picture Ecchan getting down in the dumps after being told "I don't want to take a bath with papa anymore!", really.

Eichi: I think Hajime-kun is the type of child who'll be "daddy's boy" no matter how old he'll be. — actually, calling me his father is a little rude, don't you think?

I'm his "onii-chan", so call me that instead. If you'd like, you can call me "onii-chan" yourself too, Ritsu-kun. I wouldn't mind.

Ritsu: Ew, you are totally not suitable to be a big brother. Besides, I already have one older brother and that's enough for me.

Eichi: Fufu, that's too bad. I was thinking that being your big brother wouldn't be so bad.

Perhaps wishing for more even though I already have a cute little sister would be pushing it?

Ritsu: Huh, you have a little sister? That's the first time I've heard... aren't you an only child? ... are you talking about Anzu?

Eichi: Bingo. You're rather spot on today, Ritsu-kun.

... oh. If I'm not mistaken, isn't that Anzu-chan at the merchandise booth?

Ritsu: Hmm... it looks like she's working as a salesperson. It won't be very crowded right now, so maybe I'll go pay her a visit~♪

Eichi: Depending on the circumstances, we might be able to help her out too.

It's not too rare for idols to hand things personally to customers at sales booths, especially for novice idols.

Ritsu: I'm sure Suuchan would be surprised too. He'd probably go "Tenshouin onii-sama working as a salesclerk...!?" and faint ♪

Eichi: Even I've made effort at manual labour before. I'm not sure I can accept being treated like a slacker.

Ritsu: Uh, that's not what I meant.

... but whatever. I'll go help Anzu out so she can praise me. If I'm lucky, maybe I can get her to help look for a bed with us too... ♪

Anzu, oi~ssu ♪

Ahaha, I surprised you. Ecchan's here too~ Shopping? Nope, I'm looking for a bed. I dunno about Ecchan, though.

Eichi: Hello, Anzu-chan. I see you're working hard even during spring break.

I've have a lot of spare time without anything particular to do, so I decided to visit the shopping mall — I've been curious about this place for quite a while.

I bumped into Ritsu-kun on the way here. Although, to be honest, I have a feeling that I'd still be wandering around downtown if I didn't meet him...

I was quite lucky — by chance, we were able to see the live show of Hajime-kun and the others too, after all. Maybe this is also because of my good daily behaviour?

Fufu, since they got an encore, all the members are up on the stage singing. Were they all chosen by you?

Hm. A live show with members that span over several different units. You really do come up of interesting things — I never get tired of watching you.

You're just like a jack-in-the-box. Anzu-chan, would you like to become a member of my family?

Ahaha, I've been refused! How disappointing ♪

Oh? I don't look disappointed at all? Mm, you might be right.

You are "everybody's producer", after all. I can't just hog you all to myself.

I'd like you to guide my beloved students from here on out too. ... thank you, Anzu-kun. Just hearing you say "leave it to me!" gives me the peace of mind.

With this, I feel like I can rest peacefully now... ♪

Ritsu: Why are you talking like you're going to sleep eternally or something? It's not funny, so stop it — you're jinxing yourself.

Besides, it'll be impossible for you to sleep even if you wanted to. I'll shake and wake you up, and keep you from falling asleep no matter what... ♪

Eichi: Even though you're the one who can sleep wherever, whenever? Can't I desire some rest as well?

Ritsu: It's not time for you to take a break yet. You're an emperor, so you gotta work like a carriage horse, 'kay?

Eichi: Do emperors just sit on their thrones, usually? Well, I will be taking a step into the big land — the entertainment world from here on out.

I need to make a path with my own hands — for the sake of my juniors who will be following afterwards as well.

Oh dear, it looks like the live show has ended while we were in the middle of our conversation. The audience is starting to head over here.

The singing and performances were both amazing, so it wouldn't be a surprise to have a rush of people coming over to the sales booths.

I'll go keep the line up in order. Ritsu-kun, check to make sure there aren't any people cutting in line.

Ritsu: Nngh... got it. It'll be a pain, but I'll do my best...

Eichi: Fufu, don't apologize, Anzu-chan. You haven't done anything wrong.

During times like these, I'd be more happier if you told me "thank you" instead... ♪


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