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.:: bounce! mall live of blooming hearts and flowers vii

Tsukasa: "Ladies and gentlemen... ☆"

"The live show by the idols of Yumenosaki Academy will now begin. There are goods being sold at the merchandise booth as well, so please drop by if you would like."

"First of all, please enjoy the dance and song of the rabbits to your heart's content... ♪"

Mitsuru: Hajime-chan, it's our turn! C'mon, hurry!

"I'm Tenma Mitsuru from the unit Ra*bits! Listen to us, 'cause I'm gonna sing with all my might!"


Hajime: "My name is Shino Hajime, and I am from Ra*bits just like Mitsuru-kun."

"I'm very happy that so many people have gathered here to watch us... ♪"

"We will do our best to make everybody happy with our song and dance!"

"Let's sing together, Mitsuru-kun ♪"

Mitsuru: "Ahaha, let's! Listen to our ensemble, everybody...! ☆"

Mitsuru & Hajime: "♪~♪~"

Tetora: When Hajime-kun and Tenma-kun come back, it'll be our turn!

Midori: You're full of energy, Tetora-kun... People will pay super close attention to you if you're first, and you'll really feel the pressure if you're last...

If you're in the middle, you won't stick out a lot so I was just thinking of getting it over with quickly...

But I was wondering if I can just sing a little bit and then head back to the stage wings. I can, right...?

Tetora: Of course not, Midori-kun! It's not like your lack of motivation is anything new, but ignoring the audience and leaving would be a failure as an idol!

I know you can do a performance that can grab the hearts of the audience! Show them the willpower of Ryuusei Green, Midori-kun... ♪

Midori: It's not like I really have any willpower, but maybe I can heal everybody with mascot characters...?

Tetora: Midori-kun... it's the catchphrase of Ryuusei Green.

It's not a Dreamfes where winning and losing matters, and even Anego said that she wanted to develop everybody's individualities. I don't think there's a problem!

Midori: If I can just think of this of a chance to get a lot of people to find out about the appeal of mascot characters, I think I can get my motivation going... ♪

Please watch me, Anzu-kun. I'll show everybody the charm of mascot characters spectacularly...!

Tomoya: Ah, there you guys are! It's gonna be our turn next soon, so it's time to stop chatting and prepare.

Tetora: Roger that, Tomoya-kun! Alright guys, let's go... ♪

Mitsuru: "Kyahho~i! ☆ High five, Hajime-kun!"

Hajime: "Of course, Mitsuru-kun... ♪ W-whoa!"

Mitsuru: "You okay, Hajime-chan!? I slapped hard enough that it made a really big noise! I hope your hands aren't red...!"

Hajime: "Fufu, I'm fine~! Now it's my turn — high five, Mitsuru-kun... ☆"

Mitsuru: "Ahaha, I'm having so fun! Kya kya ☆"

Hajime: "So am I~♪ Has everybody enjoyed themselves as well? Ehehe, thank you for your big applause... ♪"

(Ah, Tomoya-kun and the others have gotten on the stage. Do your best, Tomoya-kun!)

Tomoya: (Thanks, Hajime. You and Mitsuru's singing was awesome. Your performance too, of course... ♪)

(I'll do my best not to lose to you guys too, so watch the stage and don't look away!)

"Hello, everybody! I am Mashiro Tomoya from Ra*bits."

"Uh, I'm sorry that all I can do is a "normal" self-introduction, but this is who I am."

"You can say that being normal is my strong point! Please treat me well... ♪"

Tetora: "Osu! I'm Nagumo Tetora from Ryuuseitai! Burning are the flames of fortitude! I'll throw the whole venue into a vortex of passion... ♪"

Midori: "I'm Takamine Midori, from Ryuuseitai too. I'll do my best to let everybody know about the appeal of mascot characters, so please show us your support... ♪"

Mitsuru: Wow, they're all perfectly in sync!

I mean, Tetsu-chan and Midori-chan are in the same unit so I get that, but Tomo-chan isn't. So why...?

Hajime: I think it's probably because he has been practicing when we're not around. Tomoya-kun is a really hard worker, after all.

He's said that he didn't want to drag us down, but he's wrong...

Mitsuru: Yeah! We can't have Ra*bits without Tomo-chan. He's the only one who can stop me when I act wild!

It was fun dancing and singing with you, Hajime-chan, like I was gonna start floating into the air!

But there was a little something missing, like there was a big hole in my heart...

I'm so jealous of Tetsu-chan and Midori-chan. I want to join them!

Hajime: I understand how you feel. I was thinking how nice it would be to be with them too.

But onee-chan had said that she'll have everybody stand up on the stage if we get an encore.

So we'll be able to sing with Tomoya-kun... ♪

Mitsuru: Oh! So we just gotta wait a little! I'll be patient, ehen! ♪

Tsukasa: Hajime-kun, it seems like Nagumo-kun and the others will be back shortly. Let us be on stand by.

Hajime: Okay! ♪ I'll be going, Mitsuru-kun.

Mitsuru: Take care! I'm bad at staying still, but I'll be waiting here quietly~♪


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if you're not reading along in-game, dialogue in quotation marks signifies the speaker talking in their mics!