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.:: bounce! mall live of blooming hearts and flowers vi

Eichi: So this is what they call a "shopping mall"... what a curious place.

Is the open ceiling there to create the impression of a spacious area?

I can hear lively voices coming from every direction, like some kind of a little attraction... ♪

Ritsu: Stop looking around all excitedly like that, Ecchan. You're not a kid, okay? I'll go straight to making a missing child announcement if you end up getting lost.

Eichi: Wow, they have that kind of service too?

Ritsu: Don't look so pleased. You won't get lost on purpose, would you?

It'd be a pain to go all the way to the lost child department, and I can easily just ditch you here and go home...

Eichi: Fufu, I really will become lost if you leave me behind.

Maybe I should've left a trail of bread crumbs like in Hansel and Gretel.

Ah, but little birds could eat the path, making me unable to find my way back home.

In the story, the siblings also lost their way home and found themselves alone in the forest.

I suppose you can call the shopping mall the house made of candy in this case — there are so many things here that can entice children.

It must be difficult for their parents. They would have to keep a close watch to make their kids won't get lured by the witch's temptation.

Ritsu: .....

Eichi: Ritsu-kun, I really would like it if you don't go off on your own somewhere. I wouldn't be able to get back home if I get lost here, and I really mean that.

Ritsu: Then be a little more quiet, okay? Mm... Found him. Haakun and the others are at the hall, it seems.

Eichi: Your eyesight is quite good. I see a stage at the hall... are they doing a live there?

Ritsu: I think so. Both Haakun and Suuchan are wearing live show costumes.

There are a few others who're wearing the same outfits too, though I can't see that well from here.

Eichi: It's probably going to start soon — the seats in front of the stage are all filled up. If other people going to watch, it looks like they'd only be able to do it standing up.

Ritsu: What do you think, Ecchan? Since everybody's gathered around the stage, the other floors would probably be pretty empty.

Eichi: That's true. "I want to see Hajime-kun and the other's performance" would be my true feelings. What about you?

Ritsu: Fufufu, what a coincidence. I was just thinking about wanting to see Haakun and Suuchan's performance too.

It's the duty of an "onii-chan" to watch over the baby of the family's growth.

Eichi: Fufu, you're acting like a full-fledged big brother...

Now then, it looks like our opinions are one and the same. Let's hurry — we might have to stand, but we should still try to secure a good place to watch... ♪

Hajime: (Thanks to our advertising, we have a full house. There are even people who are standing around to watch.)

(Uuu... when I think about how all these people are going to watch me sing and dance, it really does get me nervous.)

(Um, when you're nervous... you should write the kanji for person on the palm of your hand and pretend to swallow it, I think...?)

Mitsuru: Hajime-chan, Hajime-chan! I found you! Kyahho~i! ☆

Hajime: W-whoa, Mitsuru-kun!? You surprised me, jumping at me so suddenly like that... What happened?

Mitsuru: Hajime-chan, don't be so foul! You should've invited me too!

Hajime: What!? I'm not foul! I might be poor, but I do take a bath every day and I always keep clean, so I'm not dirty at all!

Mitsuru: No, that's not it! Not "foul" but... f... foam?

Hajime: "Formal", maybe?

Mitsuru: Yeah, that's right! You're so smart, Hajime-chan! ☆

I heard from Tomo-chan — I'm all familiar with malls too, but you didn't didn't invite me and now I'm sad...

Hajime: Um, it's not like we meant to leave you out! But it looks like you misunderstood because we didn't tell you...

I'm sorry for being so late. Would you like to look around the shopping mall with us after our live show is over?

Mitsuru: Of course! I'll show you around every nook and cranny, ehen! ☆

Hajime: Fufu, you're so reliable~♪ Ah, in that case, why don't we ask the two from Ryuuseitai to join us as well? That would sound really fun.

Mitsuru: Tetsu-chan and Midori-chan, right!? I'll go invite them! Zooooom! ☆

Hajime: W-wow, I've lost sight of him already... It's a little envious, considering how slow I am... ♪

Mitsuru: Dash dash dash~! I'm back, Hajime-chan! ☆

Hajime: Welcome back, Mitsuru-kun ♪ How was it?

Mitsuru: They said it was a-ok!

Hajime-chan, Tomo-chan, Tsukasa-chan, Tetsu-chan, Midori-chan, me, and big sis Anzu! What a big family~!

Where do ya wanna go, Hajime-chan? I recommend the amusement corner ☆

Hajime: You did say you went there often.

Mitsuru: You can get prizes from crane games, and play card games too!

You can also have fun with medal games! No matter how much time you have, it's never enough~!

But I guess you have a limit with your pocket money...

Once I got caught up and used up a month's worth of allowance! My big bro and sis got really mad at me...

Hajime: I know the feeling! A senior in the tea club really praised this coffee shop downtown that had really good tea.

It really was delicious, and I drank so much that I used up all my pocket money. I was in shock...

You really do have to plan how you spend your money.

Mitsuru: Ahaha, so even Hajime-chan can make the same screw-ups as me! I'm actually kinda relieved~♪

I have more money than usual right now, since my big bro and sis gave me this month's allowance! My pockets are so full ☆

So it'll be okay if we splurge a bit! I'll be getting my 'venge today!

Hajime: Fufu. You're on fire, Mitsuru-kun. I feel like I would get burnt if I touched you... ♪

Ah, Suou-kun is calling for us. Let's go, Mitsuru-kun... ♪


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.:: tl notes/comments

apparently write the kanji for people (人) on your hand and "drinking"/"swallowing" it up is a way of calming your nerves — drinking in japanese can also mean "overwhelming" or "suppressing" in japanese, so that might be the origin? there are versions of the "method" that tells you to do it three times too

destroy me mitsuru first called shinonon 水虫 (mizumushi), which means athlete's foot. he then tried 水草 (mizukusa, aquatic plant. it can also be pronounced "suisou") and shinonon realized that he was trying to say 水臭い (mizukusai, or standoff-ish/distant)

i..... i tried my best (?)

medal games are really fun but i'm personally terrible at them