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.:: bounce! mall live of blooming hearts and flowers v

Hajime: Good day, everybody~♪

My name is Shino Hajime, and I'm aiming to be an idol at Yumenosaki Academy!

I am advertising for a live show we are going to do at the mall today on the ground floor hall ♪

Um, there's no need to pay, so please feel free to watch~!

Huh? You'd like a flyer? Ah, thank you very much!

Having it be secondary to your shopping is completely fine as well, so definitely come and play if you can... ♪

Tsukasa: Hajime-kun, I have finished handing out everything on my end.

Hajime: I only have one more left... ah, yes! The time and place is written on the flyer, so please drop by if you have the time! ♪

Tsukasa: Thank you for the great work, Hajime-kun. I admire your absolutely superb skills... ♪

Hajime: Huh? But all I was doing was handing out flyers.

I'm not quite sure how to react getting praised for doing something not particularly special...

Tsukasa: Fufu, approaching things with a modest attitude is what makes you likable among your seniors — I can tell that Tenshouin onii-sama is fond of you.

Hajime: Eichi onii-chan is a friendly person, after all.

I have a little brother and sister, but not an "onee-chan" or a "onii-chan", so it's a little new ♪

Tsukasa: Hm, so you're a reliable person because you are an "onii-chan" at home. I see... ♪

I am an only child, so I am a little jealous.

Just earlier I spotted a pair of siblings who looked like they got along very well. Judging by the direction they were walking, it is possible they were heading to the shopping mall.

I have heard from onee-sama that you can not only eat and drink there, but enjoy various recreational activities as well. I would like to amuse myself with such primitive games as well...

However, we did not come here to play. Let's do our utmost to make this live a success ♪

Hajime: .....

Tsukasa: Is there something wrong? There seems to be something on your mind...

Hajime: U-um, would you like to look around the shopping mall together after we finish the live?

I'm sure we'd have to spend the entire time being guided around with a pamphlet in one hand because I'm not very knowledgeable about this place, but...

I was thinking how fun it'd be if I could walk around the mall with you, Suou-kun.

Is that... alright with you?

Tsukasa: ... I have a feeling that I understand why Tenshouin onii-sama and Ritsu-senpai are so partial to you now.

You really are cunning, Shino Hajime-kun!

Hajime: What!? I'm not cunning at all! This is just how I am normally...

Tsukasa: And that is what is cunning about you... but nevermind that.

But would it not be more efficient to have one person who is more familiar with shopping malls to act as a guide, rather than having two unaccustomed people walking around alone?

Hajime: Ah, you have a point! Then maybe I can ask Tomoya-kun or Mitsuru-kun to come with us ♪

Tomoya: Hajime, Suou! It's about time to gather around for our meeting — ... what're you guys staring at me for?

Hajime: Tomoya-kun, I have a favour to ask!

Tomoya: Whoa, why are you bowing like that!? What happened!? Did you lose your flyers? Get called out by a weird person!?

I'll do everything I can to help, but maybe you should consult Anzu-san first...

Hajime: O-oh, it's not like that... It's just that Suou-kun and I are planning on walking around the shopping mall after the live is over, but...

We decided that it'd be a good idea to have somebody who is familiar with them to help, since neither of us are.

Tomoya: And by somebody you mean me? Well, I guess I could be a decent guide since I head to the mall a lot.

Hajime: Ah, really!? So is it alright for you to be our guide...?

Tomoya: 'course! Let me know if there's anywhere you wanna go. This is one of my few opportunities to demonstrate me at my very best... ♪


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