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.:: bounce! mall live of blooming hearts and flowers iii

Eichi: .....

(Hmm. I was heading to the shopping mall, but I've somehow found myself downtown instead.)

(I mean, it'd be such a waste to lounge around at home during such nice weather, and since it's been getting warmer, my health is fine as well.)

(I should be in high spirits because of that, but not even being able to reach my destination is so pathetic I feel like I could start crying.)

(... my initial objective was to "go shopping at the mall", but.)

(Maybe I should change it to "head to my usual coffee shop" and go have some tea.)

(That shop's tea is absolutely exquisite — the quality is neck and neck with the tea Wataru brews.)

(But I can drink tea any time. It's not like it has to be today.)

(Although I suppose I could go to the shopping mall any time too.)

(It's spring break and I have no idea what to do with all this free time. If today's no good, I could just continue the challenge tomorrow.)

(The time I have is endless... would be an exaggeration, but I do have what I have. However, I don't know if my health will be perfect tomorrow like it is now.)

(I hate this useless body of mine. Depending on the day, I could run out of breath just after a little run — I suppose I have no right to tease Keito.)

(But either way, I came this far. I'll aim for the shopping mall after asking somebody for directions ♪)

Excuse me, but I want to go to the shopping mall. Can you please tell me how to get there?

Ritsu: .....

Eichi: Oh, Ritsu-kun? What a coincidence to meet you here.

What on earth are you doing, yawning with a cardboard box in one arm? You look a little suspicious...

Ritsu: Nngh.... [yawn] ... ♪

Eichi: I would like it if you'd answer my question and not just yawn. Oh, you're always doing what you please.

Ritsu: I don't want you of all people to tell me that, Ecchan...

I'm looking for a new bed.

Anzu made one in the studio, but they're taking photos or something for promotional material so I got kicked out. I'm a vagrant right now~

Eichi: Just like how I was some time ago, hm?

I feel bad for you, but you have a house to go back to, don't you? Why don't you go home rather than search a bed? I could escort you back if you'd like.

Ritsu: You're being so kind, Ecchan... Have I gone all weird because of the sunlight? The sun's been shining on me for so long, I feel like I'm going to dry up...

Eichi: How rude. Why don't you use that cardboard of yours as shade, then?

Ritsu: That'd be really uncool, so I'll pass on that... Ecchan, don't you have a parasol? Make one pop up like some kind of magic trick.

Eichi: Don't you think you're mistaking me for some God?

But a parasol, hm? I don't have one on me right now, so we'd have to find a shop and buy one instead.

Ritsu: Aww... what a pain. I'd use the cardboard, in the case.

Eichi: You find everything bothersome, don't you? You said you'll pass because it was uncool, and then you so easily changed your opinion.

Ritsu: What's wrong with that? But enough about me — what about you, Ecchan? Did you leave your house because you wanted to drink tea or something?

Eichi: I wouldn't go out just for that. ... but, right. Maybe I should ask Ritsu-kun to be my guide ♪

Ritsu: What's that supposed to mean? Don't make me your guide. I'm busy looking for a bed.

Eichi: How cold. What's wrong with accompanying me as tea club friends?

If you keep being mean, I'll make you come along with me even if I'll have to drag you around.

Ritsu: I have a feeling you'd seriously do that... alright, let's make an exchange. Accompany me with me bed-searching, and I'll be your guide... ♪

Eichi: Give-and-take? Of course, those conditions are fine with me.

Ritsu: Fufufu, negotiations complete... ♪ Right, so where do I need to guide you to?

Eichi: Do you know about the shopping mall? I'd like you to take me there if you can.

Ritsu: Ah... mm, I know. ... but I haven't gone there before.

Eichi: Really?

Ritsu: Mm hm. It sounds too lively to be a nice place to sleep in. Ah, but I think I could sleep well in the movie theatre since it'd be all dark... ♪

Eichi: I think movies are made for watching and enjoyment, though. But shopping malls have theatres too? Fufu, I'm getting more and more curious ♪

Ritsu: Ecchan, you want me to take you to the shopping mall even though you have no idea what kind of place it even is?

Eichi: I've looked it up on the internet at least, so I have an understanding. I might have overlooked it.

When there was a knock on the door of my room, I remember deleting my search history in a hurry.

If I was found planning on going to the shopping mall on my own...

I'm sure they'd have lookouts posted not just outside my room, but at every entrance and exit in the mansion to make sure I won't be able to get outside.

Jeez, I'm not a young child. I had a hard time slipping out thanks to that... ♪

Ritsu: Huh, so you went outside without permission. What a naughty boy you are, Ecchan... whap, whap ♪

Eichi: Haha, don't whack my head like that. Not that it hurts, but you're grabbing people's attention and it's a little embarrassing.

Ritsu: Hehe, serves you right~♪

Right — shopping mall, huh? I'll lead you to the entrance in the meantime, so help me out with my bed-search, 'kay?

I'd like a place where the sunlight won't get to me even during the day, and it'd be cool during summers and warm during winters... ♪

Eichi: Another tall order, hm?

Wouldn't it be faster if you just look in the shopping mall, in that case? I heard there's air conditioning in the summer, and heating in the winter.

And since it's indoors, the sunlight won't get to you even during the daytime. Isn't that the perfect bed for you?

Ritsu: But it's loud. I want a kind of bed that's quiet and comfortable, where I can sleep soundly. Where could something like that be...?


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"I hate this useless body of mine": he literally calls it a piece of junk (ポンコツ)