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.:: bounce! mall live of blooming hearts and flowers ii

Hajime: Anzu onee-chan said that she came up with a good idea. Maybe that's why she had us all gather here...?

Tomoya: Huh, she said that? Now I'm getting more and more curious.

Hajime: Ahaha, I'm sure the mystery will be solved once she arrives... ♪

Ah, speak of the devil. Welcome, Anzu onee-chan... hm? You're here too, Suou-kun?

Tsukasa: Oh, Hajime-kun. Good day... ♪

Hajime: Ehehe, hello!

Wah — why are you patting my head, Anzu onee-chan?

"A reward for being such a good boy"? I'm an adult, not a child...!

Tsukasa: Guh, how enviable! You are not the only one who adores her like an older sister, Hajime-kun! Onee-sama, please pat my head too! ♪

Tomoya: I always pictured Suou as really levelheaded, so watching him wanting to get pampered by Anzu-san is kinda new.

Ah, but he was going all "Onee-sama!" back in Mystery Stage too, so maybe not...?

Mitsuru: Tsukasa-chan, Tsukasa-chan! Over here! Let's play together~♪

Tsukasa: W-whoa! Tenma-kun, please don't tug at my sleeves.

I have business with onee-sama which is why I was brought here — I did not come here to play.

Although this is a mysterious group of people we have here...

Two members of Ryuuseitai, and the first year members from Ra*bits, plus me from Knights. The fact that we are all first years is most likely the thing we all have in common.

Could that be some kind of hint...?

Hm, so you are going to explain what you have in mind, onee-sama? In the case, I shall be silent ♪

Tetora: I see, so you were late 'cause you went searching for the last person in Group A — and that person is Suou-kun?

Midori: Well, now we know why you were late, but what are you going to do with the people in this "Group A"...?

Huh... so you made a request to have a live show with solely first years that span over a bunch of different units?

Tetora: If you use a ghost leg lottery to decide, it's true that the resulting members won't be very unified.

I guess you can call this something like a "temporary unit"?

Hajime: Maybe so.

I have been in a temporary unit before, paired up with people who weren't members of Ra*bits. It was a very learning experience.

Tomoya: But temporary units are formed for some kind of particular goal, right? It doesn't really feel like that for this situation.

It might be like a part of some social study.

I mean, school jobs are permitted as a part of training for society. So is helping out with live stages.

Interact with members from different units, and learn for yourself about each other's good points — something like that, right?

I think it's a great idea ♪

Hajime: I see! It's true that we don't really have many opportunities for that.

I have always thought about how it would be a great learning experience to watch somebody's performance up close, so I look forward to this ♪

Tetora: I'm guessing the arrangements for where we're going to do the live show have already been taken care of too?

Hm hm, so you've already talked it over and got everything accepted? That's Anego for you — super speedy~! ♪

Midori: Since it's spring break and all, I was hoping I could just laze around at home...

Tetora: Spring break's pretty short, so it'll be the new school year in a blink of an eye if all you'll do is just lie around at home! It'd be a waste!

Midori: Ugh. I get it already, so stop pounding on my back so hard...

You've got a very athletic part of you, Tetora-kun. You came to my house and woke me up with a smile, going all "Let's go to morning practice!" today as well...

I spent late last night watching TV, so I really wanted to just sleep 'til noon too... Ugh, the morning sun is so bright...

Tetora: Morning sun? C'mon, it's already after school! And staying up late isn't good for your health! Early to bed and early to rise — if you don't keep that in mind, you won't grow!

Midori: I'm plenty big enough already so I don't want to grow anymore... Honestly, I'd rather shrink...

It's not like I've been living a super healthy lifestyle — why did I grow so much... What a mystery...

Tomoya: But I'm a little jealous, being able to stick out just because you're tall...

My height's average and my looks are plain.

It'd be hard to immediate grow taller or change my face, so the only thing I can do to make my individuality shine through is to change the way I talk.

Should I add a "da ze" after everything I say like Mitsuru?

Hajime: Um, that would be a little confusing, like Mitsuru-kun split into two or something... I think you're perfectly fine just the way you are, Tomoya-kun ♪

Mitsuru: Tomo-chan is Tomo-chan! There's no need to force yourself to change, ehen ♪

Tomoya: And why're you acting all high and mighty? ... whatever, there'd be no point if I give myself a weird personality change and lose myself.

Maybe I should just set my heart on being "normal" — in a way, that's a kind of individuality on its own.

... — ack, I'm sorry for interrupting the conversation, Anzu-san!

Um, what were you saying about some shopping mall...?

Tetora: It looks like Group A's going to perform at the shopping mall in front of the station.

Doing a live show in the mall sounds like a blast~♪

Hajime: I haven't gone to shopping malls much...

Only during special days, when I go together with my entire family. I always end up getting lost...

Tomoya: Huh, I go to malls quite a bit. The restaurant on the first floor gives you free dessert if you bring ticket stubs from movies with you.

You get discounts and stuff too, so going to eat after watching a movie is a common routine.

Mitsuru: Me too! I go to the amusement corner on the second floor a lot! ♪

Hajime: Wow, you and Tomoya-kun are amazing — you're like complete veterans...! ♪

Tsukasa: Hm, so I assume this means that the number of customers are limited in a shopping mall?

My shopping is handled by the shops of the Suou family's personal purveyors, so I have never gone to one before...

I am curious to see what kind of establishment it may be. Please teach me, onee-sama ♪


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.:: tl notes/comments

"shoe didn't tetora call tsukasa "tsukasa-kun" in restaurant gacha" yes, yes he did.... yay, inconsistency!

tsukasa also calls shinonon "shino-kun" in tea party (written by akira-sensei) while he calls him "hajime-kun" in this and starry night (written by yuuki-sensei) so, god i don't know any more

when tsukasa asks anzu to pat his head, he uses "boku" (like shinonon) rather than his usual "watashi"... i'm assuming it's him trying to act cute rather than a genuine mistake on the writer's part (edit: apparently it was on purpose but there were so many questions about it so they changed it to "watashi" I'M LEAVING THIS NOTE HERE FOR POSTERITY)

if you weren't aware, mitsuru oftens ends his sentences with "da ze" which, doesn't exactly MEAN anything so I haven't adapted it into anything in my translations but it does make him sound really rude (in a japanese pov) because he also doesn't bother with keigo lmao........... son