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.:: bounce! mall live of blooming hearts and flowers i

Tsukasa: ♪~♪~

... a turn here! And then jump!


... phew. It was difficult to match the speed of this part of the song, but I believe I have gotten the grasp of it.

It seems like it will take quite some time until I will be able to get the hang of it in simply a few lessons like Ritsu-senpai or Narukami-senpai...

But there is no need to be impatient. I cannot allow myself to be an inconvenience to my seniors by pushing myself too hard.

Until the next unit practice, I should carefully focus on memorizing the moves to this new song.

As a member of Knights, it is my duty to do this splendidly.

Starting next school year, I will automatically become a senior to the juniors who will enter — I will become a bad example if I remain the "pampered youngest child".

I, Suou Tsukasa, will become an amazing "onii-sama" and model to my juniors... ☆

Oh? The bushes in front of me are rustling...?

Onee-sama. I hope you are having a wonderful day... ♪

Um, could it be that you have heard me talking to myself? If that is the case, please pretend you didn't...!

If those two hear about this enthusiasm of mine, they would surely have me practice together with them!

I cannot allow that. This is a wall that I have to overcome with my own hard work...!

It's not good to keep everything bottled up by myself? Of course, I will go to them for advice if I find myself with a problem that I cannot handle alone.

Ritsu-senpai is an outstanding coach, but if I do everything he tells me too, that means I will stop thinking for myself. I want to find and overcome my own weak points on my own.

On the contrary, Narukami-senpai is a little overprotective — prone to worrying, you could say.

Well, I suppose having a lesson with both of them would be just right, in a carrot-and-stick approach...?

However, neither have spoken to me about anything at the moment, fortunately. I'm sure they would not be angered if I work hard on my own for the time being.

If the time comes when I stumble, I will ask for help — just a little.

You would like to help if there's anything you can do, onee-sama? Your offer makes me extremely happy, but I will not grow if I allow myself to be spoiled all the time.

Please believe in me, and let me handle this by myself. Fufu, I am most pleased that you understand ♪

I cannot remain as the "youngest child". I am Knights' Suou Tsukasa. A proud knight... ♪

Oh dear, that is not a line I should say with a leaf in my hair. You may laugh if you find it unflattering, onee-sama.

Anyhow, it is enjoyable to be able to speak with you, onee-sama, but time is limited. It would pain me to take any more of your precious time.

Allow me to part with you here. Please excuse me, onee-sama... ♪

Ooof!? Onee-sama, please do not grab me by the scruff of my neck — it is very painful...!

Uuu, what a surprise. That is a very violent action unlike you, onee-sama. Is something the matter?

Hm, so you have business with me. ... please give me a moment. I would like to contact Narukami-senpai on my phone.

Hello. ... huh? You were thinking about contacting me as well, Narukami-senpai?

Yes, yes... I understand. Onee-sama has stopped me for the moment, so please tell Ritsu-senpai as well that I cannot head to the studio.

I apologize for making you wait, onee-sama ♪

It seems that Narukami-senpai and co. are stepping out temporarily due to a meeting for our next work.

They were about to contact me through text — I mentioned my business with you, and I was told that it was not a problem.

With this, I will be able to be with you without any reserves... ♪

Fufu, I do not mind. There are still many days until our next job.

So please allow me to make you a priority, onee-sama.

If you have business with Suou Tsukasa, I shall respond to it with all my power no matter what it may be ♪

Hm, so I should just pick whatever letter of the alphabet on this piece of paper I like?

There is a line drawn in front of the letters — what does that mean...?

"Seeing is believing"? Then I shall pick C ♪

This... if you follow the line, there is a hidden number? How curious.

"Ghost leg lottery"? I have heard of it, but I have never actually done it before until now. How exciting

The sense of nervousness you feel when picking a lot is different than the usual kind. ... Oh, is this alright? Hm. It says "Group A".

It says Group B and Group C next to it — is this split into different teams...?

I'll find out the answer if I come with you, yes? Fufu, then don't mind if I do... ♪

I am a knight, of course. A knight who serves the queen.

Now then, onee-sama, let us go. I will accompany you no matter what wilderness awaits... ♪

Mitsuru: Uuu, I'm tired of this. I can't stay still!

Tomoya: I said to stop running around like that.

This isn't as soundproof as the actual soundproof practice room, so you're gonna get warned by other students if you make too much of a fuss.

But still, Anzu-san's pretty late... She contacted us to gather at the practice room — she's the most important part, and she's not even here.

Did I get the meeting place wrong? But it's not just me here — Mitsuru and Hajime's here too, plus Tetora and Takamine... if you think about it, it's a pretty weird group.

It's not just the students of 1-A, since Mitsuru's here. And it's not a gathering of the Ra*bits members. Huh, what could it be...?


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ghost leg (lottery) or amidakuji-- you might not be familiar with the actual name, but i'm pretty sure most of you have seen this kind of thing before!