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.:: bounce! mall live of blooming hearts and flowers prologue

Hajime: ~♪

The weather is so nice today, just like yesterday. I'm making so much progress with the laundry, thanks to that... ♪

It might be in the middle of spring break, but there are still Dreamfests going on.

There are quite a lot of requests that come pouring in, asking for stage outfits and practice clothes to be washed...

Recently, I've been getting called by name to help them out. I don't even have to apply for job offers anymore...

But when people tell me "with the dirt gone, the clothes looks brand new!", it makes me really happy... ♪

I'm good at laundry, so I want to polish my washing technique even further so I can make even more and more people happy... ♪

? Did somebody just call for me...?

Ah, Anzu onee-chan! Good day~♪ Did you come here to air out laundry too? You're holding a really big laundry basket.

I see. In that case, let me help you too! Ehehe, don't be shy, Anzu onee-chan...♪

Heave ho... phew. That was quite heavy. I've already started to sweat!

Please wait a moment, I'm going wipe my sweat off with my handkerchief. ... huh? It's a very cute handkerchief?

Thank you very much~♪ I will tell my little brother and sister that once I get home.

Ah, this is something they gave me for my birthday. They helped out my father and mother, and bought it with the pocket money they saved up.

It'd be such a waste to use it, so I thought about storing it in my drawers, but...

They kept saying to me things like "Did you use it today?" and "You're using a different handkerchief again..." and such.

Now I've been using it every day, so the patterns have faded slightly...

I have such a good little brother and sister?

Yes, more than I deserve. My father and mother are always smiling too — we all get along wonderfully~♪

I want to tell God how grateful I am for making me a child of the Shino family.

W-wah... That was a surprise — the wind started blowing really suddenly. Did your laundry fly off?

I have no problems here~ They've been secured safely with clothespins, so a little wind won't blow them away ♪

Anzu onee-chan, is the one you're holding your last? I still have space on my end, so let's air that out in a jiffy~


Yes? "Thanks for your hard work"? Thank you for your work too, Anzu onee-chan~♪

Ah, is saying that to the "producer" a little too familiar?

But "good job" is something a superior would say to their junior...

Business manners are quite hard. Since you're a producer, you'd have to greet the people at the site — it must be difficult...

I can't lose — I'll have to work as hard as you.

Mmm, maybe I should start working normal part-time jobs in addition to the ones I do at school...?

Ahaha, I'm sorry. I still have a lot to work on compared to everybody else.

But I'm an idol from Ra*bits. I should do my best with idol activities, and not spend all my energy on part-time jobs.

Because I've been steadily and diligently doing my laundry work, I have been getting singled out by people and received a lot of requests recently. It's the same for idol work, isn't it?

Persevering with your business, obtaining your client's trust — and gradually getting entrusted with bigger and bigger work. That's what I hope to accomplish.

Huh? If I ever find myself in a bind, I can always consult with you?

Ehehe, you really are kind, Anzu onee-chan. Like a reliable older sister... ♪

Now that I think about it, you've climbed up to your current position right now from back when you didn't even have any knowledge about being a producer.

That's so amazing and cool — you're such a capable lady... ♪

Yes? "You're so cute, I want to have you as my little sister"... Uuu, that's mean. I'm a man — not a girl...

I have been thinking about with for a long time, but I think you treat me too much like a girl, Anzu onee-chan.

You keep giving me hair ties, and trying to get me into skirts...

Being cute might be Ra*bits' selling point, but it's not like I'm trying to aim to be girly... I want to be treated more like a boy.

T-those eyes won't work on me. Uu, even if you say "put on a skirt, just once is fine!", it's still embarrassing.

You might be a producer who has taken care of me so much, but a request like that is impossible~!

... what if it was not a request of a producer, but your personal wish?

Uuu, you're so mean, Anzu onee-chan. If it's a wish from a big sister, there's not way I could refuse even if I wanted to~ But I don't want to wear a dress.

Mmm.... um.....

Huh, really?

I don't have to wear a dress? I'm relieved~♪

Oops, we've ended up talking for quite a while.

Ah, my plans after this? I'm thinking about checking the school SNS to see if there's any impromptu live show searching for participants~

I suppose I could organize one myself, but I haven't saved enough school money for that.

But I really do long for the day where I'll be able to plan a live show from scratch... ♪

But I'm busy with a lot of things right now, so in any case, I'll start thinking about that once things have calmed down.

Huh? You have a good idea?

Ehehe, Anzu onee-chan is somebody who comes up with things that I don't think of.

I'm curious to see what you have in mind~♪

It's still a secret? Uu, I really am curious, but if you say you'll tell me once you've finalized everything, I'll wait patiently.

Ah, you'll be going now, then? Ahaha, making your move right as soon as you've thought of something — that's just like you... ♪

I shall relax here for a little longer. Basking in the sunlight on such a nice day sounds very comfortable... ♪


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.:: tl notes/comments

"school currency" is apparently something you earn from school jobs and winning dreamfests-- you can use it to borrow practice rooms, pay for outfit costs, buy things in the store and cafeteria, and payment for violating school rules (from this site)

i don't recall the source (perhaps a magazine or something, maybe even the main scenario bc oh my god it's been forever) but it sounds legit!!

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