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.:: reminiscence * beyond the strings of the marionette

itp: random scenes that i feel are really important, or just stand out to me!

i apologize in advance for my shitty attempt (?) at mika's kansai dialect

girls talk ii

Arashi: Everything's pretty relaxed here... in this school, idols are Gods, after all.

I'm a cute one compared to others — all I'm doing is skipping class and eating cake. There are many more idiots who do even worse.

I occasionally see people like them, what a sickening bunch. People who get all domineering and in over their head just because they're an idol...

They're ungrateful.

As long as they don't mess with my freedom though, I won't do anything — it'd be such a pain, after all...

But our Ou-sama can't stand this current state of affairs and loses his temper every day.

Mika: "Ou-sama"?

Arashi: Ah, my leader. His name is Leo-san.

But our fans go and call him "Leo-sama~!", so...

Perhaps "Leosama" got corrupted or abbreviated into "Ou-sama", maybe? I'm not quite sure.

Mika: [sigh]... "Ou-sama" and everything else like that — what a big exaggeration! Who the heck comes up with stuff like that?

My Master's also called one of the "Five Oddballs" 'n "Sovereign" too.

Arashi: Who knows? It does feel very — artificial, you know? Like something too much of out of a story.

It seems like our leader hates that too, and snaps every time he gets called "Ou-sama".

Mika: He sounds like a guy that gets mad a lot! Ain't your unit a pretty savage lot, Naru-chan?

You're friendly, but the rest are so scary I don't wanna get too close... What was it, Knights?

Arashi: Mm, they're more passionate than simply radical, you could say. They go around noisily punishing scoundrels just like they're the Shinsengumi or something.

They're a dangerous bunch — like a lit fuse.

I didn't really want to get dragged into that mess, so I actually haven't officially joined Knights, and I don't participate in their activities either.

Well, I did make my greetings as a part of courtesy.

I hate people tied down by other people, after all~ I plan to stay as an outsider until all those bothersome things get cleaned up.

Rather than being a provisional club member, I guess you could say that I'm just a phantom member, I suppose?

I have a little obligation towards a senior who took care of me as a model...

So I did register as a member of Knights. Maybe I'll start participating in their activities once the excitement dies down.

Mika: Mmm. I haven't eaten a lot when I was a kid.

Maybe that's the reason why I hasn't grown a lot? But I've actually gained some weight compared to before.

Master cooks for me a lot nowadays, after all~♪

So I shouldn't fill my stomach with sweets. Master'll get mad at me if I eat unnecessary things!

Arashi: Hm, I suppose that's a form of love... – wait, are you living together with this "Master" of yours?

Oh my, how immoral ♪

Mika: Nah, I'm just a freeloader — I'm no different from a pet or a flower pot. I think ya can tell from how I talk, but I'm from Kansai, y'see?

I enrolled in Yumenosaki, but it's pretty far away — making a round trip back and forth would be way too much trouble, and it'd cost a lotta cash too...

So I asked Master for help, and now I'm crashin' at his place.

When it comes to rent, and all the stuff he'd done to take care of me...

The money I earn from our idol activities goes to his house, though I also send some to my own home too.

masquerade iii

Wataru: Shuu and I, you see, might be complete opposites... But there are some things we have in common — because we are friends.

I am quite certain he would not wish for you to collect dust with such a dreadfully dark expression on your face.

If you are not a functionless doll, please smile.

There is not a single human being who would not smile while playing with children — with small animals. Heal your wounds, liven up, and smile.

Nazuna: .....

Wataru: Even if your smile may be a mask, there are people who will still look at that and smile themselves.

It may even bring back Shuu's smile — Shuu's hope. I have great expectations of you, from the bottom of my heart.

And then smile at one another! Let flowers bloom from a withered tree — let us turn Yumenosaki Academy into a flower garden of smiles!

Let us start here... together ♪

Shuu has said that your smile... is the most adorable in all the world, and that he loves it.


to be continued when my lp isn't exploding