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.:: clash! the repayment festival of recollection | epilogue ii

Hinata: Fu fu fu, we've said what we needed to say! But just words alone is kind of lacking as a present, you know~?

Yuuta: So we have your very special present right here! Please say hello to our surprise guest~♪

Kouga: ... you guys're way too overdramatic.

Rei: Kouga.

Kouga: Sakuma-senpai.

Rei: Y-you are not mad? That I — called you Kouga...?

Kouga: Why the hell would I be mad? I'm Oogami Kouga, and you're Sakuma Rei. It's been like that since we've first met, damnit.

It's just that along the way you became a broken down piece of junk and — that wasn't the Sakuma-senpai I admired. That wasn't the Sakuma-senpai who's the coolest in all the world...

I guess I sulked, and changed how I called you and stuff.

But if I let this chance go, I knew that we'd never be able to call each other normally anymore while you're still in this school.

Thinkin' that made me really frustrated, so that's why I'm gonna call your name like I did in the past 'til I get off this stage.

No, not just that — I'm gonna defeat you here.

I'm gonna prove to you that I'm a full grown man. Then I'm gonna boast 'n call you by your name from now on too. Sakuma-senpai, Sakuma-senpai, Sakuma-senpai — just like that.

This ain't somethin' that's part of the plans of Repayment Festival, but... I challenge you to a live show battle.

Will you accept, senpai?

This might just be my arrogance at work here, but you dragged DEADMANZ — you dragged that moldy corpse out from under its tombstone...

to stand on this stage here like this, right?

Not as UNDEAD, but as DEADMANZ. As long as we're in different units, we can have a battle. We can fight, and settle our scores, right?

Rei: Was that your wish, Kouga?

Hasumi-kun was quite concerned, you see. He even set the stage in preparation for this. As long as I have unfinished business, I cannot proceed to the new world.

I will not longer... distance myself from and refuse to pat the head of a beloved child wailing for attention. I will take responsibility for what I have done and settle this.

Kukuku. However, you have really pulled this out at quite the last minute. But that is not simply just my responsibility.

You have always said "I challenge you, I ain't gonna lose!"... squaring your shoulders, time after time.

In the same unit, there is not a clear way of deciding a victor and a loser, is there not?

Putting on these old clothes and facing you like this was the only way.

Separating myself from the adorable Kouga was more painful and agonizing than tearing my own body apart.

However, the time to part will arrive no matter what happens. In that case — at the very least, I did not want to leave any regrets in my heart.

Let us do this fair and square. This isn't just playtime... Kouga.

Kouga: Hah! Then why don't you start by quittin' that stale old man talk first?

Jeez, I even asked Anzu and the others to help out and set everything up too. Stop puttin' your juniors through so much trouble all the time!

Rei: That hurts to hear... that damn hurts? Mmm, it's been so long, I don't quite remember how I used to talk.

Kouga: Don't forget, you spacey old man.

The way you used to speak is exactly how I talk all the time! I copied you 'cause I admired you so much!

Ridiculous — don't make me spell it out for ya! All this time — that's how much I love you!

Rei: Ah... is that so? Did "I" really use to speak in such an idiotic manner?

Kouga: Alright, it's comin' back a bit. That's the spirit. You really can do it if you try!

You should've done this more quickly — you really dragged this on to the last second!

Though since we can fight each other like this, I guess it doesn't matter now! We really went through a lot of trouble too... right, Adonis?

Adonis: Right. Hasumi-senpai had said... that our grades would most likely not be good enough for us to participate in the night portion of Repayment Festival.

But our results told a different story. We had the qualifications.

It's all thanks to you raising us so strongly, Sakuma-senpai, Hakaze-senpai.

Kaoru: Ooh, not bad. I thought it was going to be impossible for you little chicks~

I mean, you were missing Sakuma-san and I — the two star players of UNDEAD.

And yet Sakuma-san was in pretty high spirits, merrily going "a fight with doggie~♪" and all. To be honest, it was pretty painful to watch ♪

Rei: Oh, shaddup... Mm, that's the way. You can do it, me. Let's try this "youth" thing just for a bit.

I believed in you guys. I knew that you'd be able to stand on the same stage with the two of us ♪

Kouga: Haha. To be honest, there was a lotta trouble, y'know? We were runnin' around everywhere to our limit. Ugh, I'm worn out ♪

But Trickstar, and a bunch of other units too... They all helped us advertise and gather an audience. They gave us a boost.

All so that I can grant my wish — so that you can grant yours. Everybody joined up and helped us out! Isn't that awesome, Sakuma-senpai!?

I mean, we were all outcasts, y'know?

But Trickstar, 2wink, and us too, 'course...

You all took care of every one of us. We were protected, loved, and raised up strongly.

I'm grateful, and I'm gonna repay you for that, to the point where you're gonna hate it! White Day presents are usually three times the worth, after all ♪

Rei: Ahaha... At least spare me from anything too harsh, 'kay? I'm just a feeble old man.

Kouga: 'course. Hey, 2wink! Sorry for takin' away your big scene, but... can you guys be our referee? You guys would be fair, after all.

Make sure you watch us returning the favour for everything they've done three times over! ♪

Hinata: Of course! Now then, your humble servants... 2wink, will act as the matchmakers! ♪

Yuuta: Oogami-senpai! Sakuma-senpai! Bite each other into a bloody mess, and love one another! ☆

Hinata: Starting now, an urgent live battle will now commence! The first and last serious match of our beloved seniors~☆

Yuuta: Brought to you by song~ We'll go on until daybreak! ♪

Hinata: As you can guess, these two are pretty lovey-dovey!

So I think this is just going to end up with them talking about how fond they are of each other~ But without being too dumbfounded, please watch over them with a smile to the end! ☆

Yuuta: Ladies & gentlemen ♪

Hinata: Attention please... ☆


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.:: tl notes/comments

straight from the words of akira-sensei himself, rei's line of I did not want to leave any regrets in my heart. is a pun — regrets is pronounced as "kui".... which is the same pronounciation as "stake". thanks a lot

like during his previous convo with keito, in rei's line of Did "I" really use to speak in such an idiotic manner?, the "I" he uses here is "ore" rather than his usual "wagahai", which is why wanko was all OKAY, AT LEAST YOU'RE TRYING I GUESS

if you're not aware (although i hope you are bc it's a Big Deal here), rei talks in old man speak — i don't think i did a very good job with making it too obvious when he's "switching" his speech patterns, but i did what i could! if you have any questions or want to know the specifics, i'll be happy to oblige!
and yes, this means that rei used to be as foul-mouthed as our doggie here

matchmaker (仲人): yes that's exactly what they mean — go-between is another word for it. it can also be interpreted as middleman or mediator but either way it's usually used in reference to, uh, marriage

for white day, it's customary that if a girl (or whoever) gives you a valentine's day gift, you'll have to give them back something that's three times its worth

"attention please" is a reference to the second song in 2wink's unit cd!

thank you for all your support during this week-and-a-day! i'm glad i could share this scenario with you all!