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.:: clash! the repayment festival of recollection | epilogue i

Rei: .....

Kaoru: Sorry to keep you waiting, Sakuma-san ♪

Rei: Oh, it's just you, Kaoru-kun?

Kaoru: Hey, why are you acting so disappointed?! I'm suffering from heartbreak right now because Anzu-chan rejected me so promptly too, how mean! Comfort me! Give me love!

Rei: Ahaha. Come now, you can't really say you have been rejected...

If that young lady really dislikes something, she will clearly state it. And yet, in the end, she allowed you to get close to her.

You might still have a chance, not that I would know. But life will continue to go on, so you should simply work hard and be patient. I will gladly listen to your complaints, partner ♪

Kaoru: "Partner".... Ooh, so you've finally acknowledged us as equals?

You've always treated me like a child. Always acting so high and mighty even though we're in the same year, you know?

From here on out... seniority pretty much doesn't matter — it'll be a world where ability matters the most.

I won't be looking after you. Brace yourself so you won't break... old man ♪

Rei: Mm, I shall do my best. But ahh, I feel so very exhilarated, Kaoru-kun. Hereafter lies a new world that even I still can't understand. It has been a while since my blood has been boiling... ♪

... although before that, I still have a task to finish up. We can't go rampaging around freely while bearing any lingering regrets.

What is the matter, my beloved children? Your turn is a little further ahead, is it not... 2wink?

Such naughty children, climbing up onto the stage like this on your own ♪

Hinata: Ahaha, it's not really much of a big deal ♪

Yuuta: We came to give you our White Day present, Sakuma-senpai! ♪

Rei: Hm, is that so? I'm delighted. However, have I ever handed you two Valentine's Day chocolate in the first place?

Admittedly, it is a joy of the elderly to give gifts to adorable children, but...?

Yuuta: Yes. You gave a lot to us.

Hinata: All this time, you looked after and took care of us so much.

Yuuta: In Yumenosaki Academy, clubs are just a gathering of hobbies.

It's not like something really significant thing happened, and I know going our way to formally express our gratitude is kind of weird, but.

Hinata: But. Thank you very much, Sakuma-senpai.

Yuuta: Showing up to the club room every day. Having dumb conversations, playing all those instruments... Nothing might have really happened, but we spent every day happily.

Hinata: We were convinced that we'd never find a place where we could belong to that wasn't "us". We played by our lonesome in our own little world — just the two of us.

Yuuta: But we found another place where we can belong.

Hinata: It's not like you did anything for us, Sakuma-senpai. But you watched over us so kindly. You told us that we could be here. You always smiled for us.

Yuuta: That made us really happy... no — that is something we're grateful for.

Hinata: You've always called us your "beloved children" time after time...

We were always butting heads like we were going to burst, and yet you embraced us, Sakuma-senpai. As the Aoi brothers of the light music club.

Yuuta: That fact that we were able to stand on the stage like this... It's all thanks to you, Sakuma-senpai.

Hinata: We kept hurting each other into a mess, like we were going to lose ourselves, and you still loved and protected us.

So please let us say our thanks.

Hinata & Yuuta: Thank you, Sakuma-senpai.

Rei: .... I have done nothing. You are standing on this stage right now because of your own strength.

But I appreciate it. I'm so happy I could tear up — you have done well, growing up so strong and healthy.

It seems like it's possible to embrace an egg and hatch it even with the cold skin of a vampire.

Idol eggs — no, chicks.... I am proud of you both.

It is pathetic, but the one thing I am able to feel happy about for repeating a year is that... I was able to meet such adorable juniors like yourselves.

Hinata: Ehe, it's a honour ☆

Yuuta: Yeah, I'm super glad~♪

... whoops, I don't think we should be sticking our heads into this too much~ We should make sure our present of ours properly reaches Sakuma-senpai! ♪

Hinata: Yep. From here on out, it's a new era with us in the main role, but... just this once, let's defer to our seniors and hand them the center stage ♪


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