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.:: clash! the repayment festival of recollection | demons ii

Rei: .....

Mm, nn... [yawn] ♪

Good morning, young lady Anzu. You woke me up just as promised.

It looks like it's still the time of day when the sun is high up. I have parasols and the like to protect me, however, so I'm fine...

It's so bright, it feels like my eyes are going to burn out ♪

Hm? Eye drops? Do you always carry around such an item? You get eyestrain since you do a lot of paperwork... I see.

Hm, they contain the same ingredients as tears. In that case, rather than eye drops, why don't I use your tears instead, young lady?

Kukuku, I am simply jesting. The tears of a maiden are poison to demons.

Mmm~ that was an excellent nap! I am feeling quite refreshed — your lap is quite comfortable to sleep on, hm? I can understand why Ritsu enjoys it so much ♪

Hm? "I have to go work now, so please get off"...? You're quite the hard worker, young lady — but I'm afraid I can't~

You have to take responsibility for what you have said. In return for always taking care of you...

you said you wanted to give me a present for White Day, did you not?

That is why I am currently borrowing your lap like this.

Keeping you from moving, I'm taking your time. Just a small fraction of your precious youth.

This is a wonderful gift. Thank you, young lady.

For my own repayment, I shall give you a spectacular performance on the stage.

Although I suppose it will be an inconvenience if I continue to restrain you like this... Up I go ♪

Ah, the view from the roof is simply lovely ♪ Take a look, young lady. The Repayment Festival will start soon. A heartrending yet bustling ceremony where we shall switch from one generation to the next.

Mm hm. Starting from Repayment Festival, the subject of Dreamfests... no — the subject of "units" will be the underclassmen.

This will be their first work as the center of everything — that is why this and the contents of Chocolat Fes are approximately the same.

Having them do something wild for their very first attempt would practically be saying "please have an accident occur!", after all.

That is why we have a past Dreamfest as a model — by no means we have ran out of ideas.

Kukuku ♪ Even so, without being able to rely on us third years, any unit must be struggling painfully...

But we must not get involved — not I nor you, young lady.

You have to understand your own boundaries. Involving yourself with another's life means having each other's hearts clashing with one another.

If you collide into each other vigorously enough, you'll shatter.

Be careful, and watch over them closely...

Watch over those idols, who are like the glittering stars of Yumenosaki Academy. I cannot stay here any longer, so I am leaving that to you.

Young lady? Why are you clinging onto me?

What a spoiled child~ There, there.

Mm, I'm lonely too. But humans keep on living, repeating countless meetings and farewells — and we will not be separated by death.

In this world, each and every life runs its course. When we get lonely, we snuggle up to each other and share our warmth...

We call out to each other — we encourage one another. Until this life of ours burns out, we will keep living.

We are able to keep on living. I as well, as a normal human being.

And that makes me happy. The hands of the clock are moving — you caused them to move... young lady.

I'm grateful to you. This isn't anything to cry about — please, smile.

Your eyes will become bloodshot if you cry, and everybody will worry. It seems like you're the one who will need the eye drops. Here, I shall do it... ♪

Raise your head, Anzu.

Mm. I see, so this is what your face looks like. It feels like this is the first time I've seen you so closely.

Fufu, do not stare at me too much. I feel like I will turn into ash... ♪


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