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.:: clash! the repayment festival of recollection | before the setting sun iv

Keito: Casually saying things with hidden meanings and avoiding the subject is your bad habit. ... you were quarreling about passing down the baton, weren't you.

Oogami loves you, after all — he didn't get attached to me one bit.

Rei: Mm... We're in a middle of a small fight, yes. Doggie was dissatisfied with something, it seems, and went on a rampage.

I tried to persuade him, but it was as if he couldn't hear me.

Keito: What did you do, step on his tail?

You had no malice, but you still suddenly hurt an important part of him without any warning. It looks like you don't understand the hearts of others as usual, Sakuma-san.

Rei: I'd like to say that I understand, however... Well, it seems like you know more than me.

More importantly, look at this, Hasumi-kun. I found some nostalgic photos. It seems like I've slightly succumbed to my loneliness due to our graduation soon...

so I've been looking through some photo albums.

There are photos of you, me, and Doggie back when we were in a unit together.

I thought somebody would have disposed of all the photos from those turbulent times.

Keito: They haven't been disposed of — in fact, they were being protected. The albums and photos of those times had been moved to the archives underground.

Hiding past follies won't solve anything.

No matter how unslightly the scars are, we're leaving them alone — to make sure the younger ones living in the future won't bear the same wounds.

After sorting them out and compiling them into albums, we're putting them on display in the library.

Rei: Mm, that's good. It looks like you've learned what's right, Hasumi-kun. The snot-nosed kid has grown up fine ♪

Keito: Be quiet. Unlike you, a vampire whose time has stopped, us humans are constantly growing.

... although it seems like even you are planning on becoming one of those "humans".

I heard you're going to graduate without repeating a year this time. What are you planning on doing after this?

Rei: Hm~ I haven't decided yet. It looks like Kaoru-kun is thinking of something, so going along with that could be amusing.

Although building a castle somewhere and spending the rest of my years in elegance would be fine too ♪

At any rate, I cannot stay here. Ritsu has caught up to me, and Yumenosaki Academy is finally at peace.

The hands of the clock are moving — the relics of the past should disperse.

Keito: To think you would abandon everything like that so easily...

Is it because you think of yourself as somebody who can't involve themselves with anybody else, like a character in a picture book?

You keep a constant distance from others, and make sure to not get too deeply involved in the lives of other people. That's your mistake — a sin, even.

... that was why Oogami was angry.

Rei: Are you lecturing "me", boy?

Keito: ... Sakuma-san, there's a little something I've been thinking about. Come with me — no, I'll drag you into this with force if I have to.

It's too early to be heading into retirement and staring at albums.

Rei: Hmm. You've piqued my interest — bravo. Very well, I see no harm in going along with an old friend.

It looks like reading and I just can't get along. My eyes are tired and my back is aching.

Keito: That's because you were reading in a weird position. At the very least, I'll make you go through an experience more interesting than some run-of-the-mill work.

I might have put down my pen, but I too occasionally feel like spinning a tale.

Rei: Good, good. Let us settle our scores just in time for graduation. Taking a walk while breaking all the windows in the school — that is true, stylish beauty.

Let's pull some pranks for the first time in a long while, like a couple of foolish high schoolers ♪


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.:: tl notes/comments

Are you lecturing "me", boy?
- rather than his usual first pronoun of wagahai, rei uses ore in this line
- "boy" might be a pun — he uses 坊主 (bouzu) which is a kinda derogatory way of saying boy/son/lad, as well as a word for buddhist priest
- as a note (thank you bear for the suggestion ♥♥) for those not reading along in-game, rei was smiling for pretty much the entire time... right up until this line — his expression straightens up instantly

the "breaking windows" thing might?? be a reference to graduation, a song by ozaki yukata. you can read the english lyrics here! it's actually a pretty catchy song