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.:: clash! the repayment festival of recollection | before the setting sun iii

Rei: ~..... ♪

Keito: Hey, vampire. Don't barge in here on your own like that. The library's in the middle of reorganizing its bookshelves and is off limits.

Rei: Ooh, Hasumi-kun. You came here at the perfect time — can you massage my shoulders for a moment?

It has been quite a while since I've read, so my shoulders has stiffened up.

Keito: Do it yourself. I don't have a reason to take care of you anymore.

It's rare for you to be in the library. Don't you normally brag about how "you don't obtain knowledge from books, but rather from people"?

It looks like you've finally understood the pleasures of reading. Shall I pick out some recommendations for you?

Rei: Mm~ Your choice of books are always aimed at professionals...

They're too hard to decipher for an old man like me. I'd rather prefer a picture book with simple, easy-to-read words instead.

Keito: Don't make light of picture books. Here's my recommendation.

Rei: I said I didn't want one... More importantly, Hasumi-kun. Can you lend me a pair of glasses?

It's difficult for me to read such small characters — the pains of growing old.

Keito: Unfortunately, even somebody like me doesn't have reading glasses on hand. Here, take this — the prescription should be alright for you. Don't you dare break it. It's a high-quality antique.

Rei: Hm, I'm in your debt... Ooh, I can see for miles ♪

Keito: Hmph. Glasses, the printing press, and the invention of electric lights are mankind's proudest achievements. I'm turning on the lamp — your sight will get even worse if you read in the dark.

Rei: Ku ku ku. You're awfully kind~ I appreciate it ♪

And Hasumi-kun, you're looking rather glum... As thanks for lending me your glasses, I'd be happy to listen to your concerns.

Keito: Hmph, it looks like those glasses also allowed you see through something unnecessary too.

Whispering is prohibited in the library, but — I do have something I want to ask you.

Repayment Festival is planned to start in the coming days...

and like Chocolat Fes, we were noted that it would be preferable if every unit in the academy would make an appearance, if possible.

However, there are a couple of units that have not yet submitted the documents necessary for participation.

Interestingly enough, the ones who have not yet expressed the intention of joining are UNDEAD and Akatsuki.

Akatsuki is, well, within my own circle, so I have an understanding of the situation.

It's uncertain whether or not Kanzaki will make a move, but we're making our decision once we confirm what's going on.

However, with UNDEAD...

I have absolutely no idea, so I'm asking you — although I don't like to barge in on another unit's matters.

UNDEAD has a lot of fans. It will be a big affair if you don't participate.

If you don't decide whether you'll make an appearance or not, it'll cause trouble when we're advertising.

If the guests who came to Repayment Festival to see you find out that UNDEAD is absent... they'll be disappointed.

What's going on right now? Is everything alright?

Rei: You should be asking Doggie, not me.

You even met with Adonis-kun just now, did you not? You had an opportunity to ask him about this as well.

Why me? I'm sure you must know — this is the time when all units are undergoing the change of leadership.

It's time for us old timers to take a step back and let the younger ones to take center stage of Repayment Festival.

Keito: Hmph, so you knew I had a chat with Otogari. You have sharp ears as always.

Rei: Fool. If you could see me from there...

then I could see you from here as well. If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back.


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.:: tl notes/comments

picture books, man: rei originally says that he wants a picture book with ruby characters-- even on katakana...!?

keito usually refers to people using "kisama" — RATHER THAN TAKING IT AS HIM CALLING EVERYBODY "YOU BASTARD" ALL THE TIME it's just a rude-ish, haughty way of saying "you" bc keito's just that kind of guy. however, when talking to rei, he mostly uses the much more casual "anta" -- still a little condescending but a lot more familiar

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