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.:: tanabata festival | epilogue ii

>> special tanabata stage

Nazuna: Hah, don't think you'll win so easily~ We're not the same as we were before — we've been growing day by day.

In this Tanabata Festival, we'll return to you the humiliation we felt back when we fought each other last time.

Keito: Oh? Have we fought against Ra*bits before? Sorry, but I have no memory of that... — will not be a thing I will say.

This is a unit Nito build up with great care — they're not to be made light of.

Tomoya: Huh, Niichan's being held in pretty high esteem, huh? To have the student council vice president and Akatsuki's leader say something like that...

Hajime: That's Niichan for you... He's someone who was able to become a third year in Yumenosaki Academy, where there are many people who have their dreams broken and drop out before they could graduate, after all.

All the time he experienced is more than we could ever imagine... He must have accumulated so much, and earned his skill and merit.

For a person like that to use his time to find us and hold us close... He raised us lovingly. It's such an honour, isn't it?

So to make sure we won't drag down our great Niichan — no, to make sure we can repay him for everything he has done for us, let's do our very, very best ♪

Ah, but I'm still very nervous... the first players will be paid attention to the most.

We did practice a lot, but I wonder if it'll all work out!? My entire body is shaking!

Tomoya: Pull yourself together, Hajime. We're already on the stage — the audience is watching. Stand tall and proudly, and just do what you can do with all your heart.

Wataru: That is exactly it, Tomoya-kun! You have grown a lot! I am watching over you with lots of love!

Blossom on that stage to your heart's content! Amazing... ☆

Tomoya: Shut up, masked freak! Don't talk to me — I don't want people to think that we know each other!

Mitsuru: Come on, stop complaining and let's start! The audience is gonna get bored! I'm getting tired of waiting too — I'm itching to do something~♪

Akatsuki is a unit that's way more ahead of us.

We might not win the very first time, but we'll go head-to-head a second, third, even a hundred times!

Then our path will be clear, and we can move forward! I'm gonna go in head-first at full speed, without thinking a thing!

That's more like me, after all! ♪

Full speed ahead, dash dash~! To the Milky Way! Without stopping and without looking back, I'm gonna keep on running! ☆

Kurou: Haha, aren't you energetic? Looks like we were able to get our rematch more quicker than I expected. Face-to-face, fair and square...

This time, let's do this without leaving any regrets.

To make sure we won't bore Orihime-san and Hikoboshi-san who're enjoyin' a nice date in the night sky and have them hide beyond the clouds...

Let's show them the best stage we can make.

Keito: Right. Let's focus our minds and head out. This stage that Anzu — that the producer prepared for us... there is no way we can ruin it.

It pains me to admit it, but the amount of guests and their reactions are both superb. This is... well, I'll give this a passing grade.

Without letting it get to your head, I look forward to your next work, "Producer". As thanks for doing good work, let's first fire up Tanabata Festival to its fullest!

Souma: Indeed! Let us dance, my Akatsuki brethren! And Ra*bits, as well as my comrades-in-arms of Yumenosaki Academy!

Our radiance and shine shall become the Milky Way of the earth!

Now then, let us have a fair fight! Until dawn arrives, our tryst will not end... ☆


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thank you for reading!

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