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.:: reminiscence * the three magicians :: element | epilogue ii

>> switch stage

Wataru: Ah, I suppose I should explain the circumstances, yes?

I was asked by an old acquaintance... I am weak when he looks up and begs at me with those eyes.

I am his nii-san, after all! Fu fu fu ♪

Natsume: I can't let you think that I'm going to let us call it even now, THOUGH.

I still can't accept the fact that you betrayed the Five Oddballs and joined FINE... Wataru-niisan.

Eichi: What on earth did you inspire our Wataru into doing... boy?

Natsume: "Our Wataru"? Hey, do you really think that you have actually made Wataru nii-san your OWN? You're foolish, old MAN ♪

Wataru: Of course, I belong to everybody! I am your Hibiki Wataru... ☆

Eichi: Can you stop talking, Wataru? You're making things complicated.

Natsume: I agree on THAT. Anyway, due to some reasons, Switch cannot participate in official MATCHES, and we don't even have experience in A1, the match for NEWCOMERS.

This B1 is our debut performance within the SCHOOL.

Thus, I thought about having you decorate US.

While fine suffered an embarrassing defeat in DDD, you were still impressive and due to how skillfully you dealt with the AFTERMATH, your reputation as "the strongest unit" has ENDURED.

There is no greater sponsor than YOU, especially within the SCHOOL.

So I want you guys to make a cameo and bless Switch's FUTURE ♪

Eichi: Do we even have an obligation to do that kind of thing for you?

Tsumugi: I'm sure you do, Eichi-kun.

The war has ended. The heroes — the main characters of fine have taken care of the evil Five Oddballs, and the drama of revolution and morality play is over.

Thinking about it off the stage, as a human being made of flesh and blood... As an ex-member of fine, it's not that unnatural to support me, right?

I want to get along with you, I truly do.

Natsume: Senpai might be saying THAT, but not even an inch of me wants to get along with YOU.

Also, if Wataru-niisan wasn't THERE, you would have been eliminated in the very first round of DDD ♪

Eichi: Tsumugi... you should teach your junior manners and rein him in.

Tsumugi: Oh, somebody like me wouldn't be able to control him. Besides, I was the one who suggested this in the first place.

So if you have any problems, please forward them to me.

Eichi: Even since back then, I've never had complaints about you. But if I must... it looks like it's going to get stuffy in following season so I'd like you to cut your hair.

Also, your glasses don't fit you at all.

Tsumugi: You're saying pretty demeaning things!?

I have a little pledge pertaining to my current hairstyle, so I can't cut it until I fulfill my vow~♪ And my glasses are a good omen with Feng Sui.

Eichi: You still haven't cut ties with your mother... You're being completely influenced in a bad way.

Tsumugi: My mother may be hopeless, but she is a kind, good person, and I love her.

And recently, Switch has cast a spell over her... and it looks like she's content with supporting us.

That is why... even if I am truly grateful for the things you've done for my personal circumstances, I think I can work hard and go far as a member of Switch.

Please cheer us on if you can, Eichi-kun ♪

Natsume: I really wanted to throw down a letter of CHALLENGE, and completely crush FINE.

But I can't say we're fully prepared for that YET... So just like how you did it in the PAST, I'll take a year to carefully shred you to PIECES.

I'll boil you in a witch's cauldron and sacrifice you in a RITUAL ♪

Until your body PERISHES... until you DIE, I will drag you back into the battlefield and beat you up over and over AGAIN.

Don't just put an end to everything and call it a happy "ENDING".

I won't let you label it as "the end of the war" so one-sidedly and have you live the rest of your life in elegance as an idiot old MAN.

The future you fought for starts "HERE".

Sora: Teacher~ You called?

Eichi: ... who is that child? I've never seen him before.

Natsume: That's still a SECRET ♪ Like magic TRICKS, real magic will also lose their effect if one proclaims the TRUTH.

I'll have you be puzzled just a little LONGER — "occult" means "to conceal"... and that is our POWER.

Now then, let's start our magic ritual. We will pick up the precious things the lonely dictator has dropped — this time around, let us bloom flowers of love all around the world.

Eichi: ... I'm surprised. Are you going to help support me?

Natsume: That is Senpai's wish, after ALL. And while your methods were UNDERHANDED...

Your dream is not so evil that it should be completely denied and trampled OVER.

Eichi: And would somebody like you even know what my dream is?

Sora: I think he does, y'know~? The colours of both you and Teacher are the "same" ♪

Tsumugi: Oh, I was thinking the exact same thing, Sora-kun! I mean, they're both profusely argumentative, always say such meaningful things in a roundabout manner, and neither of them will go out to karaoke with me~♪

Natsume: Stop talking so lightheartedly and CONCENTRATE. Our song is about to begin and we have a full HOUSE.

Despite Switch being a unit with such dubious, unknown ORIGINS.

Wataru: Is that so? In my opinion, I believe it is quite reasonable... as it has one of the Five Oddballs, who were the greatest archenemies of Yumenosaki Academy's peak, fine.

Everybody is immensely curious.

Natsume: Hmph. Everybody is still living in the extension of the story that had already ENDED.

Since a new story has already begun, we should start by waking them up FIRST.

For the sake of not the past, but the future. For the sake of making all living things in the universe happy.

Tonight, to the best of our ability, we will use our magic and offer this to you.


Eichi: Hm. From what I can see, you are the main characters of this live show. But this is B1, and I suppose with our participation being so spur of the moment, you should do what you like.

However, I don't intend on being simply just being here to make you all look better.

... but what is is this eerie shine? Don't tell me this is actual magic.

Tsumugi: This is science — a performance. But depending on the people watching it, it may very well be magic.

(Natsume-kun, you might have complained about your magic not working on me, but you're wrong. I have always been under your spell.)

(You will be able to become a splendid idol, so please, let me help you with that.)

(Back then, I left Eichi-kun alone on that stage, but I will not repeat that same mistake.)

Natsume: ... Senpai, stop lazing around and flip the switch in your HEAD. You can do anything if you try, RIGHT? So stop looking like this isn't your BUSINESS.

Tsumugi: Yes, yes. I know, Natsume-kun. Let's spin our tale with everything we can muster.

Sora: Sora'll do his best too! Ha Hi Hu He Ho~! Switch will be drawing an infinite rainbow~♪

Eichi: ... I have no idea what that means. But I suppose there is no need to rush things — allow me to thoroughly analyze your story.

This other side that I couldn't have imagined, where everybody lived happily ever after.


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.:: tl notes/comments

"until your body PERISHES"
natsume uses the phrase 四大空に帰す (shidai kuu ni kisu) where 四大 means "human body" and 空に帰す basically means "return to the sky". what i made natsume say is a definition of what that term means but it also simply means to die
incidentally, the title of the previous chapters (ash returns to the sky) is 灰は空に帰す

this ended up being something i couldn't keep in, but when sora goes "Teacher~ You called?", he also said "what's that about kissing?" along with that
that is because 空 can also be pronounced "sora" (so i'm assuming that's the pronounced natsume used too) and 帰す is, as written above, "kisu", or kiss

the "spin" in tsumugi's line of "let's spin our tale" is 紡ぎ... or "tsumugi"

thank you very much for reading!