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.:: reminiscence * the three magicians :: element | ash returns to the sky vii

>> fine stage

Natsume: Master.

Wataru: Oh, Natsume-kun — so you came to support me! That pleases me indeed~! You are a good boy! Theeere, there, there ♪

Natsume: Stop patting me on the head like a DOG. ... you seem to be taking it rather EASY, Master.

Could it be that there's a chance for you to defeat those rotten fiends of FINE?

Wataru: Is that what it looks like? I have practiced quite a lot for this, but seeing as I do not have the script with me this time, I have gone through very slight hardships!

Even on the very day of the performance, I've become a suspicious person loitering around while constantly checking over my lines over and over again!

A grand stage like this is quite rare, so I cannot afford to fail!

Natsume: You are always SUSPICIOUS, Master. But you're RIGHT — their shows are always like THIS... but this time, it feels like they needlessly spent even more money for this STAGE.

What is this, a WEDDING? HEAVEN?

Wataru: Fufu, fine has likened themselves to angels, after all!

As angels play their trumpets and the ground turns to scorched earth, the final judgement will begin! That is the end — the finale to this story... ☆

But no matter what happens, my duty remains the same! Please watch over Hibiki Wataru's only loss in his lifetime... ☆

Natsume: So it's just as Rei-niisan SAID? You really do plan on LOSING, Master?

Wataru: Hm. I would like it if you called me "nii-san" as you do with the other Oddballs.

Why am I the only one you call "Master"? I have taught you nothing.

Natsume: Even if it wasn't your INTENTION, I learned from you of my own VOLITION. Not magic tricks for CHILDREN, nor scams that make people UNHAPPY...

But true MAGIC, that has survived up to this AGE.

Wataru: No, you did not learn a thing. This entire time, you have simply just been under an evil spell, playing in the underworld after being kidnapped by ghosts.

You are a normal, good child.

So please, put that envelope you brought with you away.

Natsume: ... you are always so SHARP-SIGHTED. If Master can only dance according to a SCRIPT, then all we need to do is prepare a scenario where the Five Oddballs will win against FINE.

I worked really hard coming up with THIS. I even bowed my head to people I HATED, and to people I've looked down on all this TIME...

I ran around EVERYWHERE, and stayed up for so many NIGHTS, desperate...

I looked for the possibility of us reaching a happy ENDING. Don't we, the Five ODDBALLS... don't we have the right to be happy TOO?

Wataru: There is happiness even for "villains". You simply do not understand, as you are still young...

Everything you desperately prepared is a pipe dream that cannot influence this reality.

If we trample upon countless others for the sake of our own happiness... we really will become monsters.

Isn't that right, Rei?

Rei: Ooh, you noticed me. You seriously do have good eyes, Wataru.

Wataru: You simply just stand out — as an actor, it is quite enviable.

I have heard it has gotten rather tumultuous overseas. Are you sure you should be loafing around in a place like this?

Rei: Hey now, Wataru... Who do ya think I am? It's me.

Wataru: That does not give me any explanation, but indeed. You are Sakuma Rei.

Our demon king, and a monster overflowing with more humanity than everybody else in this entire world... I must be a very lucky person to be attended by you.

Rei: As for me, I actually just really wanted to give Natsume a vote here.

Why don't 'cha go and try consider your junior's feelings a lil' more? Even a classy guy like him worked so hard his eyes got all swollen.

Wataru: Yes. With that fact alone, I will be able to quietly accept every single hardship that I have and will face.

Thank you, Natsume-kun. Thank you, Rei. I loved you all.

The days I spent with you, my youth... They sparkled brightly as if... Ah, I am poor at speaking with my own words ♪

Rei: It's cool. I get it, Wataru.

We all get it. Everything.

Wataru: ..... ♪

Rei: C'mon, Natsume. You're just gonna get in the way if you keep standin' there — let's head to the audience seats.

I called Shuu and Kanata too, so I know they'll come to support if they feel like it. It's gonna be the first gathering with all of us in a while ♪

We're gonna watch the end of us Five Oddballs from the special seats.

Natsume: Uhyaa!? Wha— don't just go and carry me away in your ARMS, Rei-niisan! You're always treating me like a CHILD! I'm not finished talking YET!

Rei: Ha ha ha ☆ Thrashin' 'round like that's just pointless~! You can't run from the Demon King!

Wataru: ... fufufu. Even during this kind of ending, everybody is still as rambunctious as always.

And that is how us Five Oddballs, my lifetime brethren, should be. I really did love you all, and that is not a lie.

However... as sad as it is, it is time for a brief parting.

Oh friends of mine, oh the beautiful days of my youth... Farewell. Until we meet again.


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.:: tl notes/comments

when rei calls natsume "classy", the original word here is 洒落者 (sharemono) which is somebody who really takes care of their appearance