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.:: reminiscence * the three magicians :: element | ash returns to the sky vi

>> underground archives

Natsume: "We did it for a good CAUSE", "We did it for everybody ELSE"... are you going to preface everything with those words and justify YOURSELVES?

And WHAT, do you want us to say "thank you for crushing us" as WELL?

I will never forgive THIS.

Me, my family, my friends, my comrades... you plucked and trampled to death every single precious THING.

Tsumugi: It was a necessary sacrifice — and we kept it at a minimum.

What more do you want us to do...? Nobody has bore any actual wounds, and nobody has truly been killed.

"Please endure it. Please accept it." That is all I can say, as there is no use apologizing.

No matter what kind of terrible situation you may be in, it will work out as long as you're alive.

Humans can always make a comeback no matter how deep they've fallen... is not exactly the case. But no matter how deep you've fallen, you can always become happy.

But that is a lot of trouble to do. So before they fell into the depths, Eichi-kun tried to save as many people as he could, even if he had to do it by himself.

That is what I want to believe.

So even if anybody in the world slanders Eichi-kun or curses him, even if they throw stones at him, before that happens I will stand in their way as his friend.

If you hate me, Natsume-kun, I won't mind it if you punch me.

Because I will treat it like it's another one's affairs... and won't feel a thing no matter what anybody does to me.

>> infirmary

Eichi: (.....)

(... ah, the infirmary? I collapsed in school, even though I still have to act impressive, like a hero saving his country.)

(Am I pushing myself too hard? The effects of my medicine are getting weaker and weaker.)

(I feel like I'm going to die if I relax for even a moment. What on earth am I even doing?)

(At this rate, I'm going to lose my life while I'm still a student... before I become an adult. Before I become an idol like I dreamed of.)

(No, I can't die yet... I don't want to die, I don't want to die... I don't want to die.)

(I have to work harder... I need to work harder... It'll be okay, it'll be okay, it'll be okay...)

(Don't worry, Keito. I will let you write until the very end this time. I'll show you that I reach a happy ending.)

Wataru: That aside, are you alright with me being the "villain" here?

Eichi: ...!? Hibiki... -kun...?

Wataru: Oh my, you are quite formal to a co-star such as myself! You should be acting more arrogant — you are playing the "leading role", after all!

Bringing in human relationships that exist in reality to the stage is a no-go!

Put on a mask! Play your role, and turn completely into the character of a story!

You are the "main character" and I am the "villain" — is that not the composition of this tragicomedy?

Magnificently pierce the knife into the heart of the villain, and fully bathe yourself in the blood... ☆

Oh, I am a princess here! It seems like I am being proposed to!

Why didn't you say so? I shall give you a kiss overflowing with love and surprises~☆

Eichi: Um... I-I'm sorry. Did you have any business with me, Hibiki-kun? Are we having a meeting concerning tomorrow's live show?

Wataru: Indeed! I am not quite sure if it because the script is simply just awful or not, but it is difficult to see what part I have in this!

Of course, this Hibiki Wataru has the confidence to perfectly play any kind of role no matter what it may be!

But I do not know whether I should be stabbed by a knife and die while letting out a scream of death and agony, or give an embrace and a kiss!

So for caution's sake, I came here for a confirmation~☆

Eichi: W-why me? Couldn't you have just asked the leading stars like Nagisa-kun or Hiyori-kun... or even Tsumugi-kun, the organizer?

Wataru: Fufufu, I will be troubled if you look down on me like that! Despite the poor quality of this screenplay, I am sure anybody reading this can tell who the main character is!

And that would be you, Tenshouin Eichi-kun...♪

Eichi: (Ah, he called me by my name... him, who was always on the other side of the television screen.)

Wataru: Oh? You don't seem very energetic~! I apologize for making such a ruckus while you are lying on your sickbed!

I love it when it is lively~! Which is why I have been just a wee bit lonely these days!

Eichi: I can imagine. ... after all, I've been slaughtering your precious friends one after another.

Wataru: Indeed. I have passed by Rei just moments before, and he seemed to have aged remarkably.

Although he did say he will show up and watch tomorrow's live show even if he has to do it on pure willpower, so I suggest you should be careful when returning home after that.

Eichi: Returning home, hm...? I haven't even thought about that. Even now I can't imagine winning against you.

I wonder what kind of story will unfold beyond "all's well that ends well"?

Wataru: Please try your best — one's imagination is endless.

Besides, it seems to be that you indeed know me veeery well... Is that not why you saved my appearance for last?

Eichi: Yes. In an important situation such as this, on the very last act of the play, a proud, perfect performer such as yourself...

... would not ruin everything with arbitrary ad libs.

You will properly lose. As the "villain", just as the script says.

But you know, Hibiki-kun...? To me, you losing is just—

Wataru: Shhh... you cannot say that. And if you do, I will hold you in contempt.

If you are an idol, shut those words deep within your heart.

Eichi: That's no fair, but you're right. And it's because that's the kind of person you are that I...


... he's gone. Was that all just a dream? Although I'd be okay with it even if it was one.

I can see him tomorrow. On the stage, in this reality... I finally arrived.


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.:: tl notes/comments

FEEL FREE TO SKIP THIS POINTLESS CONJECTURE TIME but bc of how japanese works, depending on how phrases get cut off you can usually tell what somebody's trying to say... although turning it into english can get a little weird bc. phrasing. so to clear things up:

"To me, you losing is just—"
here, eichi is literally saying "you know, i actually ____ you losing/to lose" and, considering the context, he was most likely going to say 見たくない (mitakunai) or 嫌 (iya), which is either "i actually don't want to see you lose" or just "i actually don't want you to lose"

"And it's because that's the kind of person you are that I..."
while the first part is literal enough (i hope), the 僕は君が (boku wa kimi ga) is literally "i ___ you", where the blank is when he trails off bc wataru disappears (?) and let me say this: when there's a "boku (or w/e pronoun) wa kimi ga..." in a positive context, the speaker is 98% of the time intending to say "suki" (i like/love you). i'm not going to say he DEFINITELY was going to say that bc of that 2%, but, you know, it's eichi